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Learn and enjoy painting in your free time. Relax and calm down your mind through painting as it release your stress and you can go deep into your imagination.

I am not an experienced teacher however I strongly believe that one should have mindset before teaching and while teaching consider each and every child as there own. And also make sure that every child is special so take care whether every child has understood the concept or not.

Jahnavi kavya
(1 review)
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Hello guys if you want to show your dream to the society come n learn sketching.you can be able to show it to others.Draw the unsean world Sean with your heart and show it to the people

So we are beginning to work through the lessons in the Drawing with Children book, spreading the material and exercises from each lesson/chapter out over a week or two. My aim is to keep it fun and go with the flow, but with a specific focus on improving drawing skills. I’ll be posting about our progress, if you’d like to follow along.

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An artist intrested in giving children at the beginner levals a developing skill in painting

i try to bring out the hidden creativity and make it more colourful with my ideas, skills and painting techniques.

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AP Art student with 2+ years of Art and knowledge in Design Teaching what I know to those willing to learn

My teaching method is to provide one on one experience with the students. Examine how they learn and mold my curriculum to fit their needs. While also teaching the fundamentals of art which include are line, space, shape ,form,value, and color.

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Graduate Art creative offers art and craft lessons in London and Brighton

My teaching methods are all about encouraging students to explore and experiment with their choices of subject and medium. I challenge them to recognise that we often draw or paint what we expect to see not what we actually see. It's good to throw out the rule book and create outside your comfort zone. I will always encourage students to really stretch their capabilities.

Greater London
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Young Artist teaching paint techniques offering lessons in oil painting in London

I can teach people of all levels. from beginners to graduates My workshop will have a focus flora fauna / creating movement and texture in your painting.

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Qualified Illustrator offers lessons in drawing, painting and relief print making techniques

I believe that anyone can learn to draw and/or paint. Getting involved in creative activities increases confidence, memory, problem solving skills and feeling of wellbeing. You can learn to pass an exam or just for yourself. I am patient, flexible, encouraging and passionate about this subject.

Cedar Rapids
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Artist and Educator here to assist you to become whatever it is you seek to become.

I have an Art Education BA at the secondary level. I have taught and continue to educate mostly at the Middle School level, however, am more than happy to assist those younger or older wanting to expand the skills they have or simply need an experienced eye for critique.

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Want to Paint your dream? All yours to train. Learn basics in just a few hours of invested dedication.

Aiming to teach the basics of water color painting to beginners, who want to start from scratch. From the right amount of water used to the texture of the final piece, step by step tutoring on a how-to guide to water colors.

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I am a self taught artist from Nepal and I provide quick and effective lessions.

I am self taught artist and have been teaching students of various ages from child to adults.I usually work with pencil charcoal and acrylic paintings.I used to provide 20days class 1-2hr/day.

Mitchell Park
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University Student with high ATAR provides private Visual Arts lessons year 8-12

I am a Psychology student at Flinder's University who studied Visual Arts throughout high school and overall achieved an A+. I am able to tutor students of any age and learning strengths. Hours are flexible as is location. My philosophy is to never let yourself get behind, and to always put in 110%.

Les Arcs
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Drawing classes in the Var: Put colors in our lives and our imagination on paper

Hello everyone, Born with colors in the hands, I would like to share my passion for drawing with people (young and old) in search of expression or just wanting to try drawing. Indeed, it is never easy to succeed in putting on paper our ideas, our images or to succeed in creating our own works.

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Student in history gives drawing class manga / perspective / color watercolor

I am a student in History, who is passionate about drawing and just wants to share my passion. I am someone very open, who knows how to adapt and patient, I like to share my passion and I propose you to give you lessons to learn to draw what makes you want. I will work primarily manga / chibis, but also perspective.

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Learn to paint, draw and create awesome art in Upstate South Carolina!

I am a successful fantasy illustrator and I focus on teaching the skills required to be able to draw and paint from the imagination! I can help you learn in months, what it took me to learn in years! lets get down to business!

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Hobbiest Puneit Sculpture specialised in Ganesha Idols and decorative forms ready for the lessons. Sculptures are forms through nothingness of clay! and delicate form of expression and they talk to re

The most important thing about sculpture is the Clay. It has to be Solid enough for strength and fluid enough for durabilitya and mouldeability. Making a clay is the important aspect to learn in first lesson.

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Creative Visual Voice - Visual Arts Tutoring, Adaptive Creative Lessons Available

Christian based Art Education from Concordia University, Seward NE, earning Bachelor's degree in Arts Education Secondary Art - Art All Levels, K-12 and Lutheran Calliquey. Classically trained in developing both personal creative experiences, coupling historical foundations with relivent media design.

