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Cultural Anthropologist with two years of proven experience in Germany. Accomplished measurable results while teaching, researching and writing in a scientific and educational environment.

Academic Assistant / Tutor in Philosophy and Philology at University of Mainz Mainz, Germany • Promoted writing programs for the department of Philosophy and Philology for 11K students enrolled yearly in Germany and abroad • Educated 48 students in time management/feedback techniques for writing papers at the university level and how to give...

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German native speaker and language student offers private German lessons in Brighton

Guten Tag! My name is Aurelia, I’m 21 years old and I study BA Linguistics with Japanese at the University of Sussex. I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany and moved to the UK last year to study. I’m very keen to teach German and share my passion for the language! I can help you improve your fluency, help you with exam preparation or introduce you to basic German.

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Post A level student who gives tutoring in German to secondary school pupils, plus beginners of all ages

I like to make sure I cover an equal spread of vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and spoken and written response. I focus on what each individual feels they would like to learn or improve and tailor my preparation around that. I also try and give a little insight into German history and culture, to complement their learning and motivate them to use their language skills.

Santo André
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Private Lessons Courses in Santo André and São Bernardo

German private lessons for pupils of all age groups and to seek a general knowledge of the language, with a focus on oral communication (conversation, lexical expansion, oral fluency) and writing (production of various genres such as e-mail, letter, postcard, memo, report, etc.).

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College Student in German DSD I/II Certified providing lessons to any ages

Hello! My name is Phipps. I am a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in German studies. I have dedicated the last 12 years of my life to studying the German language and am extremely passionate about helping others in their quest towards second language acquisition. I am a friendly, outgoing individual who has experienced the difficulties of learning German.

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College student in german give lessons to primary and secondary pupils in hull

I have never given any lessons before however would love to share my knowledge. I have a GCSE in German and I am currently studying it at college which will hopefully lead to me studying German at university. Due to having already done a year of A-level German I can tutor primary and secondary students and will certainly be able to help with those awful GCSEs.

La Louvière
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2nd-year translation student gives extra-school EN, FR, DE, NL support and corrects language homework

I am a second-year student in translation and Dutch teacher for students in difficulty. Thanks to the dynamic working method I have developed, the pupil is the main actor of his learning. Today, I also give support classes in French, English and German. Given my studies, I have many reference books that pupils can use when needed.

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Graduate student in Euro-American and East European Languages ​​and Cultures proposes English and German lessons in Syracuse

My name is Valentina and I'm a graduate student in Euro-American and East European Languages ​​and Cultures at the University of Catania. Since he was a child, I was always fascinated by the study of foreign languages ​​and the idea of ​​teaching was already in my mind since then.

Dana theresa
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Professional translator with Masters degree gives German lessons at your home in Murfreesboro

I am a professional translator and I give private lessons to beginners as well as advanced students of any level. In the course of my education I have taken several courses of foreign language teaching and I offer lesson plans tailored to your needs, be it help with homework, papers or simply improving your conversation skills.

Greater London
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Oxford graduate and qualified teacher offering German tuition and conversation lessons to students of all ages and abilities

Combining my strong academic record with a supportive and empathetic style, I seek to tailor my approach for each student depending on their strengths and needs. I aim to use my experience teaching people of all ages and my understanding of pedagogy to ensure every student makes progress.

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German courses for beginners (A1) to upper intermediate (B1 and B2 to some extent) or for pupils/students who must revise this summer!

You have just arrived in Zurich and would like to learn German? Or you want to perfect it, or even pass an exam? Or you are looking to develop your oral skills? I can help you. I have just passed my Goethe-Certifikat C1 exam, so I know a lot of techniques to learn German efficiently as a foreigner and my accent is not very strong anymore.

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German language expert from University of Gemersheim gives lessons for primary students

Aditi Puntambekar completed her Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in German from Fergusson College Pune University, Pune, India in Apr 2005. She has great track record in throughout her education, she stood 4th in merit list in her state in her 12th Grade final exams.

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Learn German in a personalized way according to your interests and profession

Learn German easily and dynamically through digital platforms that allow an experience that best suits your needs. The content and methodology will be based on the topics you are interested in, as well as including relevant aspects of German culture and country.

New York
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German language and culture lessons by experienced translator with a degree from Heidelberg Univerity

My bilingual upbringing in German and Russian gave me the later opportunity to study and work with different languages. My college education brought me to Germany's oldest Univerity in Heidelberg where I earned my degree in translation studies for Russian,German and English, studying Spanish, French and recently adding Yiddish to my further education.

