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Hallo! Female native speaker providing German lessons in Exeter and Greater Exeter Area.:)

I know the German language can be tricky and challenging and everyone learns in a certain and individual way. It's important to know a person's strengths and weaknesseses to find a suitable method. I always try to get to know a person in a casual way before I can develop a concept.

Kelvin Grove
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European Studies graduate with working experience in Germany giving fun and quality German lessons

It’s simple: to fully immerse yourself in the language, understand the culture and most important, to have heaps of fun!

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German Social Work student and Backpacker gives German Lessons to all interested guys in Perth.

I'll teach You with much fun. You will quickly learn or improve the German language.I will adjust the lessons to your individual needs. How do U want to learn German? Online? You can learn the language with me about Skype or WhatsApp -but you can also tell me where you want to meet. You don't need to be shy. German is a difficult language and i will help You with That.

New Delh
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With a clever learning strategy, it's easier to achieve good results. My German language classes are adjusted to your needs. I offer individual lessons and coaching to your personal success.

Daily practise of Grammer and learning 50 new words at regular intervals enable students to acquire a strong hold on a language. To have exellent comunicational skills, watching German movies should be the secondary thing to follow.

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A German Language Enthusiast gives german classes to students in group or individually

I go according to the syllabus for the students who want to learn for academic purpose.My main aim is to bring conceptual clarity of the subject.For students who are willing to learn German as a hobby or for professional purposes ,for them I have my own set of portion.I strive to improve a student's practical knowledge about the language rather than just focusing on the theory.

Killcare Heights
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German language tutor for young and old and each level - beginner to advanced

Teaching a language is as individual as taste preference. Social media and the internet is one of the best method to get a student excited. For instance the audio-lingual method provides endless opportunities to get a student into a habit to reading and listening certain material. Repeating this process is a great stepping stone to higher comprehension.

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German-American bilingual online tutor with 25+ years of experience in teaching for German or English!

My language lessons are positive learning experiences, based on these methodologies: 1- Total Physical Response (TPR) stresses the importance of aural comprehension. IT works by having the student respond to simple commands. It may include a bit of acting for both the learner and the teacher.

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Guten Tag. Ich möchte Londonern helfen, meine schöne Sprache zu lernen. Curious?

You can tell me. We can read newspapers, magazines or even books. There is a lot to talk about, don't you think? We can discuss your hobbies, your latest travels or your job if you need German for your work.

Leamington Spa
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Fluent German speaker offering tutoring up to a level in Leamington Spa

Teaching will be a learning curve for me however I think the best way to learn a language is to throw yourself straight in. If I am tutoring German classes to you, I will speak very minimal amounts of English. This will improve you vocabulary, spoken German, ability to understand German and your grammar.

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World Traveler stop in Melbourne and give German-Lesson. Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache ^^

I will teach you by playing games! I think learning is still hard, especially German Language. If you already have the basics in German we can play games together to practise your vocabulary oder your pronounciation.

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Friendly and patient former paramedic and M.Sc. student teaching German, English and Biology

Studying a subject should not just be about learning facts, it should be about experiencing the field you are moving in, so that the information stays with you. I am a fan of interactive learning, by creating situations linked to the facts that need to be learned and creating a personal learning profile.

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University Student Studying German (fluent - 3rd year) Offering Classes To Improve Pronunciation

I approach each problem/topic with great understanding. With German being my third language, I understand the struggles and therefore I have a deeper connection with the problem and have better knowledge as to how to go about fixing it.

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I can teach German language from Hindi and English language as well

i can teach using my mother tong hindi or English as well teach. I can start teaching from any level, where the student want to start. I will teach from very starting to a new student. A to Z will be a start point.

New Delhi
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German Tutorials in Vasant Kunj, N.D: Student of MA German at JNU with teaching experience of 3 years.

Have been trained under teachers from Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi. Hence, the teaching method also remains the same. Every class has a predetermined lesson plan having a holistic approach. The plan is set according to the individual goals of the student. What remains common is the working towards the achievement of the ultimate goal: Enabling communication.

