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Teacher and Doctor gives private lessons in math and physics chemistry live or by webcam

Doctor in Physics and Teacher in math I'm Very pedagogue according to my students I am patient and very motivating I give courses via webcam or directly to my student Success guaranteed by following my programs My students find confidence in them working with me

Santa Mônica
(2 reviews)
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Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering UFU and Masters in Physics giving private lessons in Physics, Mathematics, Calculus and other dissipates

My teaching method is the construction of knowledge throughout the classes and training with proposed exercises, identifying the student's basic knowledge deficits and correcting them, providing a solid knowledge for the students to achieve their desired objectives .

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Engineering Student. I teach: Maths, Physics, Sciences, Computer Science, English from Middle School to First Year Undergraduate

Recent Bachelor in Engineering I am fascinated by science, technology but also by culture. Understanding and use of science is essential today and I wish to convey my knowledge and methods to younger students from Middle School up until University.

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Understand and succeed in Maths. Professor passionate, methodical, patient and very available!

Hello, I passed the CAPES (46 out of 300 national rank) there two years and I prepare the assistance of aggregation. I offer lessons for all levels, individual or in groups, at home or at home. I conveyed, so I can get around.

Rio de Janeiro
(17 reviews)
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Physics Mathematics Rio de Janeiro West Zone UFRJ free attentive intelligent dedicated

I use the methodology of Edgar Amorin (UNESCO) in the 7 knowledge of the education of the future. Based on a harmonious education between content and responsibility with the social. I create situations so that the learning happens in a light and soft way. Not much fun, but adapted to the student.

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Assistant at EPFL gives private lessons in Geneva from Wednesday to Saturday

I practice regular support at EPFL and also work as a private tutor for students in the scientific branches of the canton of Geneva. I practice regular support at EPFL and also work as a private tutor for students in the scientific branches of the canton of Geneva.

Rio de Janeiro
(6 reviews)
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Mathematics and Physics courses for students of High School and Engineering with student of Master in Engineering by UFRJ

So, guys ... let's go ... I'm a mechanical engineer from UFRJ and I'm currently finishing my master's degree from there. In the course of this time, I ended up having to adapt to different teaching practices (like any student of engineering rs) and I was able to develop a more practical vision of learning, focused on the assimilation of contents.

(6 reviews)
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Doctor of the University of Lille 1 and Paris Sorbonne University offers courses in physics, chemistry and math for bachelor and university students. I am located in Lille

I hold a Master in Physics, a PhD in physical chemistry. Being a teacher at the university, I put at your disposal impeccable methodology for monitoring that i regulary develop . I focus on solving exercises to increase your chances of success.

(6 reviews)
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Professor of Science (mathematics, physics and chemistry) in and around Montpellier. Currently teaching at Acadomia for high school seniors S.

Dear students, My name is Jaouad HAIDA and I offer lessons in mathematics, physics and chemistry in Montpellier for cheap and very good teaching. I just got my master's degree in Montpellier. I followed the way of teaching since long time, at different levels. Because I love teaching. And Nowdays, I'm working with 16 students and often more.

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BA in Economics and Biosciences from ITESM. I am passionate about teaching and I can help you pass exams in Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Physiology, etc.

I like to be very practical and teach through examples. Also, because I have a lot of experience doing or answering exams, I usually explain by putting at the same time standard questions that I know teachers can put to you.

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Credentialed Teacher with 2+ years of in-class teaching experience offering math lessons in algebra, precalculus, statistics and more

I believe in personalized educational support tailored to a student's particular needs. I enjoy working collaboratively with students to meet their goals--taking advantage of their academic strengths and improving their areas of growth. My classroom teaching experience allows me to use proven teaching techniques beyond typical tutoring.

(13 reviews)

Member of EPFL gives efficient Mathematics courses for all levels in Lausanne

Hello, I give Math courses in Lausanne to understand better and train you. I take up the challenge with simple methods :) It involves understanding in depth, so as to find the exercises easy. I can help at any level.

(20 reviews)

Private lessons for students of the Geneva College, private schools and universities

Professor of Mathematics and Physics and Computer Science for college levels of Switzerland, or until second year of university, high school, entirely dedicated to home schooling, I offer courses to students of any level, motivated, ready to invest, wishing to make considerable progress in mathematics and physics and computer science.

São Paulo
(2 reviews)
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Aerospace Eng: Mathematics / Calculus / University / Higher in São Paulo

Professor of Mathematics and Physics teaches classes for students of elementary school, middle and upper (Differential and Integral Calculus, ODEs and PDEs) plus Engineering course subjects such as the Finite Element Method and Introduction to MatLab.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
(5 reviews)
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PhD student, Associate Physics provides instruction in mathematics to spec, Physics and Chemistry to L3

Hello, I am a graduate in physics, with aggregation and entered into dissertation on November 1 in Grenoble. The method I use is to understand in depth to bypass blockages students. In addition, I propose that we solve adapted exercises together. For the rest, I can offer some physical books suited to their level if they want to continue to progress with a third carrier.

