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I am hotelier , who loves to cook and mostly non- veg food , was teaching some neighbours about cooking and cooking good tasty and nutricious food

My teaching method is I never go for hard methods or difficult process , cause it's very simple that if you want to cook first you need the level of dedication for it and then just go for the eaisiest way or method of cooking any food .

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Applied science student currently studying at Pendleton college. I love cooking and I would love to teach cooking as I have achieved a distinction on level 2 cooking course GCSE level.

My teaching method would be based on practical work so that my students can have a visual idea of what dish we would be preparing and aslo writing work like teaching things like allergies and what people could be allergic to e.

Jubilee Pocket
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Internationally recognized chef with 30 years of passion for food and teaching experience my style has Mediterranean rim foundation with Asian overtones

My style is hands on with detailed information about the ingredients history, use and cooking methods, overloading the senses with taste, smell and texture delivered with passion in an informal setting

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A chef from udaipur teaching all her cookery skills and recipes to everyone interested...

My methodology to teach cooking depends on what sort of cuisine the student is willing to master in. Students of all age group are welcomed.

Shriganj Urf Nandganj
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Cooking classes ,interior decoration ,housekeeping .,travel &tourism ,Business communication,etc ,English,and Vedas ,

Based on my experience with many five star hotel .like Taj .Marriot ,Royal orchid hotels . U unique recipie of Indian Chinese & thi ... Cusine , along with cooking method can share 2000 recipe of across the world And proper guidence over video as well.

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Authentic Indian,Gujarati vegetarian cooking with experience of over 20 years,please subscribe to me

My teaching method is making sure I speak clearly and make sure the other person understand me. I have a very good accent and I am very methodical so i will be able to explain myself better.

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From cooking on a budget to bespoke delights. I have got you covered !

My teaching method is very much tailored to the person/group I am teaching. I have a relaxed and professional approach working to leave you feeling more equipped to tackle culinary delights.

High Wycombe
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Master Baker and excellent cook offering classes to share her knowledge and skills

We will cover both actual knowledge and practical skills to achieve success and confidence. It is important to understand basics with any skill, so we will gradually grow at your pace of learning and cover a wide range of dishes.

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I am a recipe developer by passion and I am going to start a food venture super soon ! Name it and I can make it . So if you want to learn cooking.. trust me it will be fun

My method to teach cooking is that I provide individual classes in person or on Skype with a detailed knowledge about the traditional culture and their cuisines .

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Get into the hearts of people by giving them the variety of taste in their plates.

My method of teaching is I prefer more of practicals rather than providing just lectures to the students. Apart from that real life examples are the major part in my teaching.

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Learn basic cooking methods And recipies any one can cook any where

First I will go with theory and then practical classes acc to topics I will give alternate days to both Practical and theory classes

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Certified Health Coach with over 20 years medical experience, offering healthy cookery classes

I make all my classes very practical, easy to follow & fun to take part in. I will teach you how to create delicious, healthy meals that are simple to make, from every day ingredients.

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Achha khaiye achha khilaiye,mai apko testy khana banana sikha sakta hu.contact me

bahut sari chije naye style me aur apne own style me apko banana mai sikhaunga jisse apke hatho me bhi wahi jadoo aur test aa jayega.follow me.english thodi weak hai meri isliye hindi me class lunga,veg-non veg ,dal ,biryani ,pulao,etc.

New Delhi
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Let me tell you i love cooking and aftet time i realise this is something i enjoy doing and i become expert in this i can cook 100 dishes or you can learn what ever food you like . If you are lazy to

I explain every single dish in a very easy steps so that a begginer can also expert in this field . Its never too late to impress your favourite ones and food is the best way to become their favourite.

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A Baking Professional gives online baking and frosting classes in Hyderabad and Kerala.

My teaching method is I provide basic recipe notes will give a detailed explanation on how to bake it and frost it. Any doubts regarding the material which is provided students can feel free to clarify their doubts. I take classes on basic baking and frosting methods.

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General manager in a reputed hotel who gives tuition of f&b service and cooking

my teaches method is simple. i have given free of mind class. i have given friendly behaviour in my class, my class structure are ask and take the answer properly. as a teacher i am very honest about my teaching.

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I can make you learn all traditional cooking dishes world wide to you at ur home itself

cann teach cooking effeciently and effectively at home itself but just need your support and it is available for both students children and all age level people so just ned your support as i used to teach cooking at home itself

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Get the knowledge of basic and healthy cooking with professional chef!!

I can teach the beginner of culinary students to clear up their basic in more practically and friendly way. Got good knowledge of various cuisines around the world so can share my knowledge and experience who want to make career in food industry or even who have cooking as a hobby.

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Pop up Healthy Foodie classes, by abbyabout in Horbury West Yorkshire

abbyabout do very casual and relaxed foodie classes where you get fed and learn something new. I specialise in healthy wholesome food Cooking from scratch is my passion. From Authentic Mexican, Mediterranean and Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Law Student gives wonderful and easy to understand tutoring for your benefit!

My teaching method is to explain using visuals, of one method isn’t understood to explain it in a different way

Asha jyothi
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I have good experience of cooking , drawing for 12 years along with studying.. Even I am good in maths, other subjects and taught many students in my tuitions while studying

My teaching method is giving practical knowledge to the students with live examples and explaining the students in step by step easy process

New Delhi
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No one is born a great home cook, one learning by doing

My teaching method is easy and teach how use spices in right way not too much because that’s not good for health.

Amit kumar
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I m a textile engineer and loves cooking very much and wants to teach interested people all north indian foods veg or nonveg.

Well I can keep my wife happy with my cooking skills,☺️☺️ and can teach it to the others easily.

Cape Town
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I am a home maker, with good cooking skills. Would love to share my cooking experience and techniques With people

My method is just love and cooking for fun making it joyful throughout the process so that no ones under pressure and can do things as they like

Cape Town
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Passionate about simple, sustainable, plant based eating and cruelty-free living? Let me help you get started!

I have a laid back approach to teaching. I like to know what my students' goals are and work from there as everyone starts at a different point.

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International cuisine! Elegant meals on a budget! Including Vegan and Gluten free options!!!

Hands on is my preferred method of teaching. I have taught in multiple styles, but I have had the most success with hands on and lecture teaching styles.

Cape Town
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I'm a bcom law student with a passion for food in August Il be in my second year I reside in Capetown South Africa

The way I'd go about teaching is starting with introduction explaining and making sure that the work is understood and comprehended that scholars or students do not go about learning in parrot form

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Anyone can ask me about cooking happy to help everyone.!! Chao ️

Being Basic for anything is real important if u don't know about basics of anything then u can't make it well

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