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Professor of FLE and ELE holder of a master's degree with 10 years experience online

I studied French at the University of Warsaw. Graduated in 2007, I am currently professor of FLE and ELE. I give private lessons at home, but also via Skype to students from all over the world, of all ages and all professional backgrounds. I also worked in kindergarten, language schools and business. I like the exchange that takes place during my classes.

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European Law Student at Warwick University teaching GCSE French in North Yorkshire

I am a 3rd Year European Law student who has spent the past year in Bordeaux studying French Law. The best way to learn is to take it slow through the basics and teach French from the perspective of someone who - once upon a time - hated French. Seeing the similarities between English and French is the best way to really comprehend and express the language.

Greater London
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Able to correct essays/coursework or translate pieces of work from English to French or vice versa

I am both fluent in French and English, received the top marks for French A-levels. I'd look over essays/courseworks via email and correct them as needed, since I am studying abroad, my point of contact would be through email only. I used to tutor GCSE students in French but since I started Med school, had to resort to just doing coursework over emails.

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Fluent French Tutor (Current Junior at Hamilton College) for Ages 8-18 in Gladwyne, PA

I am a rising junior at Hamilton college who will be spending the entirety of next year in Paris, France, studying Art History at the Louvre Museum. I received the 2017 Samuel H. Slater Prize for French, which is awarded at the end of the school year to a sophomore who has excelled in the French language. I currently hold a 3.7 GPA and am in the top 16 percent of my class.

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1st lesson is free!

Medical Student in Leeds, with French A level and time spent in France provides French tutoring up to AS level

I believe that the best way to teach depends very much on the individual because we all learn in different ways, therefore I try to tailor my tutoring as best I can to each individual pupil.

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Fluent French Speaker gives French lessons to French students at all levels

I'm a fluent French speaker with a Bachelor's degree in French language studies as well as a separate degree in International Relations. I've lived in France for many years and French culture, language, cuisine and wine are my leading passions.

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Recent Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in French to tutor in Connectiut

I am a recent graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and a Bachelor of Science in Marine Affairs. I will teach you my tricks and tips for mastering the French Language! I have games to help you learn vocabulary and strengthen your oral skills.

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French Lessons In Leeds from Native French Speaker Educated in France

Lessons from beginner level to more advanced levels. I am a native French speaker and will focus on spoken French as well as teaching grammar rules. I will always adapt my methods to the audience so for a younger audience, I will try and teach through games and songs.

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English, French and Espagnol.Remise level / intensive courses taught by a bilingual professional.

Graduated an LEA License and a MASTER I in International Business, I taught foreign languages ​​for several years to students of all levels. I apply academic methodology and regularly monitors the student from the targets set.

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Irish Student living and studying in Bordeaux, 2016 giving French tutoring to primary to scindant school children in the Cardiff/Bridgend area

I'm a second year French student in Trinity College, Dublin who loves working with and teaching all aspects of the language. I aim to make the classes fun and inclusive using games, pop culture and anything else that interests my student in order to make the lessons both fun and educational.

San Diego
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Voulez-vous parler français? I can help make learning French easy and fun!

I have spoken French for over 30 years. I have a degree in French and have conducted business in French. I have learned to develop a Parisian accent as a native born American, so I know I can do the same for you.

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Certified teacher of French as a second language, La Sorbonne, Paris III and ESL, Lille University III. All levels, middle , high school and adults. Twenty years experience. Atlanta , on line lessons.

I am passionate about Languages in general and French & English in particular! I obtained a Certificate of Didactics for French as a Foreign Language from La Sorbonne Paris III as well as a Master's in English from Lille University, France. I am a bi-lingual native French speaker.

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French can be confusing, took two semesters and willing to help confused students

We'll start with basic methods of teaching and if that doesn't work for you we can try something else. As said, I took two semesters of French and I've tried many studying techniques... some of them worked and some of them didn't. We can work together and figure out which technique works best for you.

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Hey, I am a french native speaker with a solid background in french teaching and interpretation. I have built up a great passion for teaching. I have been teaching, interpreting and tutoring french to

My teaching methods are mostly based on the examples and confident. I provide every student regardless of his age with examples according to his age, statute, occupation, job, etc... I am very keen of sharing knowledge and experiences with others.

Greater London
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Qualified teacher with great experience gives French language and GCSE lessons in London

Hi! Ciao! Salut! Hola! 你好! My name is Michela and I come from Rome. I am a 31 years old linguist who has dedicated 2/3 of her life to language learning and teaching. MY BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: I am a qualified language teacher in the UK secondary schools where I worked for 3 years.

