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Guitar lessons in 5 months (scales and chords learning with good techniques)

My teaching method on Guitar is Firstly I would teach a theory lesson that they can learn it easily and then I go for the practicals.

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Violin and Guitar online music class western rock pop jazz trinity London

Trinity london Abrsm London syllabus for violin guitar rock pop hindi English songs notations reading chords blues jazz rock pop

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Playing guitar since 5 years ,self taught,played in many live performances . Place-Vadodara Genre - Rock, Pop , Alternative Metal

My teaching method is mainly based on formulas and tricks so that a student can easily understand what is being taught.

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Nothing is impossible there is only need of the right person to show the path I am shubham Verma from Jalandhar Punjab

Well I first analysis my student and I teach according to his learning ability every student are intelligent the difference is just there understand ability

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Indian idol grooming faculty is here to train u.prepare u for guitar lessons.

At first I train the students in all basic aspects of music and then I provide them some excercise by which they can progress.

New Delhi
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Students want to learn guitar in 2 to 3 months minimum. Thank you

My first step is to teach about the basics of guitar.

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I love music ,I like gitar and my favorite is atif aslam

I teach self ..I see youtube videos and I learn all cords and ...

Nageswara rao
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I'm a teacher who is teaching Indian classical (karnatic classical), piano( western classical and Indian classical) and guitar (western classical and Indian classical ) since 21 years .

My teaching methodology runs on the basis off giving complete awareness about the subject. Not only practical, I also assure to give your ward complete knowledge about theory .

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Highly amazing guitar Tutor for you. Don't waste the chance. Apply here.

My teaching method is step-learning with clearing the basics first because strong base leads toa perfectionist. Going with the class is the way to make students learn.

Paris 9e
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Guitar / Piano / Solo / Bass / Vocal Course - 5 years of teaching experience

My name is Adrien, I am 19 years old and I have been teaching for several years the basics of music to beginners. Smiling and dynamic, I try to convey my passion for music, because it is passion that motivates us to work and therefore progress.

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Learn guitar and change your life, discover a new world of music

I include a mixture of technical skills and song playing in every lesson, along with music theory whenever it's needed

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Preparing the students for the international level grade exams which is organized by the trinity college of london

Teaching correct method of holding the instrument and plucking the cords to create sweet music. Chalking out customized lessons and plans for various students and documenting curriculum.

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Learn guitar and follow your passion. Guitar Lessons by a musician from India connecting globally.

My teaching method focuses on a balance between playing and learning theory. Most importantly,I feel that it is most important to encourage a student so that they are constantly motivated to bring out the best in themselves.

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Learn how to play a basic guitar and improvise your skills. Creating Melody is the goal.

Learning Music takes a quality time with the instrument you're holding.I'll teach how to take every step towards the goal.

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If you want to learn how to sing then m here to teach you all about music......come and enjoy with learning.

From basics to higher level first we need to do basics afterthat further flow goes on with a fun environment.

Porto Alegre
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Guitar lessons, guitar and music theory (Blues, Rock, Scales, Bossa Nova, Jazz)

Specific planning in order to achieve the goals of each student. Classes organized from the repertoire chosen by the student with suggestions from the teacher. Practical classes with punctual help of musical theory in a simple way to solidify student learning.

Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais)
Breno fonseca
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Bachelor's degree in music by UFMG teaches private guitar and guitar lessons, and preparation for the music entrance exam.

I developed his own methodology from his 8 years of experience as a guitar and guitar tutor. I offer a support booklet with content for each level of the student (beginner - intermediate - advanced). In my classes the student will have the attention and direction necessary to develop technically and creatively next to the guitar or guitar instrument.

New Delhi
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Learn Guitar in less time and fees than other teachers! Guarantee on that note

Forget the books, only practical implementation without any wastage of teaching in sa re ga ma pa.

Paris 15e
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Professional guitarist, state graduate, teaches guitar, bass, ukulele, composition and arrangement in Paris

Professional guitarist engaged on the hexagonal scene, holder of the state diploma of jazz guitar, a license of musicology and a graduate of Music Academy International and the Music Center Didier Lockwood offers to share his knowledge and experience. I use a personalized approach, taking into account the desires but also the needs of the student according to his level and his objectives.

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Master your playing - electric guitar, acoustic, classical by a student in DEM

The lessons are available for all the levels and genres (classical, blues, rock, metal, jazz).

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Berklee College of Music Graduate with 20 years of experience teaching gives guitar, music production, computer music, logic, garage band lessons.

​ I teach guitar in all styles, pop, rock and jazz, as well as advance soloing for those who require it. I also teach music technology and production using Logic, Pro Tools, Garage Band, and also music theory. I adapt to the unique requirements of each student.

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Qualified teacher with a lot of experience, Guitar lessons, Classical, Modern and electric Guitars

Guitarist, Master specialized in educational and crlg. I give classical guitar lessons and home support on Bruxelles.Tout niveaux.Enseignant for many years, I rely on this experience to provide customized education to each student. For beginners: -Record of the instrument, position and technical right hand / left hand, chord, rhythm, arpeggios, reading tablature and / or partitions, guitar tuning.

São José (Vitória)
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Music School Musical Productions and Art: Prof. Music - Wagner Vanzeler Loureiro

Music School Art and Music Productions - M.Prof. Wagner Vanzeler Loureiro 27 98805-0462 (WhastApp) other 99756-4215 Email: (concealed information) Sites: (concealed information) (concealed information) .

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Professor of musical theory, popular and classical guitar. Graduating in Music by UFPI.

My methodology of teaching guitar is well diversified, focused on the interest and the current level of the student. The classes cover various themes for a good musical formation, such as scales, chords, harmonic field, ciphers, scores, repertoire, among other subjects.

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Music lessons in Berlin! (Guitar, and music theory) by master music student for all levels

For me, my students are very important. I always adapt to the desire and ability of each student. I have different guitar methods for all students ir I build my own method. An ideal lesson would be 45 min. for students with experience and 30 min. for beginners.

Ciudad de México
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Guitarist and audio engineer. I give private lessons in guitar, solfeggio, harmony, music theory, recording and mixing in my department or at home. Mexico City

I am a professional musician and audio engineer. I teach at all levels and my lessons are customized (I cover the subjects that each student needs for their development) Subjects include: - Technique - Solfeggio - Harmony - Musical theory - Arrangement - Recording - Mixing - Production - among others.

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Parisian metro musician gives "intuitive" guitar lessons for beginners (at home or other)

I approach the guitar in a FREE way, ie: although I know the name of chords played, the goal is not to learn music theory or the schoolar side of the guitar. My methodology: first, learning basic chords by learning a song loved by the student. Then, progressing towards learning arpeggios etc.

Mira Bhayandar
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Guitarist from jammu(with a total experience of 6 years) now giving acoustic guitar lessons in Mumbai.

My teaching method is to understand the need and doubts of the students and then focussing on those things.

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You want to learn guitar!? Learn from the person who belongs to a country which added 2 strings to the guitar!

I start with important theory parts then I teach basics and some leads after that chord patterns with theory and application with theory of all scales and their application. And songs which come on these scales.

St Albans
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Conservatoire student gives guitar and music theory lessons in St Albans area

My name is Lucien, and I'm a student at Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. My versatile teaching style allows you to learn at your own pace in order to achieve your musical goals, whatever they may be. Whether you would like to learn to play your favourite songs, develop the skills necessary to play in a band, explore a different musical style or otherwise, I can help you make faster progress.

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Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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