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Greater London
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Loves to picturise new imaginary thoughts on paper as realistic in world

Creative, quick reactor, kind, artist, positive attitude, jovial, lovable, caring, stays in London Bracknell, friendly nature, always tries to do something different

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Teaching drawing is itself an art drawing correct lines and choosing the write colors is not an easy task so here I am to help you to fall in lovr with drawing

I am a engineering student who loves to sketch a little bit and I am here to share that bit of my knowledge with all of you guys

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1st lesson is free!

Easiest and coolest way to learn how to improve your skills in drawing and about color compositions

I'm here to tell you about how we draw anything properly, neat and attractive by applying some tricks or methods and by our own imagination and creativity..

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I graduated in Fine Art and I love teaching what I've learnt

Have you ever said "I cannot draw"? It is normal, if you have never been taught how. Learn artistic drawing with a reliable method based on a material that I have been improving in 20 years of experience in teaching. In a short time you will be drawing propper realistic portraits and still alives. I also teach Art History and preparation for access exams for Fine Arts.

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Offering creative art, sketching, watercolour painting and drawing lessons in Leicester, England.

I am an architecture graduate having manual drafting, drawing and watercolour painting skills suitable for anyone who loves to draw and paint in watercolours. I am not a teacher by profession. The lessons are going to be simple, interactive and based on self-aesthetics. The lessons shall be simple, following a step by step procedure.

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I am a experience in fashion tech . Complit my Ms.c in fashion

hira kaushik is my name.cotact detail-email (concealed information) MA.B.ed, M.sc in Fashion tech.

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☀ illustration | graphic design | animation 2d | video game design | web ☀

☻ I am passionate about sharing knowledge and cultural mediation. So I am interested in these issues because I think creativity, critical thinking and collaboration are critical skills to adapt to future challenges increasingly facing the digital and entrepreneurship.

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Experienced Visual Artist with a bachelor of studio arts offers Graphic Novel / Comic Instruction to Teens and Adults in the New Orleans Area

I offer lessons to anyone in sixth grade through adult. I can cater the lesson to your goals and current level. I offer reduced group lessons for beginner and intermediate level students. I can also assist with storyboarding/continuity/narrative/character development/anatomy/composition for advanced artists/writers.

Bronx County
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Jolee's NYC Shift Gear Art Class. For Illustration, photography and graphic design.

Wood Tobe Coburn is where I studied Graphic Design. Most of my foundation, however, is self teaching. I found that during school I'd read ahead in my design to be extra prepared. Yes, a bit nerdy but Very relatable. My method of learning and teaching is like a pyramid - I help you understand what makes everything in art.

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English Tutor In America -College graduate tutors English online for minimum wage price.

I'm a college graduate who majored in communication studies with a concentration in public speaking. I am a native English speaker. I have experience speaking in public, writing papers in English, and teaching English for online companies. I wish to teach online for minimum wage prices.

Cleveland Heights
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Illustrator and Concept Artist gives lessons on drawing and digital painting for video games and film.

I currently hold 2 degrees, one is a bachelor’s of fine art degree in Digital Arts from Bowling Green State University where I learned 3d modeling, 3d animation, programming, web design and graphic design. The second degree I hold is a master’s of fine art degree in Illustration (Concept Art Focus) from the Academy of Art University.

Ciudad de México
(1 review)
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Professional designer with experience in advertising and marketing right in Mexico City

Passionate. Untamed. Aware. Didactic. Entrepreneur. Fresh. Gentile. Hyperkinetic. Full. Jocular. Kilometric. Free. Mexican. Natural. Ñandubay (American Family tree of Mimosaceas, reddish wood, very hard and imperishable). Original. Possible. Fussy, Red, Tasty. Employee. Only. Brave. Wayak '(Maya' dream, vision between dreams, imagine or believe things that are not real '). Xi (Nahuatl: 'Idem'). I.

Maria antònia
(1 review)
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Artistic, creative techniques and art history. Artistic Contemporary Art Creation Master. Barcelona

Hello, my name is Maria Antonia and my two great passions are art and art education! My pedagogy is based on dialogic learning meaningful and experientially between the content, the student / to and I as a teacher.

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Noémie teaches abstract painting, '' Love of colors and movements '', in Paris (75)

I am addressing all those, young or old who want to learn to let themselves go in abstract art, to find that peculiar freedom which is yours and only yours, to learn the basics of colors and movements. The aim of the course is to create one or more works on canvases, as well as on other subjects, in a creative way. My methods are experimental.

