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International Super Tutor who helps you achieve your academic goal in French especially writing and reading

Learning with me must be as fun as it can be. My goal through teaching is to make sure to understand my student needs and create the teaching method that suits his needs. Every student has a different way of resolving, of comprehension and of practicing. What should a great private tutor bring to his student is confidence, skills and achievement in any form. Languages are a communication tool.

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Management of Operations student at ESG UQAM, native French from Paris, currently in Montreal.

Learning a language isn't easy, but to do so I like to make sure my students practice. A language is a subject which needs to be alive and interesting.

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Highly-skilled French teacher, Master's degree, helps you to master French at all levels

My teaching methods are that I assess my students' level and prepare my lessons according to their skills and needs. I usually use listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks in my lessons but I always put the emphasis on the skill my students need more help with so that they can see a quick improvement.

Thetford Mines
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Tout Le français comme ouverture sur le monde Thetford Mines Québec Canada

Je travaille avec un individu à la fois. Je le questionne ou je lui demande de communiquer en français afin d'établir son niveau et j'adapte mon enseignement selon les résultats obtenus et selon les besoins clairement exprimés par mon étudiant.

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Ancien professeur de francais, je peux aider ceux-là qui veulent apprendre ou qui ont des lacunes en français à parfaire leurs niveaux de connaissance de la langue française , en dispensant des cours

Ma méthodologie est la maïeutique : moins des cours théoriques et beaucoup plus de pratiques pour amener les étudiants à se découvrir et apprendre de leurs propres erreurs.

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Bilingual journalist and writer gives french and english lessons in Toronto (any age)

My mantra while teaching is that people should want to learn and should love learning. So I base my class depending on my student. Everybody learns differently. I also base it off their needs. If the reason for taking a class is academic, I will usually work off of what they are currently learning in school and spend time on the weaknesses and homework with them.

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From Beginner to Advanced I am the French Tutor for You (Peterborough, ON)

My classes are based in adaptability. For older students, I typically begin lessons with an assessment of skills and a learning style quiz. It is very important for me to know the best way you learn. For younger students, I like to use game-based learning and to use my tutoring as an additive to what is taught in class.

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Experienced teacher offers French classes to students in primary, secondary and college

I am a French and communication Teacher. I love teaching, tutoring students from various back groups with specific needs. According to circonstances, I can divide an hour in two or three sections to overview grammar, writing, pronunciation or vocabulary points with them. Sometimes, the tutoring courses can be focused on the student's production, exercises or on a particular need expressed.

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French native speaker. I provide one-on-one or skype tutoring to enhance conversation, grammar, vocabulary skills

I tailored my teaching approaches to suit the students needs. Listening plays a key role and I include hands on exercises to enhance comprehension and improve memory. I am available to tutor at any level from elementary to secondary students.

(1 review)
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I am a girl very familiar with the French language who graduated from Brock University

I try to make the sessions as fun and as related to a student's level of difficulty. If a student finds something hard or boring, I will incorporate their likes into the sessions. Incentives will be used to keep the students focused and engaged. I am willing to work with children in primary school and the occasional high school student.

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Enseignante de français au niveau secondaire dans la région du Grand Sudbury

À travers mon enseignement, je souhaite développer les nouvelles compétences globales chez mes élèves, surtout: la collaboration, la pensée critique et la résolution de problèmes et la créativité. J'utilise un style engageant pour les élèves. J'aime varier mes leçons et mes tâches.

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High school student gives French Reading, Writing, and Oral expression/comprehension lessons online.

My teaching methods are going over what the student feels that they are struggling with and finding new ways to try and help them understand it. This can include things such as re-explaining class lessons or notes in a different way, going over homework and assignments and providing assistance with those.

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Want to speak le français? French tutoring with a native speaker in Vancouver

My teaching method is mainly going to be based on what the student already knows and where I can fulfil a gap to help him in his studies. For example, I can be helpful with homework, exams. As well as, help students to develop their conversational and grammar skills through interactive tools such as flashcards, toys, games.

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Lively, cultural, localized and well balanced way to speak French from Canada

A language is the art of communicating properly with other people through a clear understanding of the words used, the nuances and how to project one's personality with confidence and acuity. When you learn a new language, it is important to work on basic expressions capable to generate valid exchanges.

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French Immersion Graduate gives online french tutoring services for Preschool and K-Grade 9

For french immersion students I like to mix English and French because it ensures the student understands what I'm teaching. Also, I've learned that students have longer attention spans if I tutor with both languages instead of only talking in French.

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French Tutoring in Winnipeg Open your sky with a customized tutoring. I graduated from University with a Master degree in management. French is my first official language.