(4 reviews)
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Post-graduate Mathematics teacher with 5 years of experience provides online tutoring for college students

I am a 32 years old math teacher, I'm graduated with honors in Mathematics.

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Dedicated Raleigh Algebra Tutor With a Smile! :) Eager to expand student's skills

I am a firm believer that teaching requires patience. My worst fear is someone feeling too uncomfortable to ask me a question they have. I make it a priority to make students feel safe and comfortable during our sessions, and treat them like a best friend versus just a student.

(7 reviews)
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Private lessons at home math, physics, chemistry and biology in brussels

Maths physical chemistry and all high school students jusquen Retho I'm usually a little summary of the course before exercise of the smallest level jusquau jusquau more difficult by insisting on small traps that might be tempting to give a pro exam or linterro.

Paris 8e
(18 reviews)

Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Computer Science / French private lessons by a Maths PhD

I give private lessons in Maths / Physics / Chemistry / English / IT for over 5 years with many results particularly in Terminale S, Maths Sup / Spe. I am fully aware of the program and I can help you with your homeworks, revisions, grade promotion and training. I'm listening to my students and I can adapt my methods to help them succeed and to love the subjects I teach.

São Paulo
(16 reviews)

Teacher of Mathematics and Mathematics for test! tutoring, ESMS-Police-FCC-CChagas-Vunesp) and others tests

Higher Education Studying in Mathematics, Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of São Paulo (4th semester). Experience in monitoring, call and classes for elementary school students (former 5th to 8th grade) and high school students (former 1st to 3rd high school).

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Student of AEROSPACE ENGINEERING gives science lessons in Gracia, Eixample or Sant Gervasi

I try to bring concepts closer to the person, since any topic may like if it is explained properly. Science can sometimes be tough, but with exemplifications and dealing with the subject in an entertaining way, much can be achieved. I do not like to leave the knowledge on the air without thinking about the receiver.

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Tutoring for 11+ and GCSE in Maths and Chemistry and any other help

I aim to give the most useful tools to help increase learning efficiency and ensure ease of learning and encouraging improvement. I can teach anyone if any ability whether it be small or large changes needed.

(7 reviews)

Young teacher gives tutoring in mathematics and physics solo or small group

My private lessons are primarily based on a relationship of trust between the student and the teacher. For this, I assume that a person who contacts me for private lessons engages in regular support over the year to advance his notes, and do not contact me urgently to do an exercise or review an exam.

Paris 11e
(6 reviews)

Associate Professor (Phd ) gives courses from high school till master in Paris

I commit to level the pupils, through simple but effectives methods (point by point recovery course and many exercises), I also take care of good students who want access to excellence in teaching them to avoid all the traps classic BAC or contests. My rates are 40E / h for secondary and 50 I / h for higher education (prépas, DEUG) I accept the CESU.

(21 reviews)

Personnal Lessons in mathematics on the 78 - 4th Tale S-ES and contest preparation

During home math 6th to Terminal on the 78 and 95. 15 years of experience, patent preparation, Terminale S, T, L and O, contests IUFMs preceptorship of students enrolled in CNED. Pedagogy assured and strong involvement in the methodology. I travel home on the 78 (Mantes, Poissy, St Germain en Laye), and some 95 days. Possibility of group lessons. Rates: 28 euros / h.

(9 reviews)

Teacher / professional to science lessons and tutors twenty years of experience.

Professional degree in engineering and physics. Interest in teaching in general, with training carried out on adult learning techniques, and training activity mostly university students or young high school students. a tutor where required, during the course of 'school or university year. He made lessons either in the home, but also via Skype to optimize times and distances.

Città metropolitana di milano
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Long Time Teacher of Mathematics and Statistics offers lessons in Milan (Sempione area) or online via Skype

I am a longtime professor of mathematics and economics. I teach high school and university students of various addresses and faculties, mathematical and statistical subjects. I work effectively online via Skype or other platforms or at my home in Milan, Sempione area. My students speak about the quality and honesty of my service.

(3 reviews)
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Environmental Engineering student teaches math and chemistry classes for high school students

My teaching methodology is focused entirely on addressing the issues the student most needs on a coherent and strong basis. I try to follow the content in a structured and linear way, leaving no topic out. At the end of the lessons you will have all the necessary theoretical knowledge and will be able to solve the proposed exercises easily.

Menino Deus
(7 reviews)
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Tutoring / Private lessons / Tutor for you or your child !

My methodology is simple. I start the lesson by asking questions to the student in order to measure his/her knowledge and doubts. After measuring it, I like to use white A4 sheets or white frame board with brushes to better explain it. After the explanation, I like to launch examples and activities for the student. I like to use every day metaphors to facilitate the understanding.

(3 reviews)
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Advance the results of your child with individualized support post-bin College maths

Associate Professor of Mathematics / Physics and Chemistry / SI graduate and experienced / Serious and effective / educational monitoring The observed and quantifiable results in perfect, consolidate knowledge Acquire methods for optimal acquisition of points consolidate its gains and make the time to reconsider notions Each course is customized and consider the needs of the student.

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