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Former master's student and honours graduate teaches and tutors in political science and filmmaking

My methods are tailored to either the individual or group needs of my students so that they can develop their personal talents and skills. They range from a structured lecture to seminar to flexible comprehensive one-on-one tutoring and teaching.

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Tutoring to help you understand classes about people and society, and help you write great essays

Whether you're overwhelmed or just a little lost, my university experience helps me share relevant info to fill in gaps, and help you gather the right information for learning. We'll chat about your struggles, and I'll focus first on the most urgent barriers. I'll encourage you and point out what you're doing right.

Halton Hills
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Journalism student gives lessons to students majoring or taking similar courses in school

As a Tutor, I can be very understanding and I am very thorough with my lessons and the homework that I assign to my individual students. I assess students based on how they perform and that is how I chose to accommodate their work load as well as their work difficulty during the sessions the content for the course.

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A person with practical experience to share it with aspirants and budding journalists

My methology is to teach the students as per their comfort zone and by making the basics clear with relevant examples

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Political Studies/Philosophy Honours Undergrad teaching history,English and other humanities subjects in Peterborough, ON

I understand the importance of getting students to engage with the content studied as well as making it applicable to real-life situations. I realize that everyone learns differently, and am flexible and willing to create unique lesson plans and methods of study based on how each student learns best. I am organized, professional and detail-oriented.

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Doctorate in Journalism and Mass Communication to teach all about Communication field

My teaching method is student friendly and I believe in creating a strong and reliable bond between student and teacher. I make use of day to day examples and experiences in order to make my students understand a particular topic.

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Communications, Social Media and PR professional (MA degree) gives classes in Montréal

My teaching methods vary depending on the student. I mould my classes based on your needs. I approach your questions with flexibility and we will work together to solve problems. Technology is a big part of my world and it will be a big part of my classes.

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History teacher gives history of philosophy and general history classes in Montreal

His teaching style is catered to the student's needs with a depth of knowledge from which to draw. This allows him to engage in role playing games to demonstrate the dynamics of a given historical event. Brandon is able to teach all ages of students.

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English, History and EFL/ESL teacher with 22 years experience gives lessons In Montreal or online!

My teaching method is student-centered. Students don't all learn in the same way: so many of us are visual and hands-on learners and find it difficult to just listen to the teacher or read a textbook and remember information.

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Decrypt news and enrich your general knowledge with a pro journalist !

Hello ! info channels 24/24, newspapers, social networks, websites, RSS feeds, newsletters, press ... You're struggling to find your way in the avalanche of information that falls on you every day? You'd like to get better understanding of the current events and the world around you ? I am here to help.

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The art of beautiful content creation with research, writing and imagery in BS4

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work with all stages of creating amazing traffic that aims to meet all objectives and go beyond the mundane. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress, I will help you to learn the difference between passable and successful content.

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Cambridge student offering English Literature, Art History, History and/or Politics lessons in London.

I base my classes concretely around the individual student by primarily identifying their key areas of interest in either English Literature, Art History, History and/or Politics. I then assess the student's knowledge of the subject area i.e.

Cape Town
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Communication Science student (final year) here to help you with the basics!

I prefer to teach with a student lead approach. We will focus primarily on what interests you first and build from there to improve your interest and engagement with the subject. I also enjoy providing tools for self-study, and self-motivation.

T r
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Lectures in creative writing, editing and print and magazine journalism by Bangalore-based Former editor, The Week magazine, India's leading English news weekly.

Experience based teaching, interactive sessions mainly not long lectures, explaining good journalism, good writing and good editing based on my personal experience, some techniques for ensuring good stories and work systems now common in newsrooms, how newsrooms work, a comprehensive picture of the world of news and news journalism. Focus on print journalism.

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Teacher with 25 years experience offers online tutoring in English, writing, history and test preparation.

My methods involve making lessons highly relevant to student personal experience. I like to use music, art and a lot of different media (like YouTube videos) in my teaching. I also like to constantly assess student progress and give very clear feedback.

