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Extraordinary Prize in Chemistry teaches Science and Languages in Alcobendas and surroundings.

My name is Javier, I studied Chemistry and Finance, and have experience living in the United States (2 years). My classes are aimed at students of ESO and Bachiller, as well as science classes for first year of university. I also offer English and basic French classes.

Santa Lucía de Tirajana
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A graduate in chemistry teaches private lessons in Gran Canaria at any level

I teach classes at any levels according to student needs. I prepare for tests / exams and help with homework. I offer loads of resources and exercises. Motivation for education and dissemination of science is my inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Flextime.

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Well qualified engineer offers classes in all scientific fields and English to diffent kinds of students

I'm an engineer of energy and I'm 21 years old. My classes are aimed at anyone who wants to improve their scientific and technical knowledge, I'm sure we'll make a good team! I like that students learn through practical problems and that are applicable in the real world, I like to show the technology and science as something really useful for all students.

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Former student of mathematics license, provides tutoring in math, chemistry, and English svt

- I teach students in difficulty, with the motivation of a successful year. If I see that a student does not want to work or move despite ongoing, I inform parents that courses are useless to stop the course so they do not spend money for nothing.

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Professor second degree gives private lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

In addition to these scientific, I teach courses in computer initiation on the windows, pac Office.

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Student in engineering school gives private lessons for all levels

I give lessons for all levels / classes. The methods used vary depending on the age of the student, level, and especially at it depends on the way the student prefer because my role is to help him and give him the information in the easiest way for him, and the methods used are effective in most cases.

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Current A-Level Chemist who is willing to tutor GCSE or younger years in Chemistry (up to A-Level difficulty). Willing to do home visits as long as you live in/around Maidenhead.

My teaching method is based on my belief that everybody can absolutely ace Chemistry so long as they are given a solid foundation to build upon. I aim to teach the basics of the subject first, until the student understands them perfectly. After that, we'll go onto looking at certain topics (picked by the student) in depth.

Sherin njattumkalayil
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Civil Engineering graduade teaches Maths, Physics and Chemistry, friendly, passionate and dedicated:)

Always the best method to success in maths is applying logic. My methodology is to teach the students how to achieve those logics. Because, we cannot step into the last step first. We need to climb each steps with care.

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College graduate with degrees in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Biochemistry, ready to create a positive learning experience

I like to positively reinforce my students. I think a lot of people struggle with confidence. I gather an understanding of where a knowledge gap is, and find the best way to encourage the student to overcome the obstacle.

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You will definetly become a expert in chemistry after learning this lesson

I usually used to be like a friend for those who want to learn chemistry from me. I always give the detailed info about the topic. I always make the topic clear for the students. I explain every important term.

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Chemical Engineering Masters graduate, offering maths, chemistry and physics lessons in Edinburgh

Maths, physics and chemistry are all very exact sciences and apart from understanding each topic, it's important to do multiple practice questions to fully comprehend the concept. In my experience, in order to gain full understanding and better grades, a lot of practice is needed, whether that is past paper questions or end of the topic questions.

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Current college student double majoring in Math & Chem tutoring math/chem/other sciences near Watertown, CT

As a tutor for math/science, I recognize that these subjects really build on themselves, so you need a solid foundation in order to advance to more difficult topics. We will focus on mastering the basics, and then move on when you feel comfortable (while making sure to keep pace with your course).

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Biomedical Science student offering chemistry lessons up to University level in Cheltenham

I am a New Zealander taking a gap year to work and travel in Europe. My teaching method is relaxed but comprehensive. I am I visual learner so I like to use drawing, diagrams, and pictures to help explain. Our lessons will be based a structured plan of what precisely what material you need to learn and when this must be achieved by. I will tutor anyone up to University level studies.

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Business and science teaching student with personal experience, offering chemistry to A-Level

I base my classes on question practice, as i believe this is a great way to not only understand the subject, but also make the most of the class time to solve any problems which could be holding students back. I break each topic down into easily understood notes and diagrams, as each student has a different learning style, and it is important to find this early on.

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Online Maths and Science classes, for standards 6 - 12

I'm a B. Tech., graduated in 2016 , and have been much interested in teaching, throughout . I do teach all students from classes 6 to 12 , on all topics related to science subjects (physics ,chemistry and maths), with the help of online classes, so the students can reach out to me in just a click.

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WO science student teaches all science, physics and math subjects in Utrecht!

In order to find a balanced way of teaching, it is necessary to build a relationship of trust with eachother, by meeting in a relaxed setting first, and to see if it works (for personal tutoring that is). If it clicks, it is easier to teach, because the student feels safer in making mistakes and / or asking questions.

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GCSE Chemistry tutoring (and all levels up to) offered by a female Masters of Science student (undergraduate BSc Hons Pharmacology)

I give lessons up to GCSE level in Chemistry. My method of teaching is primarily a fun example based approach and I like to work through specific questions from students, helping them with further examples as appropriate. I am happy to teach all exam boards.

