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University student studying biology and psychology with experience in a variety of subjects.

I believe that each class should be structured for the individual, and that we should cater to the learning styles of each student. I'd spend a few moments getting to know a student and trying to piece together the best way to go about teaching them a subject before diving into it. I love visual aids, and I'm great at making notes that are easy to follow.

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Biochemistry student who understands the challenges of Biology and Chemistry in studies.

I structure the topics focusing on the essential information. Too often I realize that students are saturated with excessive information and the core concept is lost. - I build a rapport with the students so I learn about their learning styles - I like to encourage them to explain the concepts that are a bit challenging .

North Bay
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Biology graduate gives biology, chemistry lessons for High School students in Ontario

My methods as a teacher have been to include real-life applications to the lessons being taught. Typically students will be called upon to make their own real-life references that allow them to fully realize what is being taught.

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Dental student having the passion to teach Biology and all science subjects in winnipeg.

I believe in building a rapport with the student on the first day to establish a relationship of trust for each other.Being friendly and commanding is important.Key to success is to revise everything in the last 15 minutes whatever we have done in the classroom sessions.I always make it a point to give homework every single day to maintain the continuity of the subject.

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Graduate student in Biology looking to teach a range of biology topics to students in the Sackville, NB area

My teaching methods vary depending on the needs of the student. I am typically a visual teacher that uses mnemonics and other techniques that help students retain information. I like to break things down and learn the parts before tackling the big problems.

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A nursing student who has perfect knowledge of human anatomy and physiology

1.HyperCard is an educational technology that has relevance for the problem of teaching students how to ask questions and get information on selected subjects. 2. I introduce a formal label or definition of a concept, process, skill, or behaviour.

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Medical College student with post-secondary Biology credentials tutors Biology in HRM !

I offer a goal-oriented systematic approach to learning subjects by dissecting it into bite-size pieces and providing a comprehensive understanding of each component to ensure that my student gains the confidence, ability, and tools needed to succeed in any topic.

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Learn biology from an experienced tutor and a University of Toronto graduate

My teaching methods will be customized according to the goals, needs, and the learning style of each student. I have experience teaching students at various stages in the learning process, from school-aged to post-graduate to adults and professionals. A typical class will begin with a clear overview of the goals for that class and then delve into the subject matter.

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Chiropractor gives anatomy, biology and physiology classes and/ or tutoring for students in Guelph

My many years of school have allowed me to gain a true insight in the importance and impact of tutoring and/or asking for help as soon as unclarity arises. I have experience tutoring in 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 situations. I have tutored a variety of different subjects at many different levels, depending on my proficiency in the subject.

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Medical Student gives biology and chemistry lessons online from Paris (with an IB diploma)

I take my job very seriously and want to ensure the students I teach never leave the lesson without having had answers to all their questions. I like to take my time and make the students feel relaxed and confident to ask any question they have.

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Young Venezuelan Biologist who wants to teach Biology/Zoology/Entomology across Canada via web

My teaching methods are very flexible, because all students learn in different ways. I do first a diagnostic test, to get to know my student. Then, I start to teach my subject and always paying attention in the reaction of my student.

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Undergrad student offering biology, physiology, cell physiology and genetics lessons in Montréal

Depending on the subject matter, the session can start by either reviewing the lesson or solving a problem in order to understand the where student's difficulties lie.

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Biologist with over 10 years of work experience , passionate about imparting biology and chemistry knowledge to young minds

I base my classes on practical learning which means, I teach the theory and bring it life in avery practical situation for students to understand. This is by using various professional experiences relating to the topic and showing students how the theory can be applied effectively.

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Kinesiology Student offers tutoring in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biology to Cochrane Students

I like to teach others based on verbal and visual cues. I use planned lessons, practice questions, and flashcard to ensure easy learning. The classes are meant for high school students or students in their first year of kinesiology or nursing.

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Nurse Educator gives tutoring to current & potential nursing students on any nursing courses (ie. Variations in Health). I live close to transit (Lougheed town centre).

I teach according to the learner's learning style. But I love using "mind mapping" as this works on both sides of the brain, & so learning is achieved! I recommend about 2 hours of tutoring at one time & no more than that. Your brain can only handle so much information.

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Nursing student helping Alberta high school and college students in Science, English, and exam preparations.

I base my classes on course content, syllabus, notes, and textbook materials. I approach a subject with structure and flexibility. I like to go over textbook practice questions, assign homework, and create powerpoints and custom worksheets for my tutoring student.

