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Music Theory and Adv. Guitar Techniques, Learn to teach yourself; Asheville, NC and Worldwide Online

Touring and recording artist available for online tutoring; Concentration on Music Theory, Analysis, Techniques, Improvisation, Composition; Most importantly you will learn how to teach yourself and others with the knowledge you will gain. Learn whatever you want to at a pace that is right for you from a patient and dedicated teacher.

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Paris / vincennes home guitar lessons by professional state graduate

My courses are in the field of current music (song, pop, reggae, funk, rock, blues etc.) All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced as long as the desire to play guitar is present. I customize my classes according to the student's goals. technical work, chords, accompaniment, solo. Singing work accompanied by the guitar. Regular studio recording.

New Orleans
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Music Industry graduate with 10+ years of guitar experience offering lessons in guitar basics, technique, theory, songwriting, and more in New Orleans

I base my courses entirely off of the student's main goals. I can tackle more classical approaches, modern curriculum, learning for hobby's sake and everything in between. That's not to mention that I will bring in outside knowledge to broaden their horizons as well to make them a more well-rounded player.

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Fun and Engaging Guitar, Bass and Drum Tutoring from Bristol musician, Fuzzy J

Most importantly you need to be having fun, so we’re going to be learning the songs of your choice but as well as mastering the parts, we’ll be looking at the music theory behind the songs and how what you’ve learned can help you progress to the next level.

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Learn to play the guitar easily and quickly, with lessons at home

My classes are flexible and based on the specific needs and objectives of the student, so they are intended for those who want to learn only to play on friends' wheels or barbecues, as well as those who want to delve deeper into theoretical knowledge and development of the art.

Moss Beach
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Professional guitarist of 17+ years - Guitar Lessons in all styles for any experience level

I teach all skill levels, and I cover a broad scope of disciplines, depending on the skill level of the student, from technique intensive guitar-specific things (basic technique to specialized, i.e. arpeggios, fingerstyle) to music theory application, songwriting/composition aid, improvisation, reading etc.

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Guitarist of Memphis, Tn band Mobius Pieces gives guitar lessons to all ages and in all styles.

I base my lessons on the individual student. If the student wants to know minimal music theory to get by or none at all;I don't force them to learn the theory. Same thing goes for reading music, it is a great skill to have but if the student just wants to learn how to play, that's what I teach them.

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Professional musician and experienced guitar teacher, el.bass and Band (at home)

My teaching method is based on active pedagogy with self evaluation in your SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time).

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Professional guitar player offering lessons on guitar, including electric and acoustic Blues, Rock, and Funk

My teaching method varies from student to student, and can include varying amounts of music theory, performance theory, or just plain old learning song by song if that is what the student wishes. My goal is to inspire confidence and proficiency.

Los Angeles
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LIFEHOUSE GUITARIST - 1 ON 1 Private Lessons! - Talk Technique, Tone, Songwriting and more!!

Hey there! My name is Steve and I am the Lead Guitarist for rock band Lifehouse, 50% of the creative force behind the band Lost Beach and a freelance Producer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer.

Greater London
Larry q
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I teach guitar, violin, and ukulele in a fun and inspiring manner. I also teach my speed learning concepts to help you better and faster and to have fun at the same time whilst learning your favourite

I assess what style of music you enjoy and cater the lessons based on your personal musical goals. I use my various techniques for learning to play better, faster and to retain the knowledge so that you can see yourself progressing quickly also.

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Guitar and/or songwriting lessons for beginner/intermediate students. Learn to play YOUR way.

My lessons range from beginner to intermediate, I studied at Leeds College of Music and have over twelve years of experience to teach from. I am a patient and passionate musician with experience and knowledge to share with people who wish to get started or further their knowledge in the world of music.

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A 24 year old guitarist with 12 years of concert experience giving lessons in Liverpool

I am a 24 year old guitarist/tutor based in Liverpool. I have given lessons to various age groups and abilities, from the ages of 6 all the way to students in their senior years. I like to teach guitar the way I was taught, especially to someone just starting out, by teaching the student music they like as I find it stimulates the brain and keeps interest with the instrument.

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I give guitar lessons along with music theory and standard music notation.

I'm very easygoing, fun and passionate about music. I get along with everyone very easily. Learning with me will be like going on a carnival, full of fun and games. I'm very dedicated towards my students. I'll always be ready to help my students in any way.

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Guitar course: Electrical / Folk / Classical graduated from BEKLEE College of Music

Guitar teacher graduated from the Tech Music School in London. Graduated in guitar at the BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC of Boston Training his MAO at the EMC of Paris. Learning method with or without solfege All affordable style Development of the game and improvisation Habits of giving lessons to children from 7 years old and to beginner adults as well as confirmed.

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Electric guitar lessons in Paris Burn the ebony and bring hell on earth

Having made concerts, tours, compositions and recordings, I would like to share my expertise with those who want to begin or evolve their knowledge on the electric guitar. To the beginners I propose very cool songs to learn and the tablature system so they can work at home and learn the songs quickly, with fun and constant progression.

