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Cooking is a hobby and I love every step . 15 years experience , gives cooking lessons to new beginners , intermediate and advanced student in northamptonshire

I'm Swedish and studied in Sweden, I am Open minded , caring , loving , motivated and a motivator, enjoy seeing others excel in every way . First You Learn then U Earn.

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Experienced Teacher gives motivational lessons in Art, Nutrition and Design studies, while covering Maths and English basics.

My teaching methods is based on a student centered approach. I believe I can coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment.

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I give unique recpies and cooking tricks online to every individual all over india

I teach cooking as if practically and by step by step methods with perfect RECPIES I make it joyfully as I love cooking AND ALSO m working as an HR in a Solution company in my local area and take food tasting reviews

New Delhi
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Now the world is turning vegan...come let's enjoy some vegetarian dishes and baking

My teaching method is very simple and clear.My classes will be such that all the students be it beginners or any other can understand really well . I'll be giving clear written directions with pictures which will help you get the desired results.

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Continental fusion cooking in bbq pasta pizza rolls wraps cakes burritos tacos sandwiches fajitas sushi etc

I teach my students from the main stream Conti food menu and whatever they want to learn including the Indian Cuisine, Sushi, Italian, Mexican & Chinese Cusine as well,I as well am specialised in English/British Food as having lived and worked in the same field in UK for about 12 yrs

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Cooking classes In mumbai Learn all international and Indian recipes from Chef

cooking is a art that is done on day to day life have you ever wondered why people like to eat more in restaurants than at home the method they use is same the ingredients is the same then why because before the taste comes the presentation that maters i will teach how to make finger licking food right out of you home kitchen

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A Passionate chef(Me), wants to teach many more aspiring passionate chefs

i am an engineering aspirant but cooking is always in my books for passion, i like to make tummies filled up with my recipes. I will give video lectures some additional cooking tips and how to make food look like mouth watery...

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Making food pallatable and well presentable for the people is my work

A professional chef having higher diploma of hotel management as well as advance diploma and worked in hotel as well as institute My main cuisine were indian , french, continental , chinese and all european food and also i have knowledge about bar management like cocktail and mocktail

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Would like to share my knowledge in Tourism and hotel management subject

I would like to teach students showing pictures and live videos sessions so as to grasp easily . me also shows certain solid example for the students to understand a particular subject.

Rock Springs
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Wanting to Learn How to cook, I have a degree in Culinary Arts and Catering

I went to Culinary School, And I have also cooked at multiple restaurants. The First thing I will teach you in my lessons, are the correct safety and health procedures, such as correct temperatures the correct way to use a Knife and the Types of Cuts there are. And all other things that deal with cooking and the food industry.

Greater London
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College student gives lessons on catering and food preparation to women at home

I am a student who does part-time teaching to pay her bills I teach women and young girls on how to prepare different delicacies I use a well known Nigeria way of cooking I'm passionate about sharing my Nigeria heritage

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Healthy and traditional cooking which is hard to find now a days in young people

I am pursuing BSc microbiology from deogiri college. There are many techniques in microbiology for doing practicals which are related to our kitchen techniques. Like how do make right use of burner , cylinder ,etc. My practical skill are good or can say perfect. I m going to teach about how to cook healthy and traditional food.

West Bromwich
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Do you want to learn to cook, simple, easy and healthy meals for students

I am a 22 year old female from a asian background. I have learnt to cook from the age of 12, asian simple yet healthy dishes. From meat to vegetarian dishes all learnt from my mother.

Rolvenden Layne
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Skilled College student with 6 years of experience teaches effortless cooking/baking lessons

Ever wanted to learn how to cook traditional meals such as spaghetti bolognese, but have gotten puzzled by the confusing recipes? Look no further as I'll personalise recipes to your request, making them straightforward, trouble free and easy to follow.

Sioux Falls
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My own knowledge of Cooking from scratch Native American Big momma style.

