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Classical and Jazz guitar major with 10 years experience in Bakersfield, CA.

My teaching method consist of building a solid foundation in both music theory and proper techniques in order to provide a solid foundation for the student to be able to pursue and build their skills and achieve anything they pursue.

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23 year old music graduate, teaching singing and or guitar lessons from home and elsewhere to anyone who needs a top up :)

start with the basics and go at a nice steady pace, that way we don't get our of our depth and you don't feel confused and clueless after the lesson!

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Learn guitar in the most different way and know music like never before! Interested? Here I'm! Innovation and interaction, interesting and informative!

I teach a certain topic by taking into consideration the likes of student and how it relates with the topic! Well, because, this isn't school! So why to make it boring! I don't think it's really very efficient to learn anything if it doesn't catch your interest! And everyone would love to learn things that they want to!

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Guitarist, composer, teacher withdiploma and more than 25 years of experience, offers guitar lessons for all styles and levels.

The courses are given according to the needs of each student. This includes different techniques, music theory and several musical genres: pop, rock, funk, jazz, blues, latin, metal, classical.

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Professional and experienced Guitar Tutor of all guitar styles in North London

My teaching method is always based around the goals of the individual student. I always use a practical approach using my music performance and university experience to guide my students in becoming well rounded musicians.

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Self Taught Musician Giving Cheap and Simple Guitar Lessons for Beginners in Corona. California

My teaching method is simply hands on, observational learning. I teach beginners with no experience the most basic concepts of guitar by showing them techniques, explaining why and when those techniques would be used, and then have them repeat and practice those techniques until they feel proficient and ready to move on to more complicated techniques.

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Music graduate with grade 8 distinction offering high level guitar tuition in a range of styles.

My teaching method is specific to the student in teaching. People learn in different ways and I am quick to find out the best tactic.

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Singer willing to teach anyone beginning or advanced in modern music or theatre music

My teaching method depends on what level the student is at.

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Guitar Tutor with twenty years experience offering lessons to beginners in Belfast area

I adopt a relaxed consultative teaching style adapting to the needs and learning style of the student. Since there are many ages and abilities it is important to be flexible in approach and methodology.

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A doctor teaching guitar and music who will make you fall in love with it from Gwalior.

My teaching method is very simple. I start teaching with very basics and then help the students to apply the concepts practically.

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Learn to play the guitar in the most efficient and fastest way! Guaranteed I coumduct guitar classes for young and adults Age group 8 yrs and above From scratch to advance Leavels 1 beginners 2 interm

I teach the trinity syllabus .an theory I have teaching guitar for the past 15 years and been working in a school as an music teacher And trained many students I do conduct personal classes one on one ,and group lessons ,and in societies club houses.

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Professional session guitarist gives private guitar lessons, bass, MAO and composition in Chatou

The aim of the course is to learn to play guitar and have fun. The course is tailored to your needs and we study the pieces that you like. The course is structured, you have assignement to do at home.

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Personalized guitar lessons in Altea, by an experienced teacher graduate in Paris

I adapt my method according to the student's objectives, classical school, jazz school, musical reading, auditory training, song accompaniment, functional harmony. I work with children and adults, I teach in my studio in Altea or in the county. Individual or group classes of one hour per week.

Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro)
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Live and Classroom Lessons for Guitar and Functional Harmony - Studied at Berklee - Over 5,000 Students Passed Through the Course - 38 Years of Experience

Method from Berkelee College of Music Method of Boston Allied to own method based on own professional experience of 38 years. More then 5.000 pupils over the year. Founder of famous brazilian music school Musiarte.

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Classical guitarist with over 15 years of experience gives lessons in Cypress, CA to all ages!

In general, it is important to teach fundamentals and basic technique. This covers proper sitting position, and correct right and left hand positions. Each lesson will begin with a basic warm up, followed by an exercise that the student will work with. After which, we will begin going over various repertoire.

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I am a student of Bsc. Geography who gives tution on guitar lessons from Basic to Advanced techniques. With me you will explore music in a different level.

My teaching method is to go both theoretically and practically. I love theory because that is really important. But playing guitar is about fun so it's also important to teach songs and techniques and to define theory at the site.

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Guitar is a beautiful instrument...and moreover it's easy to learn...so why not?

My teaching method is to develop the understanding first that what the things we're gonna use actually do...and after that the actual learning starts.

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Almora Range
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Basics of music theory Guitar Keyboard From basics to advanced levels Practice makes you perfect.

I focus on clearing the basics and make the other person understand the thing rather than mugging it up at all.

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Dont just learn to play few songs, go further, play any song you hear finding keys, make your own songs.

I focus on chromatic scales, this is the base. Playing some leads isnt that effective, understanding music theory is.

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Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro and Weissenborn Lessons via Skype by a PRO Guitar Player

I am currently accepting new students from around the world via Skype! I’m pretty flexible with time as I do this part time when I’m not touring or on my off days on tour. I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. After years of playing in my style I have designed a set of exercises which I call the “New Wave of Acoustic Guitar”.

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Self-taught guitarist who has been playing for 6 years offering tutoring in the Birmingham area.

I would be happy to teach anyone at a beginner level and would cater to your music preferences to teach you to play the music you enjoy.

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Wiley's Tuition! Teaching guitar in your own home! Over 10 years playing experience and 5 years teaching.

I offer guitar lessons for beginners in the comfort of your own home. I have a degree in music and would love to pass on the passion that I have to everyone who wants it. I also offer discounts for block bookings and recommendations.

Twin Falls
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Hello! I’m a guitarist of 7 years and have played in multiple performance groups live. I come equipped with passion for song writing and sharing love of music!

My teaching is based upon the learners experience, no one person learns the same and I like to take the time to explain thoroughly what short cuts work and what don’t and how I have overcome obstacles within music.

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I'm a self taught guitarist willing to teach you all I know, for beginners at a cheap price.

My names jack im 19 and I am a self taught gutarist. I have been playing electric guitar for about 14 years.

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Indian classical vocal music n play guitar with bollywood song n pop

I teach indian raaga ,l composs music on based raagas .music.is a good therapy for those who is suffering many problem or desese .I gave online or offline class.jms school of music my music institute .

Paris 19e
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Electric and acoustic guitar lesson in Paris and on Skype - Graduated Teacher

Graduated guitar teacher gives electric/acoustic guitar lessons at your house, from beginner level to advanced lessons. My pedagogy is focused on technical development, rhythm sensations, the sound quality and the ear training, including the knowledge of the theory aspects and Harmony, and of course a lot of pieces and songs to work on.

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Guitarist expert in the field gives guitar lessons and electric bass to people of any age

- Guitarist with 10 years of industry experience both as a performer and for homemade recordings of both instruments. - Studied in the Music School of Gianni Branca (prov.

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University student in Music offering guitar and theory lessons to pupils in Bristol

I'm a first year Music undergraduate looking to teach guitar to anyone. I play all styles, acoustic, electric, jazz and classical, although have a preference for electric. I predominantly teach face to face, although am willing to do online tutoring.

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Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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