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Newcastle upon Tyne
(4 reviews)
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Cooking vegetarian simple receipt as the good food is the genuine one

It is important the setting, the motivation to learn. My method is based on the individuals I approach with.

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Learn some Yummy sumptuous delectable dishes in a very simple and easy way

My teaching method is to make the class very interesting, interactive and show it practically so that it is simpler to understand

(2 reviews)
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The one thing my mother have told me since I first decided to take up a career in culinary, she said “people will always have to eat, so learning to cook is for pleasure made into a career”. I’ve used

I am a hands on learner and I feel that I will be better to show than tell my teaching techniques. I am a Certified Pastry Chef, but I’m also expirenced in the art of savory cooking as well.

(2 reviews)
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Learn everything you want to know and need to know about cooking

I have been cooking ever since I was five and everyone in my family are amazing cooks. I have had three years of culinary arts experience and love the art of cooking and baking. I love learning teaching and trying new recipes and techniques when it comes to cooking. I believe cooking is a form of art and a lot can be expressed through the art of cooking and or baking.

(3 reviews)
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Discover all the secrets of Indian and Pakistani cuisine with a simple way

Young passionate mother of tasty and healthy cuisine, and who awakens the senses. You will learn how to handle spices to sublimate your dishes.

(3 reviews)
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I'm the great secret behind your best dishes. Pick me to teach you how to cook!

My teaching method is always start from the basics and work your way up.. I appreciate creativity and I love to start with breads and soups first.

(1 review)
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Learn the best and easy methods of cooking with Sangeeta's Cooking Classes

We are flexible with your timing and also conduct different workshops during weekdays and weekends in group of students. Different types of cooking and baking workshops are conducted as per the requirement of the students, each planned according to the variability.

South Perth
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I have great experience in Food science and Technology and hands-on skills to guide you to be successful in understanding and mastering elaborated and healthy dishes at your convenience.

I am open to any type of teaching method that will help achieve your objectives. I can prepare notes and send you by mail or we can have our classes via video calls. But I prefer face-to-face session and I am free for some practical cooking classes as well.

Ashton wadelynn
(4 reviews)
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1st lesson is free!

I'am Chef I can make Home foods and Restaurants foods too .

My Teaching main thing is i always want it to give a new chance for the newest person who want it to become some change into there lives like a Man/Woman want it to become a Professional Cook/Chef .

(1 review)
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I am Foodie Mechanical Engineer, Working As Procurement Engineer in one of the Organisation.Cooking is my passion so looking to commercialised my passion. I am Expert in preparation of various egg & C

I think I would like to teach directly giving experiments. I can teach Individually as well as in group. I am engineer but cooking is my passion. Classes are available for everyone who is passionate about cooking & one who love Eggs & Chicekn variety.

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Italian Chef cook offer private lesson, only in London. Available also as private Cook.

The first thing that anyone what to become a cook has to know is the very basilar Health & safety notions. How to become a food handler is the most important step that anyone need to do before enter in a kitchen.

Munno Para
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Adelaide SA Cooking and Baking helper been doing it since i was 10 yrs old

My teaching method is by showing you what to do and how to cook or bake the item you require. I can organise a video chat to help guide you through, or even come to your home or welcome to come to mine.

New Delhi
(7 reviews)
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A lawyer wanting to teach the art of chocolate making across Delhi NCR.

I believe in proving knowledge and conducting practicals in order to teach something. One on one interaction is the key to learn anything.

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M.Sc. Food science and technology student ,offering cooking and cake decorating classes

My teaching method is online.you just need to be online and have on video conference with me .will give you practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The health benefits associated with recipe will be given. Q/A sessions ..

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A house wife having 15 years of experience in vegetarian cooking teaches excellent classes.


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Learn how to cook authentic Mexican cuisine with the traditional Latin American flavours.