My name is Amy. I grew up in Lake Andes SD. I am Native American and i would like to share my recipes I grew up experiencing some of the dishes are, Wojapi(chockcherry pudding), frybread, dried corn soup,ect.

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Young Man Au pair on Saint-Martin de Belleville gives free gluten and vegetarian cooking classes . Cooking training in the best school in Belgium.

Hello, My name is Xavier, 21 years, and I arrived as a young man Aupair in Saint-Martin de Belleville. I followed a comprehensive Cooking training in the best school in Belgium. Being afflicted with Celiac disease (free gluten-No more contagious) I became more interested in the gluten-free cooking and have some experience.

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A Baking Professional gives online baking and frosting classes in Hyderabad and Kerala.

My teaching method is I provide basic recipe notes will give a detailed explanation on how to bake it and frost it. Any doubts regarding the material which is provided students can feel free to clarify their doubts. I take classes on basic baking and frosting methods.

El Cerrito
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Life-long food enthusiast with experience to help home cooks in the San Francisco Bay Area

My approach is to first explore the desire of the home cook. We will take those goals one at a time and collectively discover ways to incorporate them into everyday life. The kitchen is an extension of home and helps bring families together.

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General manager in a reputed hotel who gives tuition of f&b service and cooking

my teaches method is simple. i have given free of mind class. i have given friendly behaviour in my class, my class structure are ask and take the answer properly. as a teacher i am very honest about my teaching.

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I can make you learn all traditional cooking dishes world wide to you at ur home itself

cann teach cooking effeciently and effectively at home itself but just need your support and it is available for both students children and all age level people so just ned your support as i used to teach cooking at home itself

Naga manasa
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Easy to learn Easy to cook Easy to impress your family members

Myself manasa I completed my masters in diploma of management. I m very interested in cooking. So I want to take cooking classes for students who are interested to eat good food. And I use very simple techniques for tasty food.

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Get the knowledge of basic and healthy cooking with professional chef!!

I can teach the beginner of culinary students to clear up their basic in more practically and friendly way. Got good knowledge of various cuisines around the world so can share my knowledge and experience who want to make career in food industry or even who have cooking as a hobby.

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Indian Traditional dishes veg and non veg . Cooking

I can able to teach to all the levels about Indian traditional dishes. Both veg and non veg. All the recipe's in very simple way. And it should be more tasty. I had 5 years past experience as a teacher. And I had own hotel and Badam shop as well Of course hotel was closed and Badam shop running in good reputation since 15 years.

New Delhi
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Cooking is my passion!...I make sure yoi will start loving cooking after learning from me.

I am foodie and started cooking when I was when I was in 6th standard...I will start from the scratch of cooking and then i'll introduce other things related to cooking step by step..Don't worry you will become master chef.

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Pop up Healthy Foodie classes, by abbyabout in Horbury West Yorkshire

abbyabout do very casual and relaxed foodie classes where you get fed and learn something new. I specialise in healthy wholesome food Cooking from scratch is my passion. From Authentic Mexican, Mediterranean and Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Best cooking I make very delicious food Starter n baking Jam jelly pizza burger I make yummy food b

My teaching method which is good for students n what want to learn by me.

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From here onwards u are a masterchef learn cooking at home with me

my teaching methoud is by step by step will teach you each step i am sure it will be a stepping stone to cooking

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Aromatic South Indian healthy cooking as per recipes needed by experienced homemaker.

I love to make cooking enjoyable, without hassles, perfect in all ways, yummy and making a newcomer at ease with cooking.

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I can teach the interested ones to make crafts with plastic, paper etc

I teach using different ways by which the follower can understand easily, the one who don't understand at once I approach them and make them understand.

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Learn cooking at your home only in a simple way, by cooking expert in Gurgaon,

Only technique & method is, love what ever you doing. I will start with basic cooking & give some simple tips & tricks for cooking. Any body can learn cooking , there not need of degree & education for this.

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