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Art instructor with 20 years of experience can help in individual creative growth.

My instinct help to guide me to work differently with each student with experience. Having taught in University and Design Collages as well as children. I have developed a method were basic concepts are taught in most easiest way possible.

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Visual Arts in the South Niagara Area - Chris Summerhayes Professional Artist

I like teaching small groups of students. Lots of doing and not so much listening. I will take what you have to learn and make it in to what you want to learn and do. I will give directed teaching with specific examples and then lots of support to see the way though to success.

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On-line drawing techniques lessons for beginners looking to improve their drawing skills

My classes are intended for the beginner artist looking to improve their drawing abilities. I base my classes on basic drawing skills, techniques and useful tips and advice that has helped me personally to improve my work as an artist.

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Graphic Designer offers fine arts classes (drawing, painting and craft) for kids and adults in Kingston.

My teaching method is Modelling. I have a demonstration of task to students to make the process clearer. By imitating the model, students become aware of the procedures needed to perform the task or use the strategy. My classes are involve with lots of fun and enjoyment.

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Visual Artist and Art Therapist offers art classes in spanish and english in Lethbridge, Alberta

I have studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Post Grade in Art Therapy. My classes are meant for all ages and for individuals with or without disabilities. I teach a varied of subjects such as painting, drawing, sculpure and I enjoy working with recycle materials.

Prince George
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Character designer in Prince George offering Tutoring for interested Comic makers and Animators

I believe in Teaching for the person, which is why I work on a one on one basis to get to know you, your style and help you learn in the way that will best apply to you.

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University of Toronto Student and Freelance Artist with a passion for teaching and inspiring young and upcoming artists.

I like to make my students happy with what their learning and try to help them as best as I can. I want to find out what exactly they want to learn so they get the most out of their experience.

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Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Knowledge is limited to what we understand and Imagination embraces the entire world.

I teach from the very beginning and often ask to show their own creative skills rather than copying. This thing helps in enhancing the creative skills in oneself and helps one to understand things more effectively and easily in a better way.

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Art school graduate and trained educator teaches private or group art lessons in Ottawa

I like to break down the steps to creating a piece to a level that is achievable by the student. I like to connect with my students and work with them to discover what their passion is and the reason for their creative journey! I am happy to work with children and adults.

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Anyone can learn to draw, including you! Learn from an artist with 6 years of experience!

My teaching methods are usually to demonstrate techniques first, and then allow students to try it out themselves. I will correct their approach should they be having difficulty, but also encourage them to try new things, materials, and styles.

St. Albert
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Learn the fundamental basics and tap into the artist within to express and create beautiful , unique works of art.

I base my teaching off of the present ability of my students, novices to experienced the opportunity is always there to advance and add to your skills. From the novice learning about composition, color theory and shading methods, to perspective, mediums, styles and their techniques for the more experienced. We can review your knowledge and skills together to assess where I can help you the best.

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High quality artistic guidance for elementary, high school and college students.

My teaching methods combine coaching ,some formal authority role by showing students what they need to know and promoting self-learning to help students develop creative thinking skills and improvisation that leads to self-actualization. This style trains students to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration.

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Multi-disciplinary artist and children's art educator here to share skills and techniques for budding artists.

Always preferring a one-on-one approach to teaching, I manage my course material by using art activities to get to know the skills and interests of my students.

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Certified Teacher for Paint Nights/Painting Lessons at your location in Calgary, Alberta

As the student(s), you can choose a beginner level painting that you would like me to walk you through.

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Learn how to draw! Drawing and painting classes for all levels in Montréal.

The course begins with basic drawing techniques where you will learn everything you need to know to start drawing like an expert. Next, you will learn about the fundamentals of drawing and how to apply them to your own artwork. Once you get a grip on the fundamentals, we will take on still life drawing which is an important step to become an experienced artist.

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Helping you become more artistic, whether by drawing or painting in Vancouver

I would base my class according to the needs and level of the student. I would make sure there is understanding of the lecture and improvement in the artwork. If there are questions on the methods, I'd be happy to answer them.

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South Surrey/White Rock B.C.,artist, gives lessons, in my home. group or individual.

My classes are for those who want to learn arts or crafts other than just painting on canvas. Beginners, or just curious about the medium, tools or products, try before you buy. Groups with a special event or just to gather for a meet up.

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A university student from Guelph with a great interest in drawing looking to give drawing lessons.