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I instill curiosity in students towards life Sciences ( Science till grade 10 and Biology for grade 11 and 12) by simplifying the concepts and making them easily understandable using my knowledge and

My teaching methods are: 1. Student led teaching by using graphic organizers. 2. `NO OPTING OUT' and 'COLD CALL' to ensure attentiveness and participation in discussion by each child in the class. 3. Usage of minimal invasive correction technique : non verbal corrections.

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Veterinary pathologist/toxicologist will tutor in fields as broad as biology and narrow as veterinary pathology.... online or in Parklands, Manitoba region.

For all students, I first will want to find out what their goals are and what prior training they have. This can be via an online conference or possibly via phone. I will want to assess current abilities by seeing a sample of written work (ESL) or having a conversation. I will work with students online to start improving vocabulary and comprehension.

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York Region - High school / College / University BIO, CHEM, PHYS tutoring from BSc. Biologist

I can teach what I know about a particular topic. Or, I can answer questions you have. I would use physical objects to illustrate topics. I would ask, "why did you say 'b'?", and other follow-up questions to check understanding.

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I am a Ph D in Biochemistry, stay in Mississauga.I am passionate about teaching biology ,Chemistry, Medical Biochemistry,Biology using computer aided techniques or the conventional teaching methods.

I am internationally trained in evidence based teaching techniques, use of computer aided technologies, curriculum development by IFCC-EBLM society,Budapest Hungary, 2005

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Working professional gives biology and anatomy tutoring to students in Comox Valley.

First, I like to understand how you learn best. If you are an auditory learner, I base lessons around more speaking and written lessons then visual. The same goes for those who are visual learners. I will seek to find video and diagrams to help explain the lessons.

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I am a phlebotomy student and I am very passionate about biology and the sciences. I would love to tutor biology both to help my student and myself on my educational journey :)

I believe that each and every person has a different way of learning, after all you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree! I think we should approach students the same way. I like to spend time with someone and learn the ways that they retain knowledge the best. Whether they be a hands on, visual or even musical retainer.

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Experienced tutor with over 6 years of experience teaching human anatomy, physiology and biology to university, college and high school students, is giving lessons in Edmonton.

Gross Anatomy, Physiology and Biology are broad subjects but I try to teach them in a summarized way, focusing on the key points the students should know. I also teach using pictures and diagrams to help students visualize what is being taught so that they can fully understand the lesson and remember what they have seen.

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Molecular Biology and Genetics student proficient in elementary, high school and first year University biology

I aim to help elementary to high school students by discussing simplified and direct methods of solving science problems as well as giving student level explanations about scientific theories. I plan to teach using methods such as allowing the student to guide their own learning.

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Former High School Teacher, with Masters in both Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering teaching Biology!

I focus on meeting students where they are at. Science is amazing, and if anyone doesn't understand it, this is usually a result of teachers not explaining something well, or catering to a student's interests.

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Bachelor of Science graduate with expertise in math and science in Newmarket, Aurora, and London

My classes will be structured around you and how you would like to make the most of your time. It will be focused on concepts and problems you are struggling with. I like to use analogies to better help my students understand hard concepts.

St. Catharines
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4th Year Biomedical Student tutoring in high school biology for students in the Niagara region

My biggest technique in achieving academic success is repetition, repetition, and repetition. I believe that continuous exposure to the same concept with varying circumstances allows the student to truly learn and understand rather than memorize.

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Medical student helping Toronto students in sciences achieve very high scores for future

I try to focus on general concepts when I teach. I don't like memorizing a bunch of facts and I'm sure everyone doesn't enjoy that either. If your looking to learn at a rapid rate and understand concepts in an integrative way I can help you a lot with that.

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I am a Graduate student ( master's student) giving Biology classes in Charlottetown.

My teaching methods are very easy. I first talk with a student, understand where they have difficulty in understanding his/her needs. I try to explain in the simplest way possible, guide them to the right path to achieve their academic goals.

St. John's
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The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet and healthy

My teachings are always based on learner's ability to grasp and match the pace of learning. I often include active learning strategies like practical approach with various examples. I believe in assigning tasks as per student's understanding capabilities & regularly provide developmental feedback to achieve the learning objective.

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Perfect! Great Teacher with knowledge easily adapt to the student approach

Junaid, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Smitha is great with our children. Highly recommended!

Pramiti, Student
4 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Very detailed, and excellent knowledge on subject matter. Explains step by step with great patience and sincerity to teaching the subject right.

Ramesh, Student
7 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Angelica was a great tutor helping my son prep for his exam. She explained things in a way that helped him remember retain the information. He was more than prepared for his exam. Thanks again for all your help Angelica!

Catherine, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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