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"Journalist with six years of experience holding a post-graduate diploma in European and International Politics, offering; media, communication, journalism, politics and feminism lessons in London"

I am an easy going experimentalist who wants to share her knowledge with anyone who wants to improve themselves in communication studies and politics. My teaching techniques/method is based on practical work and includes discussion. I always try to engage the students in the topic. If applicable I like using Socratic Method.

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Psychology and Criminology graduate with extensive marketing, design, communications and PR experience

I believe that anyone can learn anything if it's taught in a way that is right for them. My teaching style first aims to learn how YOU learn to discover the best way for your to remember things in a fun and friendly environment.

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College communications instructor with over 15 years experience in news media gives journalism, civics, and government lessons in the greater Nashville area.

I am an experienced educator with a master's degree in Communication Arts. I believe in instructing students about current events and how government and media works by immersing themselves in the various types of traditional and new media, and by using classroom and online methods to explore, identify, and understand the world around us.

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Social Science Instructor with experience teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago

I dismiss my students by saying "go make mistakes". I believe that students are taught to adhere to social norms thus causing them to suppress their voice. Making mistakes provides opportunities for self-exploration and growth. During my time as a teaching assistant and public speaking instructor, I have found that students are typically driven by grades.

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Journalist with more than 20 years experience offers unique journo skills and English lessons

My teaching method is based on a personal approach with interviewees to get the real story behind the story. My lesson structures are basic and will teach students about the basics of the field and I start at the beginning.

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A PhD student in media and cultural studies offering lessons in communication, media and journalism related couses for over ten years.

My teaching method empasises on student centred approach to learning and I believe strongly in students participating in the learning process. My method includes but not limited to exploring examples from real life situation in order to explain a concept to students so that they can have a good grasp of my teaching.

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Monash University Journalism Masters Graduate to give journalism related lessons to students in Melbourne

Journalism subjects need to be taught both theoretically and practically. I plan to teach my students in a combination of theory and practical as well. If it's a subject such as reporting or editing, I will give a theoretical knowledge alongside a practical assignment.

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Journalism Lecturer offering full training in all aspects of the media world.

Normally classroom based or one-to-one tutorials with a focus on vocational and practical skills and application of the subjects taught. To give students the ability to actually practice working Journalism in the real World and provide them with the skills they need.

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Journalist and author with 15 years experience gives tuition to communications and journalism students.

My classes are fun and engaging and help you to relax and work to your strengths. I base my classes on real world experience, honing in on your immediate needs and bringing you to a place of confidence and support. Everyone can learn these skills. We just need a caring and supportive learning environment to bring out the best in each of us.

Narayana swamy
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A perfect Teacher starts the lesson with Human values.Who can motivate & inspire the Students, he will become the best Teacher. Wish to show a new path for future great citizens.

Students are for a quickly-changing future, that will require uniquely human skills, adaptability, a knack for asking the right questions. Right answers will change the future of students.Teaching methodology nurtures learning environment to encourage students to learn at higher levels. Instructional strategies are student-centred.

New Delhi
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Published author and researcher available to teach History to +2, undergraduate, postgraduate

I try to be friendly with my student in order to ease out the pressure. Subject should be taught in the language which comes out from the daily experiences not through the academic jargon that one finds in the University level books.

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Film, Radio and Television Student in Canterbury teaching media, film, television and communications!

I want to get to know you! and your passions in media and incorporating that into your work in order to make the work enjoyable.

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Recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. I am located in Columbus, Ohio and can tutor in Social Studies, Communications and other subjects.

My teaching method is to present students with information on a topic through notes and visuals to help drive home concepts and create understand of more difficult material. I also believe in being flexible with how I present material, and I can use recordings and videos to further help students who are more audio-visual learners.

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History university student offering tutoring in History, English Language and English Literature up to A2 Level

I provide lessons for students who are studying for both their GCSEs and A Levels. I would also happily provide tutoring for students that are struggling with either History or English at pre- GCSE, high school age. My teaching method relies heavily on variety.

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