I base my tutoring on a customized approach that also includes some general subjects. I involve the trainee with interaction. My tutoring method Focuses on your needs: writing, reading and oral. Elargissez vos horizons avec un accompagnement personnalisé qui vous permettra d'ateindre vos objectifs.

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French speaker graduate gives french classes (communication, writing, oral, comprehension) in Edmonton.

I love teaching french. At the beginning of the lesson, I will correct the homework, then we will work on a new subject and we will do some exercices. At the end of the lesson, I will give to the student a homework for the next day.

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Business student gives french lesson to those who want to learn in sudbury Ontario

My teaching method are pretty flexible it depend on what you want to learn or strengthens if you are in high school or in a lower grade more reason to choose me cause im still studing myself i will make you loves french

St. John's
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French and English tutor , all levels , gives individual or group instruction in St. John's

I try to bring outside events into my teaching wherever possible. I have been active all all levels of day school and have taught adult classes. I believe in adequate practic and analying the material. I helped my own children throughout their education, including university.

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High school French teacher with years of experience gives lessons in Hamilton

I base my classes on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. I love interacting with students and I'm very flexible and considerate of different learning styles. This is meant for High school level and above. I'm also available to help if you are already in a French course.

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French-Speaking university graduate gives French lessons in and around Amherst NS

My teaching methods are based on student's individual personality and communication styles, I adapt my approach to the needs of my students instead of the opposite. I have a transparent approach with my students and build my curriculum on their actual needs instead of having a universal curriculum for everyone.

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Experienced, qualified, bilingual (FR/ENG) teacher offering French and/or English language lessons in Charlottetown - all needs, all levels, all ages.

My classes depend on the need of the customer/student. Initially, I would do a needs analysis of the student to really hone in on the critical needs, then develop from there. In terms of methodolgy, my teaching is very much student-centred.

(1 review)
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LEARN FRENCH with a professionally designed READING, WRITING AND SPEAKING full program

I have designed a French curriculum that will teach you the in's and out's of french. Each lesson is carefully crafted to incorporate reading, writing, and oral expression/comprehension.

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Hey! 18 years experienced teacher with native + french immersion, special ed, vice-principal, tutor and Foster mom:)

My aim in teaching is to create a situation where students become enthusiastic about understanding the subject matter themselves and consequently deeply integrate new content and frames of meaning into their way of thinking. To attempt to achieve this I use a variety of methods such as speaking in pairs, small groups, role plays and debates.

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French Lessons from a French-Canadian student in French Teacher's Education Online/ In-Person

I will base my lessons around the needs of the individual and their areas requiring the most improvement, however an emphasis on certain aspects of the language that will be most useful in real-life will be present throughout, so as to ensure that you build the confidence and knowledge you will need for a purely French setting.

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French Tutor in the Niagara Region - Parisian Accent - 6 years of Experience

I customize my classes to make sure that each student can learn at its own pace. Each class is a mix of writing, listening and games. I review the basics with each student before moving forward with more complicated content.

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Pratique la langue française depuis plus de 34 ans. Based in Winnipeg

Ne cherchons pas midi à quatorze heures: - You talk, you write, because our brains are made this way, they learn better by doing things rather than listening - I correct, I maintain discussion - I also try to find your passions so we can elaborate, diversify vocabulary - I look for fun, don't be shy, no one has ever died of ridicule

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I can make you a master french speaker and writer as much as Voltaire was (or not: it's up to you !)

My teaching methods are simple and effective : going gradually through the learning process depending on the learner's level. Even if I favor active learning based on your specific needs and questions, I can be flexible by adapting to a method in which the student feels more comfortable with.

Central Saskatchewan
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Come and learn a new language with a passionate French Canadian. Speaking French is useful when you travel or try to show off!

My priority is to adapt myself to what you want to learn and make a realistic class for you depending on you're level and how comfortable you are with the French language.

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Perfect! Cindy is a kind, patient, and encouraging teacher. She is easily able to assess your writing or speech, identify your main areas for improvement, and come up with exercises to help you progress. If you’re a learner who, like me, doesn’t do well...

Genevieve, Student
13 hours ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Jerome is an excellent teacher. He organizes his classes in three different phases: theory, exercises and discussion about different kind of subjects, which has helped me to improve my french vocabulary. He is very patient and he is always on time.

Nestor, Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am so happy I found Nicole! She is very kind and professional.

Leah, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My first class went very well with Tessa. She easily understood my needs and we were able to setup a plan to achieve my goal. She is very motivated to help me. And I really like her teaching style. She is flexible, friendly and passionate about what...

Ahmed, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Chantallya is a very organized and knowledgeable French teacher.

Tarek, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Andree was very prompt in responding, and offered a free lesson. We continue to meet on a regular basis for lessons. I find her friendly, and fun to learn with. She is always well prepared, and often finds new ways to teach me French. I would highly...

Robyn, Student
3 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

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