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Kin student with 10+ years of experience gives Fitness and Muay Thai Lessons in Mississauga, Ontario

My style is both evidence based as well as the realization that everyone is built differently and should not is trained and coached the same exact way. I use methods that have been proven time and time again to be the most effective and efficient based on your specific personal goals.

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Sports/fitness delivered to you no more excuses about having no time get fit stay fit

my way is simple, I like to keep things very simple and easy to learn so going step by step through every move or action , start from the very basic and going up so it's like building a wall you have to start with good foundation and build on it so you don't leave my class until the lesson is totally understood .

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Fitness Coach from India on a streak to impart fitness education and TRAINING and NUTRITION

My teaching methods are based on pre screening and family history of obesity and a complete understanding of daily needs and hormonal structure of every client making it easy and a very interesting way to weight loss and overall fitness

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White Rock/South Surrey Calisthenics + Yoga Personal Trainer (Calisthenics Workout Equipment Provided)

I usually find a public playground and set up my workout equipment on the monkey bars. There is no need to go to the gym as calisthenics is all about body weight. I will construct routines for which you can do at home without any equipment, as well as setting short and long term goals for you to constantly strive for.

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Recently retired competitive swimmer currently doing triathlons and weight/powerlifting giving fitness programs

I understand that everyone is individual in their goals, abilities, and what works best for them. My method is to get to know what you want out of training (specific body aesthetic, strength, toning, agility, sport specific, etc.), how often you are willing to work out in a week, your preference and dislikes in exercises, and more. Once I have all the relevant information, I will construct a plan.

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Kinesiology student teaches how to lose weight, gain muscle mass & get fit in Moncton

My teaching methods are linked to psychology, sociology, in order to create the most motivating training you could ever find. These classes are meant for everyone who's tired of not getting any results in terms of fitness.

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Experienced Triathlete offering multi-sport training and conditioning to youth. I was the 2015 Sprint Triathlon Provincial Champion and Triathlon Ontario Triathlete of the Year.

"Hard work beats talent, unless talent works hard" As a coach and athlete, I know the importance of structured training. Building an athlete, or a healthy body, is about understanding how the different components of fitness contribute to the whole. My programs include a balance of strength (explosive/isometric), balance, flexibility, durability, and most importantly, mentality training.

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Experienced fitness trainer who can work magic on your body, whether it is to gain mass or to lose fat.

First is to analyze my client, then start a method and check about rhe reaults. If it is not satisfying, will try another one.

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Aircraft engineers know how to work, about to put u to work!!

I base my class on motivation. First thing u need is a reason after that you will want to do everything else.

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Gym coach gives private lessons in fully equiped facility, highly qualified coach.

Coach with highest level of certification (NCCP L 4) and over 40 years of experience offering one on one lessons in fully equiped gymnastics training facility. Both male and female participants welcome as instructor has coached boys and girls.

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24 years of experience including exclusive consultant to founder of Cirque du Soleil

The ultimate movement cleanse for recovery and high performance. See fitness with a 360 degree microscope. The algorithm of movement is applicable to rehabilitation, conditioning, and training programs and are based on principles of Fitness Intelligence to develop the 7 functional human movement patterns and the 6 athletic qualities of everyday life and sport.

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Fat Shredding coach-athlete with 6 years of experience in making people Fit and Healthy in Montreal.

-I am not doing theory classes! I focus on execution and that you learn key points along the way! -You are going to assign yourself with a goal of what you want to achieve. (ex: Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, Improve Calisthetics Skills, etc ...) After that, we are going to plan your training and nutrition according to your goal in no time.

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Personal Trainer offers affordable training to lose weight and reach your dreams!

Hard work, clean eating, no restriction diets. Loving your body and self. I strive to make sessions fun and deliver motivation and accountability! I can train any level from beginner to elite level, beginner level, HIIT, moderate intensity, "lazy girl," strength, and barre.

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Personal trainer/HKin grad teaching health, fitness and wellness in Kelowna for anyone

My teaching focuses around making small but simple changes to the way you move your body and think about health and fitness. Workouts and classes are adaptable for any fitness level and always fun and challenging no matter where you are at! My mission is to teach you the skills so you can take care of yourself for life.

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Youth Counsellor in The GTA teaches female beginners/ students about the benefits of Personal Protection, Fitness & Nutrition.

Become street wise in personal or self protection + learn about what exercises to perform in order to become more proficient within YOUR personal protection system! - Move you from beginner to ??? (it is up to you as to how far you advance).

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Highly ambitious individual eager to pass over 10 years of knowledge in boxing/Crossfit/Powerlifting/Plyometry/Nutrition and many more.