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Hi there. I have over 5 years of experience working in different industries and projects related to comic books, children illustration books, illustrative memes, illustrations and teaching in both dig

I believe in bringing out the best from within my students. I believe in shaping their abilities to the extent that they can be seen as something of a great or good skill. I can teach kids, students, art aspirants, Hobbyists and people preparing for exams/portfolios who need help in preparing the best of their capabilities.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
(1 review)
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Classes of illustration and digital drawing, basic 2D and 3D animation techniques and comic

Journalist, writer of fantastic and dystopian novel, digital illustrator, cartoonist, 3D sculptor. The learning courses: Pencil drawing, ink, watercolor, digital drawing, illustration, comic, 2D and 3D animation, perspective, creation of characters. Basic (without any knowledge of technique). Introduction to any topic.

Ciudad de México
(1 review)
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Bachelor of Arts teaches drawing and painting in different techniques, basic or advanced to all public in the State of Chihuahua or Online.

I am Mariana, Bachelor in Fine Arts, Master of Arts in the Faculty of Arts (UACH); a professor at the University of Durango. I offer drawing and engraving classes in different techniques, the class is dynamic and the learning is based on practice, this learning method is a guarranty for the student to develop their own style. The class is taught both face-to-face and online.

Rio de Janeiro
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Designer, more than 15 years of experience teaches classes: Drawing, animation, design

Graduated in Design illustration and digital animation by Veiga de Almeida RJ, but worked as a designer and illustrator years before. Classes are for everyone who wants to learn how to draw, paint, animate. I develop classes based on the student's initial knowledge.

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Art teacher, applied arts, design and illustration, as well as art history, visual communication, graphic design and webdesign 6 years of experiences in high school and universe

My classes are for all levels and all ages. This can range from drawing general lessons, photography, illustration has more specific courses such as graphic design and webdesign. I adapt to the student and I consider that in art there is 5% grants and 95% working as attorneys in other subjects. You will have beautiful tell me you do not know draw I will show you otherwise.

Ciudad de México
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Plastic art classes for children all ages. Introduction to drawing and painting. CDMX

The basic techniques and methods of drawing and painting are taught. Various techniques (pencil, pens, acrylic, watercolors, collage ...) at the student's choice. Recreational approach or basic introduction to art. Classes are planned according to the student's experience, technique and style (landscape, portrait ...) chosen.

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Will be happy to share my skill experience of 14 years in Art.

I am a professional home tutor. My teaching method is very simple. I first start from basic drawing and it will go step by step like pencil shading, charcoal, glass marking, soft pastel, pencil color etc. all color medium. I give classes according to the interest of learner.

Greater London
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Art Tutour! i currently study illustration at camberwell. I give both fun lessons and coursework help.

Hello I am Emily Bower, I am in my second year of BA illustration at camberwell school of art (UAL). I can offer a variety of lessons such as : help with GCSE coursework, assistance prepping and generating work for portfolios and fun lessons for children.

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Classes of Plastic Arts in Seville!! Take out the artist you have inside!!

My name is Myriam, and I am a graduate in Fine Arts. I teach Plastic Arts classes, mainly focused on Drawing, Painting, Watercolor, etc. I defend a fun and practical teaching, with pleasant classes that leave a mark on the student.

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Fine arts instructor in miami - drawing & painting. beginner to advanced

My name is Darwin Leon and I am committed to providing you with the maximum quality of art education in the field of fine arts in drawing and painting. The tutoring classes are designed based on the experience and skills I have gained over many years of dedication and academic training in the visual arts discipline.

(1 review)
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Lessons of modern drawing: 15 euros by hours

Passionate about drawing since my youngest age, I studied, and soon my profession. Currently studying at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris, I wish to finance my studies by teaching this passion which holds a prominent place in my life! My method of teaching is simple: to identify what my pupil wants, and to help him to make it progress in his creative process ...

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Teaches drawing and painting in Paris and Paris region, graduated from the Beaux art de Paris

Graduated artist of the fine arts of Paris in 2003 I combine my artistic practice of the drawing and the painting to an authentic passion for the transmission and the pedagogy. My in-depth studies in the history of art, nourished by the proximity of the works, have naturally oriented me towards education where I have developed varied experiences.

Frankfurt am Main
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Artist and former Städel student gives lessons in drawing in the studio in Frankfurt.

I am a freelance artist and a central theme in my work is the drawing. I want to convey to which different types to deal with the pencil. I was interested in drawing the development of volume and the slow meditative deepening into the drawing. In contrast to conventional drawing methods I work with the eraser and the tissue to blur.

Kings County
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Artist / Teacher with a lifetime of experience teaching art and cartooning.

I teach art to students at all levels: from beginner to advanced. We learn by doing and we use traditional techniques and learn the fundamentals of color and perspective and progress from rough sketches to highly polished works of art.

(2 reviews)
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Certified K-12 Art teacher with a masters in Educational Technology. 10 years experience teaching Art and STEM.

I have a a bachelors degree in Art Education from Arizona State University. I also have a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Grand Canyon University. I use a variety of educational strategies to help teach students art, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I enjoy teaching through technology and hands on activities to help teach real world problem solving skills.

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Perfect! My daughter is 7 years old really loves her classes. I recommend her.

Marta, Student
3 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

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