Pedro h.
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Chemistry Student Graduated and Chemistry Technician graduated, being able to give classes in chemistry and natural sciences for elementary and high school and to introduce to the superior of this are

My method is a linear dynamics and making contextualizations with other disciplines. Many students find chemistry a "difficult" or even complex discipline, but in reality it is not well addressed in schools.

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Organic Chemistry Prof with 12 years experience teaching many chemistry courses in Boston

I teach student how to think using fundamental concepts. This helps students to answer questions even when memory fails them. Understanding why something happens sets the foundation to predict most other reactions encountered in chemistry.

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Undergraduate student provides tutoring in Bruchsal space in math, English, chemistry, biology and physics

My teaching is aimed particularly at the middle and upper schools. But especially in mathematics, chemistry and biology, I can also teach at bachelor level. Personally, I think everyone has what it takes to understand a complex issue and also to remember the solution,you just have to find the right angle from which to tackle that topic.

Azad singh
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I provide home tuition and online tuition to school students. I teach maths and science to class 9th and 10th.

I explain each line of the textbook to students. Conduct test after completion of chapter. Preparation with result improvement. Exam papers to solve. Daily practice questions for the students. Focus on student's understanding of the concepts. Feedback with parents about the performance of the child.

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Biology student offering tutoring in Maths, and sciences up to University level.

My teaching method is to break down topics into smaller, much more understandable chunks; and focus on areas of personal difficulty for the student. I try to do this in fun and creative ways, as more often than not science and maths are memory games and so making lessons more engaging ensures the students better remember methods and information.

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College undergraduate with 4 years tutoring experience tutoring biology, chemistry, and mathematics in and around Weston, MA

Before I start tutoring a student I like to have at least some time to get to know what they are struggling with, how they respond best, and what approach I need to take. This allows me to prepare for tutoring sessions targeting their needs and not just lecturing to them and hoping they take it in.

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Physics and Chemistry joint honours graduate offering maths, chemistry and physics tutoring up to A-Level in Bristol

I give lessons in maths, chemistry and physics to either GCSE or A-Level students. As there often isn't enough time to cover the entire syllabus I tend to focus on students' weaker areas within their chosen subject. After explaining a topic I like to follow up with exam style questions to test their understanding and re-explain the content if needed.

Kelvin Grove
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QUT Computer Science Master's Student gives math/algebra/chem tutor to high school and uni students in Brisbane

An QUT Master's student from Vietnam, highly knowledgeable and well trained in Math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and chemistry. I teach the above subjects to primary school, early high school, high school and undergraduate students. I am a patient, calm and well-disciplined tutor. I ask my students a lot of questions while I am teaching.

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Imperial College London Chemistry undergraduate based in Abingdon during holidays, capable with chemistry physics and maths.

I am currently in my first year as a chemistry student at Imperial College London, having studied Chemistry maths and physics at A-level, getting A*A*A respectively. This means I am familiar with the new style A-levels and also understand the new style maths GCSE due to tutoring my brother throughout last year.

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Masters of Teaching Student offering lessons in maths and science in Perth

Lessons will be focused on each individual student's needs as I understand that everyone learns in different ways. I will always be patient and help in any way I can. I use a lot of visual aids and examples to explain different topics.

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Young girl willing to teach various subjects to any interested person, at any time. These subjects are: chemistry, other sciences, statistics and calculation

Good morning, I am a young girl who likes an active methodology. I do nothing to go through the school and I know what those boring classes mean in which you just want to pass the time as quickly as possible, so I try to make them fun and entertaining, in which the only purpose of this is that The student learns as much as possible.

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Recent college pass-out, well acquainted with the subjects and good academic record.

I prefer teaching students of middle and secondary classes and i practice a method of teaching which is quite different from the conventional approach. I believe in connecting with the children at their level for efficient and effective learning.

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Student in Great Engineering School in LILLE, gives courses MATH - PHYSICS - CHEMISTRY - SI

Student Arts et Métiers engineer and professor particular occasion, I offer alternative educational services - tutoring and homework help - Exam Preparation (GCSE, Baccalaureate, integration contest the post-baccalaureate schools) - Preparation theme to questions and controls - school coaching and methodology This is applicable to the following subjects and levels: • Mathematics (college - high

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Perfect! My daughter was struggling with the transition to high school and specifically Grade 9 Science class. Tiffany has been tutoring her in our home and has, on several occasions, offered extra time when tests were coming up. Tiffany works directly with...

Ostara, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! This tutor is not reliable. We booked two tutoring lessons with her and she was a no show for both lessons without informing us that she was unable to attend.

Cordell, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I have been struggling to find a good tutor for a few years now, and I have to say I am extremely impressed with Junior. Junior is able to help me understand my work (Chem, Bio, Math) with great examples and explanations, and most importantly Junior...

Darsh, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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