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Certified, experienced music teacher, gets you to know what he knows - from many years of various high-level music jobs.

BM, BA - Lawrence University, MM - Baylor University, MMEd - Vandercook College of Music, Yamaha Music for Children, Little Kids Rock, former Illinois Arts Council teacher-in-residence, Kodaly, Orff, and Suzuki training, and experiences with wedding, circus, rodeo, theme park, and cruise ship. I teach students to believe in their power to learn, while revealing the great truths of music theory.

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Musician offering Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin lessons to all ages of the Plattsburgh area.

My name is Todd Steffy and I have two passions, to play music and teach. I have come up with some great techniques for most string instruments of all genre's. I specialize in old bluegrass , jug music, train music, busk, and melodic compositions in various tunings. I have years of experience that I would love to share with anyone seeking knowledge.

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Guitar lessons in the Bishop's Stortford/Saffron Walden area from an experienced music student

I like my lessons to be student lead so we can focus on areas that they want to work on, specifically genres of music, for example, some students may prefer to focus on classical music whereas others may prefer to look at playing more pop based pieces.

Cidade D'Abril
Camile melissa
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Student of the Federal Institute of Sciences and Technologies of São Paulo - Pirituba and I give Guitar Lessons for beginners with the Instrument.

In order for you to learn whatever the instrument is, it is necessary to have contact with it whenever possible, so it is recommended that the student has the instrument for a better practice of it.

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Experienced musician from Essex will help you master the guitar fast. Grade 8 guitar, Grade 6 theory.

My lessons are client-based so, whatever you want to learn, I teach! I'm known for creating great improvement in a short space of time by creating excitement around the instrument as well as making use of book and technology resources.

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Versatile and attentive musician offers lessons in singing, piano, guitar, violin, piano and music theory

Depending on the need, I adapt to the person. Having learned lyric singing and then oriented myself to a much freer voice, I am open to all will-experiences to sing a particular repertoire or to embark on the vast field of exploration.

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Electric And Acoustic Guitar Teacher. Metal, Rock, and Pop. Open to All Ages

I believe in spending time one on one with the students for a bare minimum of an hour to ensure they get the best out of the lessons. I am a very high energy and happy person. My lesson are very structured however i will help the students learn what they wish to learn.

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I'm a Professional Musician graduated from Berklee College of Music!! Let's learn together!

The lesson can be adjusted to your style and level. I customize the lesson according to what you want to study. We can cover different types of grooves, according to the musical genre, phrasing and solos, composition and arrangements and equipment.

Los Angeles
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Professional Touring Guitar Player with 15 Years of Experience Providing Lessons in LA

I teach to all ages and skill levels, and in every genre. My main strengths are in Rock, Fingerpicking and Country music, but I'm proficient in all other genres and styles, with the exception of flamenco. I can teach you to read sheet music, tablature, and/or the Nashville Number System.

Lighthouse Point
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Guitarist/Singer with 20 years of experience - Can teach most styles and theory

My teaching style is based on YOU and what you want to learn. If you want to learn a few covers, we will focus on chords and learning by ear. If you want to be the next Eddie Van Halen or Jerry Garcia...its scales, scales and more scales. If you want to make Hip/Hop or EDM we can do electronic production as well. The lessons are about what you want, I can just help you get there.

Buenos Aires
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Trumpet Lessons and Musical Theory! In Almagro - Online - At your home

Mainly the classes aim to develop a good technical mastery of the instrument and to know concepts of music theory and audioperceptive to be able to apply them to songs or genres that you are interested in playing (rock, reggae, jazz, salsa, etc.).

Buenos Aires
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I am a Music Student, I teach for beginners classical guitar, electric or electroacoustic, I can also provide basic musical knowledge of Melody, Harmony and rhythm.

My method of teaching is rigorous and constant, where the classes are divided into two primary subjects that are Audio perspective and guitar for beginners, in both subjects we will analyze and put into practice various techniques and musical styles, I play the guitar for over six years and I am currently studying the career of professional guitarist.

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Fun, relaxed & easy-to-understand guitar and ukulele lessons in Newquay, Cornwall. SWEET!

My lessons are relaxed & fun. We concentrate on the particular styles of music that you love, it's all about YOU and what you want to learn! I steer away from technical jargon and the regimented classical side of things, and teach all popular music styles on acoustic or electric guitar and ukulele, in an easy to understand way.

