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I am ready to give my max to share my knowledge with you thank you

I explain every method that is related to the course and i use more examples to each subject. I give homework to students after each lesson and correct each of them before i begin a new lesson. What makes me special is that i am somehow funny to my students.

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Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for Entrepreneurship - Social Media Marketing, Online Branding & Positioning, Market Research

My teaching methods are flexible because I know that everyone learns differently. That being said, I typically use an approach that will give you hands-on experience and applicable knowledge that will aid you either in school or in the workforce.

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Self Published Author teaches others how to write and publish their own books to sell online.

I have written all of my course based on my own experiences learned online with these topics. I teach with a mixture of written content and verbal instruction either through pre-recorded video or live feed. A typical class for me has between 4-10 students usually participating on a Zoom training call that is recorded for later use for anyone who needs to review.

Seyedeh sogand
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1st lesson is free!

Social Media Tutor and Manager for Up and Coming Influencers. Virtual Lessons.

I approach the idea of social media usage as a form of networking yourself and building up an image. I explain both what lies at the surface and beneath it in building an audience.

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Software Engineering student trying to help new students with C and Java

My teaching methods are usually one-on-one and engaging. I start with making sure what the student is expecting and there's a lot of writing and drawing in a session. After every few minutes, I try asking questions to ensure progress.

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Social Media Manager specialized in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for Companies

I am a Social Media Manager in my own consultancy: Standup Consulting. Whether you are in social networks for professional purposes or if you use them for personal purposes, I will show you a series of online tools with which you will get the most out of your time and your actions on the network.

São Paulo
(73 reviews)

Learn how to set up your Facebook, LinkedIn or WhatsApp, giving your profile security and an informal or professional presentation

* Classes for students of all ages and all levels. * Teaching methodology based on the practical configuration of students' social networks and orientation to motivate self-learning through use.

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Discover a deep understanding of each social platform through hands-on approach in Bristol.

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work to improve your understanding of marketing and brand awareness. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress. I can help you get the most from your social media platforms and to develop the skills necessary to gain traction for yourself or for yours or someone else's brand.

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Do you want to improve your writing skills, so that people feel angaged and motivate to read your texts?

I believe in the type of education that gives students chances to improve their language in an authentic way. Additionally, I am a passionate for writing, and this love is translated into strategies, didactics, tips and all type creatie support to provide students with the greatest ideas, and alternaties opportunities to explore their writing skill.

Sunrise Beach
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USC Design Graduate Providing Basic Computer Skills / Social Media Tutoring For Anyone

I've been working as a freelance creative for over 10 years now & have been dealing with clients directly, developing a strong & effective communication style which I believe makes me easy going as a tutor. I will provide basic computer training including navigation of Windows, Live Mail, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Office or anything else you require.

Avishkant patidar
(2 reviews)
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1st lesson is free!

Optimize your social networks and attract customers by creating professional content NOW!

In each session we will see: - How to create attractive content for the suggestions and applications of feed + retouch - How to optimize the publications of Instagram. - How to create attractive content for stories. - How to optimize the stories. - Organize the highlights. - Create editorial calendars and personalized publications. - Contests and campaigns.

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Learn and execute profitable corporate marketing campaigns on Facebook with live support.

My teaching method covers anybody who has an intermediate level knowledge about Facebook to someone who is at a beginner level. I try to make things simpler, make you understand things in different way thus making sure it retains into your mind. Since the Facebook's platform is same for all. I'll be covering everything right from setting up an ad account to becoming a pro.

Porto San Giorgio
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Graduating in Marketing and Business Communication proposes web marketing lessons at Fermo

The lessons, lasting 1h: - are aimed at all people who want to pursue a career in the world of digital marketing or who need to manage the web marketing of their business - they will take place on Skype, in spaces such as coworking or at the student's home (arranging transport costs) - will have a personalized program based on needs

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Social Media Manager offers lessons to teach you how to conquer the world of the web

- My lessons are aimed at everyone, from the youngest who want to appear in the world of the web with awareness, to the youngest I want to stay updated on the latest news. I also appeal to owners of small / medium businesses who want to implement their business online but fail to get the results they want. - I am available at home lessons but also via Skype.

