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Hi! I'm Aurelene, currently an animation college student. I know how to draw, paint, sketch and color! I would love to teach your children.

I just want the children to have fun! I pace myself with their pace. I would love to see them to be creative on their own way while I teach my techniques to them.

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Create your own world of imagination and fill it with the colours of your choice

Be innovative,create whatever you want to because everything is an art and see how beautiful world you can makeso lets colour everything.

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Students with knowledge and enthusiasm for colours can teach drwaing to students in Montreal

I can teach basics to students by doing fun with them. I can draw by myself and can encourage them to follow me.

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ARK Drawings and Sketches Come let's create your own world of Imagination!!! For inquiry Contact: Location: Aurora, Canada

My teaching methods are on the basis of individual attention,precision,details and accuracy. I teach children of more than 10 years up to professional level individual.

Niagara Falls
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I have unique style to teach drawing as well as dance classes .

My teaching methods are firstly i justify in which level of students are currently stand so, i can able to teach them according to their level

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I am ar artist and i know how to teach . I love to teach.

My teaching methodology are based on my work and i give student to practice work. It is the best way.

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I am a recent university graduate with my bachelor of Kinesiology, Through college I sold paintings and kept up my Hobby. I would love to help and teach others while they follow their passion.

My teaching method is a student focused approach. Every individual learns in their own specific way. So I plan to tailor my tutoring styles to each individuals specific needs. I believe in providing positive reinforcement to my students to allow for the increase in confidence. While also providing constructive criticism.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, let me help you express your self

There is a reason for everything, and message behind the simplest of things.

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From basic drawing to other mediums to high concepts, I can refine a portfolio for applications, personal development or freelance work

Whether you bring current work looking for feedback and inspiration or are looking for a place to start and develop skills in art, I can offer services comprehensive to your needs

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1st lesson is free!

18 year old graphic design student teaching school students how to draw.

My teaching methodology is explain different elements of drawing and sketching. Implementing it in student's drawing. Giving homework for practise.

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Start your future Architectural career with drawing with me... Architectural technology and design development basics

Twice a week. I'm your personal teacher. I will help you to put your idea on your canvas.

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Self taught Artist and aspiring designer with over 10 years of drawing experience looking to inspire others and help you become your best artist self.

I teach best by beginning with the basics and by showing others how to attain the skills the way I did when I first got into drawing.

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Mechanical engineering students have perfect teaching skill in Design of components in differents.

Generally I'm approaching different methods for teaching to students according to the interest of students and weakness of students understanding, generally I'm using practical methods .

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Edmonton Digital Art School Grad wanting to save you tuition money on crash course schools and give you the insight that highschools art class would be intimidated by. My "arts highschool" taught me n

At first it might be rocky as I haven't taught people outside of school and friends. However, I'll be focusing on the things I had no idea about or I did, but didn't really understand.

Luz giselle
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The art of communicating without words has been part of my life in teaching for years

Itdepends on the class because a practical class focuses on making elements after obtaining previous knowledge and following steps, or in other cases where the opposite is evaluated we arrive at the results

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Art stay in nature and people's mind for ever,Try to be an artist so you will never die..

My teaching methods are introducing students about the first steps to deal with pencils, get into sketching, then going into different types of shading methods

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Hey I’m a master of digital media student who loves drawing for product my background is industrial design so email me if you need help

I am flexible to what ever you want to learn so I define my lesson plan based on what you know

Red Deer
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I am Henri, I’m decent at art and I’m looking for money to help my family.

My teaching methods are to proceed with basics and progress slowly. I can adapt if needed, but I usually teach slow.

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Creativity development, art, and drawing lessons for kids of all ages in Montreal

I believe in power of creativity. Having three kids and being a creative person myself, I developed a unique approach to children development. Today, professions appear and disappear at high speed, along with the technologies development. And the things that will keep a person successful in life is creativity. In my lessons I help to develop creativity and a creative approach to everything.

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The thing about art is that you don’t have to be initially good at it to get better. Anyone and everyone is an artist and can always get better.

I approach a subject with an open mind and expect to be surprised. I base my classes on learning well handing fun! My teaching methods are everyone learns different so I have to teach differently.

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I am passinate about drawing and painting i would like to share my knowladge about drawing.

I always believe that when you start imagine something or go deep with subject you will better in that with some basic guidence and techniques.

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An Indian Architect willing to share the experience and teach sketching,designing tips

I would to teach something out of the box, different from the conventional way of teaching Helping students to find and use their potential MOTIVATIONAL

(2 reviews)
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Qualified Visual Art Teacher and Artist wanting help anyone to understand art no matter your age. In Montreal or across Canada or the world.

What is my Methodology? I think I kind of explained this in my first paragraph but to outline it again. I want to make art enjoyable to everyone. I am a visual learner myself; so I try to use a lot of images or examples to explain how to do something.

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Mastered person gives tution to science subjects under 11th grade academic subjects.

My teaching methods are make the students understanding the depth of subject topics, writing, memorizing and solving the difficult questions.

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For everyone intrested in artwork here I am to help you enhance your artskills in a beautiful way you have always imagined

My teaching methods are to first make students understand the importance of artwork and to help them to enhance their artskills in an easy manner creating a joyful environment.

Grande Prairie
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EA, early childhood educator, enjoys working with students of all ages, part time artist as well, exploring new art forms.

I use methods learned in my ECD training , open ended art experiences for young students . Some experience in Montessori school settings .

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2D Illustrator and Concept artist gives tutoring is Drawing and Cartooning, near Brampton-ON

I happy to teach people the basics of drawing ( Human Anatomy and Design), or help improve an artist's figure drawing and concept design skills. Due to my training as a comic book artist and a concept artist, I am extremely good at drawing the human figure, creature design and character design.

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Teacher with a Fine Arts degree and 10 years of experience offers drawing and painting classes in Montreal.

I'm a visual artist with a dilated career including selected exhibitions worldwide, which I've combined over the last 10 years with secondary grade teaching. I can provide tailored drawing and painting lessons depending on the student's interests. From comic to oil painting, from academic anatomy studies to vibrant colourful abstraction.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Erika is currently tutoring my grade 7 daughter, helping her to expand her art skills and grow her confidence. It's been amazing to see how my daughter's work has developed in just one or two lessons. Erika approaches each lesson with a clear plan...

Catherine, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! Erika has been a wonderful teacher for our kids. I extended our time together because they love the class and Erika so much.

Kelli, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! We had a hard time getting the site to work properly, but he was patient and kind enough to make sure we able to get our classes. I really like how he communicate and the improvements in my son’s art. He is a good teacher I can say without doubt I...

Qedusizi , Student
4 months ago
(28 reviews)

Perfect! My daughter is 7 years old really loves her classes. I recommend her.

Marta, Student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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