Shingle Springs
David charles
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Music Teacher and ESL Instructor - Providing Online Education Around the World

My teaching method is a modern approach to guitar based on my training at Berklee College of Music. I teach electric and acoustic guitar and provide instruction on rhythm, lead, and solo guitar playing. I teach beginning to advanced students.

Corfe Mullen
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Music student with a sub diploma in music and 10 years experience on the guitar offering cheat and affordable lessons

My teaching method is allowing the students to decide on what they learn and I help them move forward in their progress.

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I am a engineering student I will teach you how to play guitar

I used to approach on the topic I can tell you the exact thing that you need to know and you are interested in

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Guitar teacher with 10 years of experience gives guitar lessons in London.

I base my classes to each students needs and build lessons to improve their knowledge and skills.

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Music Student offering Guitar & Singing lessons up to university level in Leeds

My teaching method is to focus on natural sounds and inner breathing, articulation, pitch, note bending. I am a degree level musician that would love to help you get to where you need to be in terms of study and practise.

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30+ Years Guitar instruction to Young Beginners to Grammy Winning Artists Fairfield Co. CT

I tailor my lessons for each individual student's needs whether they are learning as a hobby, band live performance, school band or music school placement. I teach practical, understandable fundamentals for all levels which includes formation of the basic open chords and right and left hand mechanics and navigation and strumming techniques in a hands-on format.

Welwyn Garden City
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American Studies student offering guitar tutoring up to a beginner level in Welwyn Garden City

I am self-taught in guitar and as such I have been a very visual learner. In this way I shall teach beginner level students to learn the basic chords and scales, a very practical approach to learning the guitar. This will develop into utilizing these new skills to perform basic chord strumming songs so that an accompanying singer could join.

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A Private guitar lessons. Professional guitarist with a master degree and over 15 years of experience in teaching and concerts.

In my lessons you will learn techniques, scales, technical exercises. It will help you to get know the guitar and be feel free to play any type of improvisation. With my lessons you will learn the songs structure and how to play everything you ever wish with lightness! You will learn analysis, improvisation, tabular playing, note playing. Lessons are online by web camera.

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HEY! Individual guitar lessons for beginners at home! Personal and friendly treatment!

Classes for beginners. No previous experience required. Personal and individual treatment. Weekly progress tracking From the most basic, to the complex. Personalization according to the student's tastes (genres and styles). Notes, Chords, Scales, Punctures and Arpeggios. A lot of practice through songs. With a lot of patience, I want to teach everything I know. Flexibility.

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Student in London with 6 years of experience in music performance and writing

I am a self-taught guitarist. As such my teaching method is very much based on independent learning and practice. i combine Music with other elements, including film, to help agin a greater understanding of music genres and your personal style.

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Musically Experienced Young Student in Newcastle Oklahoma. Offering lessons of all kinds

I teach visually and hands on or logically with presentations. I put in lots of work and I'm always willing to learn new ways to teach students.

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Learn guitar with Stage performer as a teacher , special easy methods to learn your Melody....

A simple and easy way to connects all the lessons that will help you to learn and understood the all techniques...

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Guitar classes in jaipur. Everyone has their own style. Bring out the best in you

I am arpit badaya. I am here to teach you how to communicate you emotions through guitar. Music is something that can only be learned with paitence and guidance, and I am here to provide that. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar I can teach you all that. I've spent years learning it and I am here to share that knowledge.

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Music enthusiast willing to provide online guitar lesson in 2 different packages

I am a working professional, music enthusiast willing to provide online lessons to the interested students. I provide classes for beginners, intermediate learners. There will be 2 courses: complete course and crash course, one can choose according to their comfort. Each course will have 1 free demo lecture, 2 theory paid lectures and multiple practical classes.

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Professional Guitar Tutor with 8 yrs experience in Glasgow teaching multiple skills and age groups

I'm Fraser Murray, I've been teaching music lessons since I was in university as a student mentor across the country. I'm a patient, motivating teacher who can give free form or structured (graded) lessons for music and all forms of guitar.

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My simple method of teaching includes basics of the instruments or the music which has to be taught. There is always a lesson plan before every class starts, there is an aim to accomplish for every class. I understand everyone has there own method of learning so I try to make the students learn in a creative way so that the students enjoy.

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Guitar Teacher gives acoustic and electric guitar lessons on Boulogne.

Professor of graduate guitar: Music Academy International (Nancy), American School of Modern Music (Paris), Master Musicology (Paris 8), Jazz Educator Diploma of State of contemporary music). Guitar lessons acoustic & electric, whether you are beginner or advanced.

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Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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