Surfers Paradise
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French lesson to learn or improve his french in Gold Coast, from a French tutor with 18 months experience

Basically, my teaching method, is about to see with you, which kind of result do you want. To see where are you most important difficulties. And to be able to understand correctly and to be understand when your are speaking.

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Half Belgian student who has lived in Brussels for 12 years, teaching French online. Have completed both GCSE and A-Level french courses with top grades.

For GCSE/ A Level students my teaching method is based around getting the best grades possible for your exams by preparing thoroughly what examiners are looking for in your answers. This means pinpointing areas that you struggle with and working closely together step by step to improve and polish those areas of your language.

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Bi-lingual French professional offers French lessons via the web to increase fluency

My teaching method is to support the student's current curriculum underscoring proper use of French grammar, speech and writing skills. Learning a foreign language should be fun and exciting! I like to incorporate French music, film, French festivals, etc. to engage the student by introducing them to the French arts and culture. The French language is "key" to understanding the culture.

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Native French tutor from Paris offering French written and conversational lessons in Edinburgh

I teach complete beginners to advanced learners. I carry out an assessment during the first lesson to see what level you are and what your needs are and than I plan my lessons accordingly. My lessons are 100% personalised. Outside material can be brought in like specific school work or we can work on specific vocabulary needed for your job, your trip abroad or whatever you are interested in.

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French Tutor with B.A. in French and International Trade with more than 10 years of experience in reading, writing, and speaking French.

My teaching method is geared towards a demonstrative approach. For example, as a French tutor, I will teach my students the rules of french writing and grammar as well as the proper use of french vocabulary in a particular context.

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French and English teacher with 2 years of teaching experience in India and France

I try to use creative ways to focus equally on the four domains of teaching a language : reading , writing , listening and speaking. I like to go beyond text books and make the student an independent learner.

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French native speaker with more than 3 years tutoring experience in the US.

I want to understand your goals and motivation as well as your level. It is important for me to set up mutual and achievable goals. I give my students adapted exercises that we review together. I ask my student to pick an article to read out load and we discuss about it to improve comprehension, accent and conversation skills.

Henley Beach
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I am a 23 year old French Canadian fluent in English teaching French in Adelaide

I approach topic by separating writing, understanding and speaking. I think that it is easier to learn how to speak french and understand first and then start to write it. I usually recommend people to watch certain movies in french with subtitles in their language too between 2 classes so we can talk about it after, making them practice the understanding and speaking.

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Interprete Translator teaches French, Portuguese and English of primary and ESO in Valencia

I teach French classes in a very dynamic way. Of course, everything is adapted to the student, but in the classes there will always be a small grammatical introduction that gives the student tools to use the language correctly and then an implementation with audiovisual material and conversation. The first class in a short contact in which we agreed on the way we are going to follow the course.

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French native speaker studying a Master at Deakin gives French lessons to primary school to uni student in Melbourne.

My teaching method is straightforward, I believe that we can learn and have fun. It is important to me that my class enjoy which will help them to learn and getting interested in what we do. I am very adaptative and work along objective. I have a background in sports coaching and use that to guide my student to push themselves to be more curious about everything.

Los Angeles
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I'm a young french teacher, who teaches especially french grammar and literature, speaking fluently spanish and french.

I used to work with on an extract of famous book. Firstly, I ask to my pupil to read it, it allows to see how he is able to prononciate. Then, I ask him what he understood, to sum up. If there are a lot of things he can not say, I try to ask him questions to helps him to understand by himself. I try to speak mainly in french, even of he doesn't understand everything.

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Native from France. I gives classes of French or English at home

I am French and new in Barcelona. I live in the Holy Family. After four commercio in EDHEC, I want to travel and teach the France. I am very patient and educational with a clear and structured methodology that depends on your level and what your goal is.

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French native, engineering student, experienced in tutoring offering french lessons, oral and written

I like to make my students like what they are learning rather than forcing them to learn stuff because they have to. If learning becomes a pleasure it becomes much easier and overall enjoyable! I truly believe that everyone can find interest in every subject if well taught.

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French graduate offering professional 121 French lessons in London for KS1, KS2 and GCSE

I have taught my 2 beautiful daughters French using the French curriculum. I am friendly, patient, and organised. I will tailor my lessons according to your needs and provide the best possible experience so you can have fun while learning a new language skill.

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