My teaching methods can be fun or super-tough depending on the level of the class or student I have in front of me. It can also depend on which kind of sport an individual wants to compete in, or if the student just wants to make a life-changing process of body-mind-soul.

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Hi, My name is Hemant Kumar, I am part time Coach , I have deep knowledge about Fitness and body. I am am from London, Ontario

My teaching methodology is to do everything in practical as it is more easy understanding, i like to involve my students in the full learning programme, i also include certain field trips in my teaching , as learning can not only be done by books ,

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Entertaining woman with a diploma in Theatre, Certified Personal Trainer in Nanaimo

My classes are creative and entertaining which I find helps you retain the information better. Aside from speaking clearly and writing assignments I like to use visual aids and body language to help the learning process. I like to teach whatever you're interested in.

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Student offers calisthenics. Train with me in the Calisthenics Park in Zuffenhausen

I believe that you can only get a super body with your own body weight. I'll show you how to build a functional and aesthetic body with your own body weight. I train 3 times a week. You can come with me and you will learn from me.

Paris 13e
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Sports coach qualified at your home, indoor or outdoor | Paris | 50% tax reduction

WHO AM I ? Enchanted, my name is Mathias :) Coach Individual sportsman since 3 years, I consider the sport as essential to a healthy lifestyle. As his physical and mental benefits are no longer to be proved, his practice provides access to the general well-being necessary to carry out his daily life and his projects.

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Professional coach (sports, nutrition, mental) in a private or remote center, sending customized programs, videoconferencing courses

A graduate in physical activity for all, a personal sports coach since 2010, I would like to share with you my experience of more than 20 years of the world of high-level sport around the world, sports animation, physical preparation and nutrition.

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Prof DE and STAPS (professional card and RC insurance) in Paris region and 92

I have been a teacher and sports coach for more than 10 years. I am a graduate and trainer in many disciplines: - Boxing thai, Kick-boxing, Full-Contact - Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo - Fitness and strength gymnastics - Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting - Aquatic activities I intervene as well for communities, individuals or even state services (police, army).

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Sports coach on the canton of Neuchâtel and surroundings giving classes of muscu / boxing / cardiotraining / crossfit / abs / glutes / preparation all levels, solo or in group, children to

1. I adapt to the needs (all levels and ages) and customer requirements by bringing my expertise. 2. In a group, solo, with friends, with colleagues, I go to your home or outside for an outdoor session. 3. I promote pleasure in sport, essential fuel of sport performance that allows us to surpass ourselves and never be disgusted. 4.

Ciudad de México
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Personal Trainer in Mexico, DF. Qualified in High Performance and Rehabilitation. Reach your goals.

Where ? - At home (if you have equipment) - At the Gym Sporting Club Reforma (with me, you save more than 5,000 mxn on your registration) - Chapultepec A high level training, at the service of all.

Paris 10e
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Private Sports Coach in Paris, Specializing in weight loss, muscle gain, postural rehabilitation

For me there are 4 axes: Training, recovery, diet, regularity. I will help you through these four words to optimize your results and push your limits even further.

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Fitness and sports coach, I give bodybuilding,weight gain and weight loss training with full workout and nutrition plan.

- I train people using my complete knowledge that I have in this subject. - I train with a scientific approach and teach my students all the concepts.

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Fitness is what moves me everyday. With more than 5 years of experience in Fitness, execution of exercise, muscle targeting workouts. I make both Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian diet plans.

Being Fit or keeping your body in shape is an art that i teach to my students. I broaden their knowledge about body and fitness & how they can enjoy even their daily hectic routine. Its more than building big muscles.

Cape Town
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"I am fitness Tutoring" - Calisthenic king. lets get shredded Cape Town

My teaching method is patience. We all learn in different ways. I believe that knowledge is power and we should all strive to do our best in this lifetime. Slow and steady, baby steps and before you know it, success.

(2 reviews)
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Personal Trainer & National Swim Coach. 7 years Swim Coaching & Personal Training experience. City Of Cardiff National Swimming Coach Lets Get Fit Personal Trainer

My Methodology when conducting Personal Training or Coaching Swimming is set to the needs of the individual or group that I am taking. Regardless of age or ability you will find once you have had a session with me all your ambitions and goals suddenly become achievable.

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Level 3 personal Trainer offering fitness/bodybuilding training in and around Bath .

I give training to all over range of people, from the least fit to the body builder stance. I create a lesson/programme specifically for the individual person and their needs and I don't instruct anybody to do anything that I cannot do myself. My lessons are aimed to improve fitness and challenge the individual.

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