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Cooking Classes for all age groups no age limit no age bar

My teaching method is to start from basic...

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Enjoy my cooking classes with my awesome recipes and make ur day

I believe simple to complex if ur basics will be clear than no one can beat u.

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Students interested in cooking in Hyderabad are most welcome..be Ur own chef..️️

Cooking does not need any method..it just need an interest internally by which u can learn by your own..willing need to be there..

New Delhi
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Working in an investment bank in chennai, but intrested in cooking and want to teach the world because i feel food is love

I will teach both women and men, and I basically want to teach the different flavours which steals the dishes.

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I am your cooking guide/tutor . Be expert in cooking . food!Love!Life

My teaching method is I will give you proper classes on my vedio and give you tips for healthy food.

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Authentic and crafted age old recipes for a tasty treat to tastebuds and a healthy happy and satisfied life.

I base my classes on the day to day life food for a healthy and tasteful life for friends and family

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I cook all types of food which are simple but delicious to eat...

Making the teaching simple and fun so that the student will love it and not be bored with the word of cooking

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It's helphfull for hotel management student who want to be a chef

I will teach you food production for all hotel management student who have interest in food production Al's give him

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Students interetsed in kitchen who can cook or want to learn cooking for their passion

My teaching methodology to icrease the basic knowledge about food, handling procedure, also creating fun during class

New Delhi
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Chef bakar can teach pastry cakes puffs pastry all types breads. Try me.

From basic to top you learn lots of tactic of pastry making baking storeing handling big pots knife🔪 basic hygiene.

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Cooking is good to teach without food we cant live so every one should learn this and my famliy says that my dishes are so yummy and delicious....

My teaching method is first to make list of what to do plan your program and then list the thimgs you need and collect that and then do so you can do easily you work and then theory..

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Hi all Im Janine I am a qwalified chef and love cooking and baking I also have my Tefl qwalification im currently give english classes online . Want to learn more give me a shout

When I teach I make it fun and Intresting . I use visuals and pictures and allways try to adjust my teaching to my students level and try assist and teach in the best possible way.

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I'm so happy so thanks for congratulations u come is here so welcome

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1st lesson is free!

Hi am young lady doing 3rd level in Bachelor of education, who love cooking so much. I provide tutorials for cooking

My teaching method you what to cook then i provide tutorials, step by step with you.

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Want to learn how to cook amazing dishes for your friends and family? Cooking and baking classes in Hull with a qualified Chef.

My teaching method is you don’t learn unless you do it yourself, hands on and practical learning!

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Cooking is my passion and it's so wonderful to cook, so I can help people in cooking, it might be Indian, south indian, Chinese, chicken dishes, etc..

I am student, I can help people who dono cooking, I will teach them in cooking varieties of dishes also

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Spokane Valley
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Young Gifted student with food handlers license in Spokane Valley Washington and Idaho

I teach any cooking, for ages 6+, my teaching motto is fun and learning go together! Your kids will be treated with all respect.

Imperial Beach
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I’m a Mar Vista Graduate and I’ve worked in the food business since I was 14 picking up new techniques of how to cook.

The way I teach new students are the basics. Making sure they know their herbs and spices and to not be afraid of cooking.

Greater London
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Cooking classes for all ages. Can teach Indian/pakistani, chinese dishes, salads, snacks , smoothie

My teaching method is by practical only. You will be told to bring ingredients as whatever u make is available to take home.

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Learn cooking...One can teach recipe but taste is on the finger who prepares

I'll provide appropriate recipe according to the learners demand and give some tips to make delicious food sometimes by time

1st lesson is free!

We learning to cook good food an enjoy learning from one another

My teaching method is talking first so that we all understand an then start to cook so that everyone can see what I was talking about

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Get ready to know it. #TutorReady Get ready to learn everything you need to know.

My teaching method is usually alot of hands on actually doing. I believe that you learn more if you actually try to do the problem.

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I am a lady that realistically created my life with a talent that I was always destined to do. I am someone that do not quit.

I based my classes on what I had a push for. I did make no so good choices previously and I found what was best for me which was art in different forms.

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1st lesson is free!

The way to someone’s heart definitely goes though stomach. I am well versed on that path, and can teach really good!

My teaching is based on learning the basics first and then Creating our own dishes as per our taste buds

1st lesson is free!

Cooking classes for beginners..... Tasty healthy easy way to cook for ur loved ones

My teaching method is.... I do teach individual classes.... It gives more attention and concentration.... Starting from basics...

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