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Grow your Instagram with thousands of organic followers with this in-depth course

Target group for courses: All with 4000 followers or less. The course is divided into 2 different groups: A course for those who have less than 1000 followers and one for those who have less than 4000 followers. (It is important that you provide this information before we get started) Method of instruction: Teaching is done on Skype or Google Hangouts, in front of the PC / mac.

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Student in Delhi University gives tuition for basic computer and internet related things.

I approach my students from point zero. I believe in teaching them from the basic. I believe that they don't know anything in the subject I will teach them. For me, while starting they are equal to zero for me.

Canvey Island
Amy louise
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College student with 5 years blogging experience and a passion for aesthetics

I tutor online and I can tutor anyone, but I specialise in teenagers from the age of 15 to 17 (and I am a teenager myself). I am quite a theory based teacher, but I do include practical elements where necessary.

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CA by Profession, Love to Teach and help people learning things specially with Computer, Internet

My teaching method is one to or group both as I have taken both types of classes. I have taken part time Advance Tally classes with college level students. I have done home tuition as well for basic computer course and Tally course.

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Learning the media, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Expand the knowledge you have.

The lessons will be based on a question and answer basis, ask questions and express your thoughts towards the social media of your choice and I will provide with extra knowledge and create a more user friendly image in your mind to help.

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Facebook ads and everything social media marketing- own my own agency, sell on Amazon. Let me help you grow your business

-My classes will focus mainly on the top 3 social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, and Google. However, I can answer questions regarding other platforms. I will approach each topic with the expectation that the class has no prior knowledge of the subject, and we can advance faster as the class says.

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Digital Marketing to work in international companies online and Management of social networks for remote clients

The course will prepare you to work in the multiple companies that are looking for online marketing experts for USA and to evaluate the competences and develop SEO, SEM and Social Networks strategies with support material written with online classes via Skype.

(3 reviews)
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With Sandy, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and social networks will have no secrets for you! Paris and IDF

/// How the course will happen? The course will happen theoretically also to assess the level with the discussion, but especially a lot of practice and it will be based on your type of computer: Mac or PC with the scenario to go up autonomy gradually as needed and levels.

Potts Hill
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COmputer professional teaching all about facebook ads from basic to advanced features. Pixels,targeting etc

I believe in practical approach rather than theory. I will show you the Facebook ads creation, set-up, audience research live through screenshare, different types of ads, things you should avoid. I will show by creating few ads on my new ad account. what will be the cost, how ads get delivered, how do we fail etc.

Altona Meadows
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Digital media specialist gives lessons on computer & online media to high school and uni students in Melbourne

My first priority is to simplify the subject for the student as much as possible as each student has a different way to learn and visualise teachings. I base my classes on what subject the student wants to learn more.

South Perth
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Professional Digital Content Creator and Strategist gives lesson in social media growth and engagement.

I create tailored classes for you, depending on your skill levels, experience and style of learning. I don't believe in quick fixes or gimmicks, I believe in giving you skills and tools to see real results and growth. Social media is a powerful tool that everyone can learn.

New Delhi
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To learn from me you will have to unlearn what you know first.

It can be offline and online class. A regular interaction is a must to learn anything in life whether it is from nature or from a teacher. Moreover, learning is a never-ending process. I teach from my experience and help you gain experience through hands on. Gradually you will feel everything is easy to learn in life.

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Learn Digital Marketing from the Comfort of Your Home. ONLINE | LIVE | INTERACTIVE

My method of teaching is very simple i.e. to keep everything practical. I believe theory doesn't build skills and to really build skill one has to practice play on the ground to gain experience. Therefore, after each session, there are practical exercises and assignments to complete.

Jardim Aurelia
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With 24 classes guaranteed success in Instagram for physical, online and Influencers business!

My classes have written material and practical exercises to apply on time in your business. With my fulltime accompaniment during mentoring. The difference in lessons and mentoring is that the mentor will make you really learn what is being taught, with coaching tools, and goals to be achieved.

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