North Melbourne
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Qualified Music University Tutor Teaches Guitar, Piano, Composition, and Production/Recording for High School Students, University Students, and Adults.

GUITAR | PIANO | COMPOSITION | PRODUCTION/RECORDING LESSONS I offer boutique music lessons, with a specially designed curriculum for every student. This is because every student is different with different goals; there's no point in teaching advanced jazz to harmony someone who want's to cover their favourite songs off the radio. Get in contact to book your FREE first lesson.

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New Jersey based jazz & fingerstyle guitarist with 11 years of experience offering private guitar lessons

my lessons and teaching style are tailored towards the student based on their musical interests, goals and skill level. Whether you just started or have been playing for years, and whether you're interested in jazz, blues, acoustic, rock, country or pop, I can show you how to take your playing to the next level.

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Learn the guitar here today from the one man band Lewis Watson ( The Manimal)

I am a self taught guitarist with many skills . I have taught young girls and older boys .I use my initiative towards learning . Fast paced and efficient .parents have always asked me to come back to teach there young ones.

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Guitar and Music Theory Lessons Glasgow - All ages and abilities welcome - Friendly and experienced tutor

I have recently moved to Glasgow and am keen to take on new students. I am a 28-year-old University Master’s graduate from Brighton. As of January 2018, I have been playing guitar for over 21 years. I am primarily self-taught although I have, in my time, taken lessons with several well-established instructors and have a Grade 8 certificate from Trinity & Guildhall.

Quinns Rocks
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WAAPA Student with 5 years of practical experience giving Guitar lessons - Quinns Rocks

I am a current, first-year WAAPA student studying a Diploma of Music Industry. I've played as lead/rhythm guitarist in several bands, regularly gigging various local venues since 2013.

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T.J. Mendillo - Instruction in Guitar and Bass for students of all ages and experience levels

I like to include a basic knowledge of music theory, harmony, and sight reading in my lessons to form a stable foundation for the student! However, all of my students are different, and adapt to the instrument in a variety of ways. I am patient and flexible, and will work with the student at exactly the pace they need to fully understand a concept/exercise.

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Professional classical guitarist teaches you classical and popular repertoire by reading sheet music Bogotá

Classes for children from 7 years old, youth and adults; you learn to read scores of Classical and Popular Music; you learn the technique of the instrument which will allow you to be a soloist and accompany your own song.

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Petroleum Engineering Student/Professional singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist offering acoustic guitar lessons in Portsmouth.

A professional singer-songwriter and instrumentalists offering beginner to intermediate level guitar lessons. One-on-one lessons with notes available and tasks which must be completed before next lesson. I am a patient teacher, mixing it with a bit of fun so its not so boring.

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I am a student who went to the Conservatory of Versailles and have obtained my diploma of studies in solfège and guitar, I propose guitar lessons on Montpellier and around (I can drive to give home co

Personally I am very open and patient, I adapt to the psychology and the wait of the student. If he wants to progress quickly, a particular methodology will be established directly with him, if he wants to have fun learning then I will adjust the level of requirement. The important thing is to do something that we like.

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Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, music performance and production student at Southampton Solent University offering guitar/singing lessons

Hi! I am a commited and cheerful student seeking a teaching job in my area, music. I study Popular Music Performance and Production at Southampton Solent University. As a self-taught guitarist and singer, my ways of teaching will be very empathising and free, so the student can develop taste, creativity and enthusiasm.

Ciudad de México
Luis guillermo
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Introductory classes for the classical & Acoustic guitar in Mexico City southern area

° Classes to those who want to learn to play the guitar. ° Preferential method of the student (Introduction to musical initiation in classical and acoustic guitar). ° Modality of evening hours from Monday to Thursday, and morning hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Greater London
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A broke gap year student who's willing to tutor for INCREDIBLY CHEAP fees and also happens to be quite good at guitar. Having done 7 music exams so far, she'll be able to help ya out (again, for reall

I'm looking to tutor anyone who wants to learn acoustic guitar - whether this is a skill you want to develop, you just really want to learn one specific song, or if you want some extra help before taking an upcoming music exam (up to grade 4). My style is pretty relaxed and it'll take some time for us to figure out which learning techniques work best for you.

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Come learn to play the guitar! I am friendly and have played for 20+ years. I can really help you have fun learning the guitar!

I can teach anything from very basic chord playing and working this into usable songs you want to learn to play straight through to Jazz improvisation. I also teach basic through to advanced music theory and how to read and write music to understand music from a more wholesome perspective which will really help you make leaps and bounds.

San Nicolás de los Garza
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Master of electric and acoustic guitar in Monterrey. Learn Rock, Pop, Blues or Jazz!

Custom guitar lessons. Beginners, intermediate or advanced. Ages 6 years and older. Methods for blues, jazz, rock or pop. The theoretical-practical method adapts to the student. Topics from scales, modes, techniques to play solos, chord construction, rhythms, solfege, advanced harmony as cadences, rearmonization, modulation, etc.

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