My classes are dynamic, flexible and interactive since the best way to learn is if you have fun at the same time, if you want you can have some historical background or we can go straight to the cooking process, remember that I can help you to get all the ingredients we need to make it even more authentic.

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Fermentation expert gives classes in fermented vegetables, kombucha and miso in Geneva

My classes are always divided into two parts: theory and practice. In fermentation, it is very important to understand the process in order to master it and produce delicious products in the best conditions. It is also key to practice with someone experienced to be able to remake alone at home.

(6 reviews)
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Cooking has become day today activity of my life.Fimilar with both north and south Indian cooking

No particular methodoleogy.But know basic concept of cooking and giving my own creative and twist in the food.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Cooking class students will get proper training of cooking from basic .

My way of method start from basic step by step and on sometimes demand of the students on particular dish

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An Advertising professional and a devoted Foodie gives tuitions in various delicacies from the western region of India, specifically from Maharashtra and Goa. majorly Non Veg, Seafood and also exclusi

my teaching method would start first with knowing the region , the food culture there and the available resources there , your own liking, and then exploring various dishes of that region. then working on a particular dish and executing it to the perfection. making it not only with brain but more with Heart.

Paris 3e
(2 reviews)
1st lesson is free!

HOLA AMIGOS - Venezuelans Brothers to give Paris during Latin cuisine to high at any level

Hola Chicos, Aten-te Aute means on venezuelan Pemon language, The place to be! For my brother and I, our home is where our food is. It doesn't matter in which part of the planet we are. We are a family team from Venezuela that propose to discover and share our culture and our experience around the world.

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Art of cooking Persian and Turkish cuisines with finest ingredients. Organic and healthy Mediterranean style dishes

I am very easy going, patient, and I can understand the different needs of every individual and find ways to accommodate them. I like an interactive approach. I like to make sure not to move onto next stages without making sure everything is well understood and learnt.

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Vegan Personal Chef, Baker and owner or Brighton business SuperDoux : offering individual and group cooking lessons--tailored to you!

For me, cooking is a mixture of practised techniques and brand new experiments - and I always aim to have a good balance of both in my lessons! I feel its really important to encourage creativity and allow for mistakes and so if I'm teaching a basic technique will go on to suggest ways to adapt it and transform it in the future, and tips to save the day when things go wrong too.

1st lesson is free!

Spanish native looking to share the joy of Spanish cooking. Specialising in Paella

My teaching method is to ensure you learn while having fun! Teaching you the background to dishes and giving you insight into Spanish culture and the Spanish language.

1st lesson is free!

Student in hotel management college, passionate about cooking and have nearly 2 years of experience in the field

I can teach to cook any dish through skype or telephone with perfection if you follow my instructions correctly. I want every individual to know how to cook some of the basic dishes. (except for tea and maggi of course) Along with this i can teach you to make bakery dishes like different breads and cookies and all other stuff.

1st lesson is free!

Passionate home cook looking to share my skills. Do you want to learn how to make easy but delicious food on a budget. Students that need to learn basic skills. cooking for a large amount of people.

Everyone learns differently so depending on how you learn, that is how I will teach. If you need to watch me make something before you try then that is what we will do or I can talk you through it step by step. either way we will do it together and you will learn how to make something delicious.

Chipping Sodbury
1st lesson is free!

My name is Peter, I’m a very enthusiastic home cook. I was trained professionally at a young age in commercial kitchens but now work outside of the catering industry and the only cooking I concentrate

I prefer to do one to one as I can get the best out of the student and also they can get the best out of me. However I am prepared to teach small groups if required. I do host a lot of dinner parties myself so my my cooking is more of an advanced level to suit an adult palat. I do not get a lot of younger people come for dinner so my cooking is aimed at a higher age bracket.

Victoria Park
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Certified cook offer cooking classes to learn basic cooking skill to all

my teaching is based on very simple methodology . my more focus is on one o one training with the individual. this helps me to understand the different ideas and make better relations. i believe in open communication. so simple..

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