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Express yourself visually and discover unknown art in Kingston upon Thames with degree level student

I am an art student in Kingston looking to inspire people to get more in touch with their inner creativity. Art, especially drawing can not only be therapeutic but is also a great way to express yourself and separate from everyday stress.

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Art lessons and art history in your home over internet at you convenience!

A little bit about me : I speak 3 languages, former instructor and school teacher (various subjects) currently working at home (research and consulting). Studied art history for many years at art centers and museums. Attended art studio for 5 years (for art academy students) and learned how to draw and paint from talented artists (in IA, IL and in Europe).

Kingston upon Thames
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MA fine art student available for one on one art classes ASAP

I am an MA student who is doing an MA in filmmaking and my BA was in Fine Art Painting and Art History. I already have experience as an assistant art teacher with adults and am willing to help people with various craft/art projects or guidance they might need.

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Fine Artist with a BA Degree in Art gives Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Lessons in Person or Online

I am an artist with over 20 years of experience. I would like to teach people of all ages and any level of experience, on how to draw, paint, or sculpt. I will take you step-by-step through each and every process in creating your own masterpiece.

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Studio Arts lessons, Let your creativity flow through paint, photography, and sculpture

I have a bachelors degree in studio art from Radford University. Through my time there and from personal experience, I have obtained an array of art tips and tricks to share and use in creating beautiful master pieces.

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Art is everywhere and we are!, every location, by non commercial artist

Hi, I am currently studying fine art in Goldsmiths university on Second year. I am international, bilingual, worldwide, and I travel quite much. I like philosophy, film and performance. Even acting, I have a certification of an acting class from Central saint martins as well. We will work through your life, thoughts, mind and feelings emotions whatever you want to go through.

(1 review)
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Associate graduate in painting illustration gives drawing and painting lessions to middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels at home

I am an continuing student of higher education. I eagerly offer lessons for the following education levels: middle school, high school, and current undergraduate. I offer lessons in drawing and painting which I have excelled in advanced courses.

Port St. Lucie
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If you want to learn to draw, you come to the right place

I have been drawing for the past 33 years. I have taken art classes since the third grade. I specialize in cartoon art. Art can be a great way to showcase your talents. I have sold a few of my drawings. The best of my art is actually self-taught.

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Surreal Abstraction: a guide to tapping into your inner creative self. Throw away some rules and get tips that will help you harness a new way of painting. Strech your already creative mind. Internati

I have been drawing and painting with a goal to be a successful artist since the early 1990s. I took a few art classes, but have mostly learned from books and an experimental quest for something beautiful and unique.

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Worked for pidilite industries as a hobby teacher, would like to share my passion for painting with many more.

my teaching, method mainly depends on the student.initially would like to start with the free movement of the hand, gradually using the brush .the first 15 mins will be theoretical , the next 15 will be taught by me and the remaining time I would ask them to perform and will be guiding them and finally will give them homework if required.

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Lalwinder singh
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Want to draw something in a very easiest way.? Contact me Hurry up

I am not a teacher but i would love to teach you. i will teach you in a very easiest ways. i will share my each and every experience with you. and we will start with a very basic type of drawings.

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Perth Artist wanting to inspire others with one of a kind art classes.

My art style is ever evolving and experimentally changing. I have a complete passion for creativity and am always looking to learn new techniques myself. Our lessons will be constructed differently for each group/ individual. I would never want to teach you a topic or art form that you were completely not interested in. However, basic art terminology and knowledge will surround our classes.

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Design student at University of East London, Fine Artist and Comic Illustrator

I focus on clearing the basic techniques and skills required for any lesson, I am a very approachable person and will give my best to make the students understand each and every concept thoroughly and entirely.

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Perfect! Francine is extremely patient and kind. She is also extremely knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. She goes over the basics and reviews what you already know, and waits until you're confident enough to continue. Overall she's an amazing...

Britney, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Erika is currently tutoring my grade 7 daughter, helping her to expand her art skills and grow her confidence. It's been amazing to see how my daughter's work has developed in just one or two lessons. Erika approaches each lesson with a clear plan...

Catherine, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! Erika has been a wonderful teacher for our kids. I extended our time together because they love the class and Erika so much.

Kelli, Student
4 months ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! We had a hard time getting the site to work properly, but he was patient and kind enough to make sure we able to get our classes. I really like how he communicate and the improvements in my son’s art. He is a good teacher I can say without doubt I...

Qedusizi , Student
4 months ago
(28 reviews)

Perfect! My daughter is 7 years old really loves her classes. I recommend her.

Marta, Student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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