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ANU Medical Science and Languages Student to teach French/English lessons from home

I am a passionate and dedicated individual who loves to aid her students in excelling in their studies. I believe in the idea of constant practice and guidance in order to properly master a language.

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I am teaching French since last 3 years and have appeared for DELF B1 and is pursuing MA in French from M S University, Baroda.

For teaching I take into consideration the structural method where I try and understand patiently the level of my students and build on that. The purpose of my teaching is based on concepts and I explain each concept with examples and provide exercises for the same.

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International French student at RMIT willing to teach you French the easiest way possible.

I can teach basics of French, and more (writing, comprehension, expression for any level). The lesson structure will depend the student I have (I will go through the basics to a more deep understanding and learning of the language). I think that learning must be a pleasure. I want people to love discovering and learning something new.

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French teacher. B.A. French ~ M.A. education. Experience: 5 years teaching French - Boston area.

I've worked with various students using various methods. As a classroom teacher I used the TPR method (total physical response) which has a focus on speaking. In private tutoring many lessons are grammar based but I've helped high school and college students with speaking, listening comprehension, reviewing for exams and also with writing essays.

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Native French teacher with + 12 yrs extensive tutoring experience at all levels offering online classes

My approach is focused on the unique needs and objectives of the student. I propose a tailored, personal plan - which can be adapted - to fit the skill level and pace of learning of each student thus ensuring that the lesson will be enjoyable and fruitful. I will always respond to emergency situations as I find great pleasure in seeing my students succeed.

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Native speaker offering pre-exam practice (Oral exams suck I know) Bedford, Bedfordshire

My teaching method is very easy, I understand as exams approach you are solid on some topics and very scared on others ( i assure you though you are more ready than you think) but i am happy to help out with any area you feel is particularly weak.

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Multilingual Moroccan college student-athlete fluent in French, Arabic and English for more than 12 years

Most of the students i had were Americans that only knew English, knowing both french and English gives me an advantage in a way I can translate give a closer meaning that will keep my student confident in his capabilities and my capacities of teaching and tutoring

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Enthusiastic French and Italian Tutor with huge experience gives lessons in Exeter

Hello! I am Myriam and I have been teaching French to my students for more than 3 years now. My teaching method is based on the level and goals of my students. Whether the improvement is required to pass an exam or just to become bilingual! I base my class on oral comprehension, accent improvement and vocabulary enrichment.

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French and Spanish undergrad offering language tuition (English, French, Spanish and Polish)

I make sure my teaching style fits the learning style of the student - whether they're a visual or auditory learner will affect my teaching style, etc. Games, songs, and quizzes can also be helpful when language learning, so even the sometimes-duller bits (grammar, vocabulary) can be made interesting by the right teacher.

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Very friendly I adapt to your level =) Improve your french quickly and calmly. We will combine your own rythm with my teaching experience for the most efficient teaching !

I speak French, English and Spanish so I really understand the difficulties foreigners have when learning French. I also own a master's degree in management and digital development so I am well qualified to teach professional French as well. If you have specific requirements, feel free to ask me and we will work together at your own rythm.

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French native English literature and civilisation student offering French lessons in Sheffield

Hello, my name is Julien, I am from Versailles, which is not far away from Paris and I am here in Sheffield as an ERASMUS student. I would like to help some students to improve their French, whether it is the grammar, the vocabulary, the pronunciation, etc...

Greater London
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French & fluent English Student teaching French lessons for July and August (summer 2018)

I am a Undergraduate student in a French Uni (Grenoble, Isère) who would love to teach her mother tongue to English Native speaker : it will be fun and interactive, a small amount of work as we'll be mostly speaking, sometimes working on text (press articles, modern books) MY ONLY GOAL IS TO MAKE YOU LOVE FRENCH ! :)

Greater London
Berk burak
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Want to learn basic French? Learn French for beginners in English (A1 French)

I can teach basic French in English. I've been living in Paris for 2 years and have been studying French full time. Learning French for the first time can be difficult so having someone explain it to you in English can be most useful.

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Experienced Belgian tutor and bioengineer gives lessons French to whoever wants to learn this great language. High school through uni.

Hello! I am a young enthusiastic engineer currently travelling in Tasmania. I have been a successful tutor back in my country for years and I would love to make you discover pieces of the European culture through learning one of its main language in a fun and effective way.

Market Rasen
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A French Teacher in Lincoln! As well as an A-level student after success in GCSEs.

Hi! Salut! My name is Sam, I will be your new personal tutor of French! I am a successful student of many languages, but I wasn't always this way and understand what it is like to struggle with French. I am very patient and can show you how I became confident at conversing in this language.