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Experienced German tutor for German and translation classes. Edinburgh based, native speaker.

I base my classes on the course material the student has, to personalize my classes as much as possible and make them applicable to the academic situation. For languages, I like a blend of speaking and writing. I have a series of external material available to make classes more interesting and applicable to real situations.

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I am a student at the University of Oxford and offer Skype lessons to improve your German, be it written or spoken.

I generally tailor my lessons to the individual needs and learning style of my students. Depending on your goals and level of study I can offer anything from one to three 60 minute lessons a week, or one to two 90 minute lessons.

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German native offering German lessons in London either in person or online

Teaching methodology is customized and depends on the student. I can help with homework, test preparation, oral language proficiency or anything else at hand. In my view, lessons should be fun and informative to ensure maximum comprehension and retention of the material.

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King's College London German Undergraduate, A* at A-level - German prefect in school

My method is consulting the student and identifying any gaps in the knowledge, explaining grammar and any nuances in a friendly and engaging way. The tutoring is tailored to the student's needs entirely and is solely focused on enhancing the student's ability.

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Foreign Language student offering French, German and Spanish lessons in Bangor, Wales

I tailor my lessons to target things that student feels they need to work on, and also things that I notice they are weaker at. I try to do my lessons primarily in the target language to improve confidence and ability.

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Politics Student at Cambridge from Berlin Offering German Lessons at all Levels

My teaching method is based on my conviction that the most important thing when learning a language is speaking. I encourage my students to read a lot to expand their vocabulary and practice their speaking abilities in direct conversation.

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Language instructor gives online lessons for German and Turkish, including their culture

Thorough preparation of material. Using variety of teaching methods with the aim to motivate students. Very successful coaching skills, thus demonstrating the value of learning a foreign language (specifically English). Excellent skills in assisting and motivating students to combine learning and studying with fun.

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German native speaker and science PhD student giving German lessons in the Medway area

I would start off by looking at the lesson materials and assessing the skills of the pupil. From then in I would tailor my lessons to the individual student and see how they learn best. From my experience, the best way to learn a second language is to speak it and to practise your grammar by actually using the language. As a native speaker I can also help with pronunciation and accents.

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Literature/theatre and languages university (UofG) student offering German language classes in Glasgow

My teaching method is very individual, as we all require different approach. I like to include games, songs, fairytales; something that might seem very childlish, but is fun and feels less like plodding through endless exercises. Unconscious learning works the best this way indeed.

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Do you love to learn languages? Positive & Engaged native German speaker offers personalized German classes in London.

My teaching method is tailored to each individual student. With my lessons I try to motivate people and to make them love to learn. Depending on the existing knowledge we can either base the classes on conversation, writing improvement, vocabulary work or specific topics (if interested for example using German language for work, school, exchange...).

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German student offering German lesson in Birmingham up to University Level :)

Back when I was at school I could see many people struggling with languages and to help others I've developed a number of strategies to increase overall fluency.

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A post A-level student offering History and German up to GCSE level

My teaching methods differ depending on the age of the student. I try to tailor my lessons to their ability and existing knowledge, which I gauge through specific activities. These range from translations to quizzes. From there, I work with the student towards their desired goal, using teaching methods with which they feel most comfortable.

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With over 15 years of tutoring experience it is safe to say that I still love what I am doing. I believe that with me as your qualified teacher with German as my mother tongue you found the right pers

I am a qualified teacher and a proud mother to fabulous a 8-year old who grows up bilingual. I am from Vienna (Austria) but I also lived for a number of years in the German speaking part of Switzerland. My youngest student was 3 years old and my oldest 83.

Sant Cugat del Vallès
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German as a foreign language in Stuttgart and surroundings from a very experienced teacher

The most important thing for me in my lessons are the needs of my students. I arrange the lessons relatively freely with you. My instruction is aimed at all language levels, from beginners to advanced, including intensive exam preparation. No memorization, but a lot of fun.

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Perfect! Fort sympathique, agréable et bon professeur. Je recommande Ivelina

Nathan, Student
2 months ago
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