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Good morning I'm Oku Christopher and I'm 31 years old and from Italian and Nigerian origins and born in Germany; I have a very good knowledge of English and German and I offer tuition, help and ris

At the age of 5 years I moved to Nigeria, the land of my father where I attended elementary school; to this day I carry the head waiter job in hotels and luxury restaurants and thanks to that I was able to maintain and update the language constantly.

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German is easy! Experienced and dedicated German native tutor in Central/West London

My learners will start speaking from the first lesson onwards. I avoid teaching long-winded theory sessions - you will learn grammar in context and get to use it right away. I will cater to your needs and way of learning in one-on-one sessions.

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Enjoy learning the basics or advancing your current German language skills with undergraduate student and fluent German & English speaker: Amani Fancy.

Having to learn German myself after moving to a little town in Bavaria with absolutely no knowledge of the language, I understand how daunting learning a new language is...

Old Bridge Township
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German tutor residing in Old Bridge NJ teachers German at all levels and for all ages, online, one-on-one , groups , has a Master's in German

I am a German adjunct who teaches at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey I can teach anyone , I use the communicative approach - Lesson structure Pronunciation - Alphabet, Greetings Listening - German music Reading - German essays, books, textbooks Writing - answering questions , by repeating and writing down , I am calm , explain everything in detail, provide all...

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Plymouth: Learn French and German language and culture with a friendly, bubbly native speaker

I am a friendly, patient 22-year old. Most of my experience in French tutoring comes from private conversation lessons and my experience for German tutoring comes from helping GCSE and A-Level German students pass their exams (both my previous students passed with a B and I have taken AS and A-Level German myself so I have first-hand experience with what it entails.

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Student dynamic and smiling, graduated in Germany, gives German lessons on Lille for all levels.

I am currently in preparatory class literary German option-oriented translation, I give interactive course, light (which may be a first for you in German) German and effective for all levels up to L3. I adapt according to demand ... I already have a satisfactory experience and wishes to continue this voice ...

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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English lessons for any age level B2 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

My name is Andrea and currently studying the degree of primary education in the ULPGC, this being my third year. I teach English to B2 level for people of all ages, from children to adults. My methodology is based on the constancy and positivism.

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Cross Cultural International Learning level one to three, First country feature Israel others follow

My name is Patricia Beerman. I been very bless to travel to various countries and learn first hand about our amazing, diverse and rich world and the people who dwelt in it. Thru practice and travel I have learned what it would be having a first, second, third and other levels of language handling. It makes an amazing difference when you are trying to connect with people from all over the world.

La Coruña
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Guitar lessons in English in A Coruña. Philologist with C1 certification from EOI..

Learn to speak English fluently while learning to play the guitar! Through lyrics and the teacher-student @ (say hello / goodbye, receive instructions ...) the interaction / student internalizes the linguistic patterns that can be reinforced afterwards while practicing guitar.

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Private lessons and tutoring of English, German, Italian for foreigners, in Turin and surroundings

Hello! My name is Marta and I graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Translation. I tutor children and adults helping them with English, German and Italian.

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Native English Speaker, a lot of experience in teaching students abroad, especially in South America. Also teach beginning German and Intermediate Spanish

Give classes to all levels in English, including TOEFL, TOEIC, and Ilets. Teach beginning German and Intermediate Spanish as well. Have worked with many businesses to help their staff become fluent in Business English. Have developed curriculum from beginner to advanced in English. Have worked abroad for over 3 years.

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Help with English, German or French - NO PROBLEM, just email us!

Welcome! I'm an experienced English native speaker, tutor and teacher and believe learning should be fun as well as challenging and interesting. Building a student's confidence, listening to them and meeting their needs is key to learning and progress. I agree an individual learning plan to meet the needs of each learner and review this regularly to ensure they are making good progress.

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Architecture student's tuition in languages ​​for Allestufen in Hannover Bachelor certificate .

Am I Ghasssen Chaouali, an architecture student, I've done my Bachelor in Tunisia and do weier here in Germany. Arabic and French are our mother tongues. I'm already busy with English and German. Have fun .

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GED student gives English and German language lessons to middle school and High School levels online

I am a student who teaches other students German and English as secondary languages, but mostly English. I will and can teach everybody and anybody. My technique of instruction will be very, VERY thorough and I will be as slow or fast paced as needed. I will explain everything and anything in depth detail as needed.

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Learn Spanish and/or German with a high-qualified Spaniard! In Houston, Texas

In a nutshell, I am a 25 yo Spaniard who landed in Houston to work for my Gouvernment and at Rice University. I maiored in German Language and Literature and minored in English, I have been learning English my whole life and teaching it since I was a teenager.

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