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Everyone loves colours and it recreate our mood too. We feel relaxed

My teaching method depend on student. How could i teach my student that he/ she could easily learn the things.

Bihar Sharif
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Life is an art of painting without an eraser . Think and Draw

My teaching method is to clear the doubts of the students of my class.

Lucie jane
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Graphic Design graduate offering art, illustration and design lessons in Portsmouth, Hampshire

I like to expand on what my students already know and work in a style that they can relate to. My lessons are very student lead and I like to work along with them and build up both their skills and their confidence.

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Special Drawing classes. Hurry up and avail the speciality of this class.

My teaching method is step by step process. Learn, apply and then ready to start with the final touch of the figure.

Barnard Castle
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Glenfield Park
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Australian High School Student give anime/manga drawing lessons to students online via webcam

My teaching method is showing the end result and then explaining the steps to get to it. I personally believe that it is easier to help students understand what to do when they have a clear picture in their head. Although, sometimes I teach by doing the activities with the student so they can see what I’m doing as I explain it.

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I am a ba students and giving tution from class 3rd to 10th classes in Gurgaon

My teaching method is based on class or a mind of student I am Handel them in my own way

Kanathur Reddikuppam
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Student in Engineering final year gives some drawing tips for the beginners..

My teaching method is based on do's and don'ts & the errors that you will make on drawing..

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Student of any class can learn drawing painting at imageria private tuition

My teaching method is well DPF (discipline, punctual, fun)no pressure fast track studies taken can see changes within 2-3 months

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My name is raju Kumar Gond .my village name is semari .

I teaching topic by topic. I teaching understanding the children.my teaching methods is very simple. I know teaching.

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Post graduate student sharing her knowledge of colors to people from all walks of life from Dehradun, India

I feel a great teacher is someone who can pass her knowledge about a particular topic to not only the bright minds but also to beginners in that field so that each has something new to learn everyday.

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Learn drawing from root. Sketching, body anatomy, deep sketching, form, structure and more.

Will be subdivided in simple topics starting from root drawing, sketching, color theory, value to painting , introducing to anatomy , form structure etc

Tarn Taran Sahib
Ravneet kaur
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I will give you good drawing material and basic skills of drawing how to draw anything. I have also computer skill.

My teaching method is very easy and friendly i can easily to give the knowledge to students with tge best way.

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I'm electrical engineer . my hobby is art and painting .so I like teach art

I am technical person. So my technical method . so I teach technically.

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I give tutions for hindi and english also but i am a drawing teacher


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Passionate about drawing and traditional animation, French student can help with the subject

My teaching method is to split the classes in two parts : theorical and practical part. To me, the most important one is the practical one, because you try things and see right at the moment what you have to improve. But theorical part is as important, to know some bases about art history or art style.

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Ex maths teacher junior level in a convent school now teaches tutions have art talent

I teach by explanation , I use to draw and show thing , and in class by charts and models .

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I am a sketch artist and know about painting and drawing.i give online classes for this.i am damn sure you will like my way of teaching

My teaching method is way different and i start from the basics so that everybody will draw with super easy method

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I am lecturer in B.S.M college in Roorkee .My subject in fine arts

My teaching method is ... first I am approach my topic and preparing a lesson plan .

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I am a good painter and artist. Because I enjoy my work

My painting method is to see news and draw something new and interesting for everyone

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1st lesson is free!

Students can learn to be creative by creating their own masterpiece Within 30 days ????

It is best to teach face to face this is my first time when i'll teach virtually. So it will be online only.

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I tecah rocket science and in bangaladesha where rocker is a reall

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Drawing is the only thing that can make our soul fell good. Nothing is better than getting an compliment for our hobbies. No each an every person can draw artistic unique piece but one can start from

Drawing needs basic knowledge than further some complexes. Their is nothing better than being understandable with your students, this is quite similar methodology for me.

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I am fond of drwaing and music & I teach well to children and other thank u

I interested in teching after when I pass class 6 th standard in drawing .

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Drawing is a exercise for a restless imagination. Believe it or not

My teaching methods are very simple and easy to understand.

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I can teach drawing for kids drawing is my passion and love to teach it

i have a drawing collection and i will teach kids from beginner level i really enjoy teaching them and i will make them a good artist from my end.

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Passionate painter who like to envisage freedom with art and develop curiosity.

Pursuing engineering from JIIT,Noida.Would love to impart you my knowledge and skills which have got by winning many art competitions.You would be learning calligraphy,poster making,abstract painting ,oil painting and lot more creative ideas to upgrade your art work with me.

Vila Nova
Carla gabriela
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Digital art from drawing to painting, from concept to picture. Focus on Character Design and Monster Design for Games.

The course is divided into 5 modules. I - Basic design and construction of ideas. II - Advanced design: Anatomy, Movement and Dynamism. III - Perspectives, Light, Shadow and Shade. IV - Basic digital painting: palette, theory and techniques. V - Advanced Digital Painting: Tricks and Finishing.

Greater London
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College student with a talent and passion for fine art giving lessons in fine art to 11-18 year old students in London. Will be using a variety of mediums but mainly revolving around paint and graphit

Hello! I am a college student with a GCSE degree in fine arts in which I achieved full marks for both my portfolios and my final piece. Throughout my course and still to this day I attend and often help lead a artist youth work shop where I help myself and others to deal with engulfing mental strains by expression through art.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Erika is currently tutoring my grade 7 daughter, helping her to expand her art skills and grow her confidence. It's been amazing to see how my daughter's work has developed in just one or two lessons. Erika approaches each lesson with a clear plan...

Catherine, Student
3 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! Erika has been a wonderful teacher for our kids. I extended our time together because they love the class and Erika so much.

Kelli, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! We had a hard time getting the site to work properly, but he was patient and kind enough to make sure we able to get our classes. I really like how he communicate and the improvements in my son’s art. He is a good teacher I can say without doubt I...

Qedusizi , Student
4 months ago
(28 reviews)

Perfect! My daughter is 7 years old really loves her classes. I recommend her.

Marta, Student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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