In my opinion understanding the basics and most fundamental concepts is more important than concentrating on the whole topic all together. So, the best way to learn drawing is to follow the steps from easy to the difficult ones in order to get the best sketch. Also, I believe that different students learn differently so, I would like to change to teaching methods according to the students' needs.

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Drawing is not just an art but a passion which has a very heavy value in our lives.

My teaching methods is to show you guys my drawing in step by step. Learning drawing from my method is easy because our brains need to analyze things before learning it, so me I show my drawings in a way which makes our brain to learn it easily.

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Artist can teach drawing, painting, pastel, acrylic or oil tread painting, sculpture, in School or municipality of Valleyfield and or Montérégie

Usualy i split in two groups students who paint from thoses who draw because the lessons and the requirements are not the same. I strongly suggess to thoses who wants to paint to take a least 6 months of drawing before, but it's not an obligation. We take 10 weeks maximum to execute a painting in a two hour session each week. But some students are faster.

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Sticks to masterpiece, 5-15 yrs ,15 yrs+ experience, patience, understanding, flexible, budget friendly

I start with basics or line , shading and colors . move to mediums and media that can be used and so on.use of graphite pencils ,charcoal, acrylic paints and oil pastels , water colors and much more . Supplys for each lesson can be provided at extra cost . turn lesson into diy crafts for age level.

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Business student gives drawing, arts and crafts, DIY, poster making and lot more fun classes in Kamloops

my teaching methods are always fun based that leads to quick understanding. I have passion to spread the knowledge and talent what I have. my class environment is always study friendly and fun at the same time. I love teaching.

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Fashion design student, passionate about art and helping people enjoy\explore artistic interest.

I always make sure that what i teach should be as easy to understand as if i was explaining it to a 4-year old. I understand that people understand and disseminate information differently, and i adapt my teaching style to fit this understanding.

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Certified teacher with an undergrad in Art History and experience as a classroom art teacher looking to inspire students, foster empowerment, and spark joy

I approach my subject by structuring my lessons around a specific theme (artist, style, medium), and encourage creativity and risk taking within a safe learning environment. My intention is to teach art skills, theory, history, and vocabulary, while exploring various cultures and artistic practices.

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Internationally Syndicated Cartoonist in Edmonton Alberta is teaching Art Classes. Everything you want to know about Cartooning, Caricatures, Portraiture, Fine Art- ( All Styles of Painting )

I have developed a system of teaching which establishes solid Art fundamentals. From there I teach many 'Tips & Tricks that I have developed that are Specific to the many Styles of Art. I'm a Special kind of Tutor because after Drawing & Painting every day for over 50 years, I'm still excited about working every day.

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11 Years of teaching Experience in the field of Arts and can help students improve their skills.

My teaching methods are easy to understand and learn. I teach in a very structured and flexible manner. Besides classroom teaching i have proved my mettle in organizing art exhibitions, annual theater shows, events related to SPICMACAY etc.

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My name is sarah and i am trained in fashion and textile designing from karachi institute of designing


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Illustrator who gives painting, drawing and digital image making in London Ontario.

My teaching methods are hands-on experience and assignments. A typical class would include a brief discussion of the historical context of the topic (if applicable) followed by one on one or group tutorial with assignments to do at home in time between classes. This method may vary subject to subject but will generally follow this format.

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Artist living in Nanaimo with over 30 years experience and two art degrees.

I believe that by treating each person as an individual and with patience we can work together at your own pacee to improve your drawing and pianting abilities. Regardless of your ability level or whether your an kid or adult.

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Arts are too much fun when they're tutored by an undergraduate masters degree in color therapy artist

I teach arts through two main methods no 1 is making the class too much fun and full of entertainment using the most modern methods of data show and multimedia no 2 : giving the total confidence to judge international examples through artistic values.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Erika is currently tutoring my grade 7 daughter, helping her to expand her art skills and grow her confidence. It's been amazing to see how my daughter's work has developed in just one or two lessons. Erika approaches each lesson with a clear plan...

Catherine, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! Erika has been a wonderful teacher for our kids. I extended our time together because they love the class and Erika so much.

Kelli, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! We had a hard time getting the site to work properly, but he was patient and kind enough to make sure we able to get our classes. I really like how he communicate and the improvements in my son’s art. He is a good teacher I can say without doubt I...

Qedusizi , Student
4 months ago
(28 reviews)

Perfect! My daughter is 7 years old really loves her classes. I recommend her.

Marta, Student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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