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Profetional, experienced and talated tutor will help you to recive susses in studing.

I am susseful, skilled, experienced teacher with position enfluence and good position in studing. My lessons bring good knowledges and susses in studing. I will be glad to discuss my experiences and training during the job interview with you.

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French Native tutor to teach French the Native way,flexible times,£10/HR ???????? (LONDON)

I am a French Native linguist and a university student in Interpreting and Translation. I have experienced the bi-lingual worlds of the French and English language at a very early age. I truly believe that this is the right time to familiarize your children with a foreign language such as Fench given that the world is becoming more and more globalised.

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Degree in Modern Languages ​​I teach English, French, and Spanish for foreigners in Madrid.

BA in Modern Languages ​​with experience of over 5 years in tutoring, teaching English, French and Spanish for foreigners. The classes are aimed at all levels and for all ages. My methodology changes regarding each student, I am very flexible and open to students´ideas to create a very pleasant learning environment.

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Qualified happy French Teacher in Melbourne - Come with me for a stunning and captivating journey in France !

Bonjour, I am Mélissa, a qualified French Language Teacher fulfilling her dreams in Melbourne ! I was born under the lights of Paris, as raised in beautiful Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and then studied in the warm South of France ! I have a passion for teaching my language and culture and for people ! I just came back from a mind-blowing trip in New-Zealand where I was on my...

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French bilingual (french - english) traveller able to teach french, maths and sport in Hobart

My mother is an English Teacher in France and she taught me how to make a lesson captivating and interesting by using actuality topics, books, music and films. I am very familiar with all the french grammar and vocabulary rules.

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French Student in Ecology/Biology Yaana LEROY gives French lessons for any level aspiring French Students as well as Biological sciences tutoring in Canberra/ Braddon ACT

I would be glad to help you with your homework and prepare for your French class with different exercises: - Thematic discussions in French - Science homework in French - Reading, talking and writing in French - Help you to learn and understand your French lessons I can adapt our session programs depending on your personal preferences and your level.

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French tutor in Eldwick. 14 years of age and have a French GCSE

14 years old and I know French because I lived there for 11 years so I decided to take my French GCSE early. Live in Leeds. Help with pronunciation and understanding of French. I'm very understanding and have not taught before.

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Bilingual exchange student in Bristol looking to tutor French oral and written

I'm a third year university student that has experience in tutoring French to students starting the age of 10. I believe in the importance of guided instruction. I think it's important to figure out what is difficult for YOU and working on overcoming those obstacles.

Greater London
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Fun French Lessons from an A level A* predicted student; online or in the South London area

I'm an A level student studying French as one of four subjects. I understand how teaching can be effective and how important it is to involve the student and incoporate their approach into my lessons to make sessions as productive as possible.

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Franco-British student offering French tutoring and conversation classes in Surrey and London

I am a 20-year-old British student, but I was born and raised nearly my whole life in a small village just south of Paris. I am currently studying European Studies and Italian, but I took French in my first year so I am well clued up on what is expected of university-level French. I like to think of myself as fun and personable, and I will make the tutoring sessions as enjoyable as possible.

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Spoken, written French and communication. Literature and culture in bengaluru since 2016

L am languages teacher, especially French and English. For that reason I structure my lessons around communicative Fluency. Also I make all my best to get learners involved. Today, the purpose of foreign language learning is to learn for communication.

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Recent graduate in law with the DELF B2 certification, obtained in France after an Erasmus stay for study reasons of 10 months, offers French lessons in Campobasso

I graduated in jurisprudence in October 2017 and I am doing the apprenticeship in a notary's office. I propose repetitions for elementary, middle school students, but also for anyone with difficulties, want to improve or learn French from scratch.

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French, German or Spanish classes for young people and adults in León, Guanajuato

Classes according to the level of the student in which the aspects of written comprehension, oral comprehension, written production and oral production are developed. Mixed, inductive and traditional method. The most important grammatical elements are explained, their structure and their function, to then learn inductively thanks to the context. Balanced class with visuals and audio.

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French teacher helping students to be proficient in the target language orally and in writing.

I have a Masters degree in francophone studies. I have been teaching French at the High school level. I can also do it at the college level. My methodology aims at developing proficiency among learners in a conversational style and in a more structured or advanced level.

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Fancy learning French? language learning in the Derbyshire Dales to suit your level of exposure to French by experienced French teacher

- courses designed to suit a "beginner", an "improver" or an advanced student - courses designed to meet your needs or wishes - more confident conversation - brushing-up grammar - appreciation of literature and films - support for examination preparation GCSE and AS/A level

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