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Student Teacher gives History, Social Science, English and Elementary Math lessons in Ottawa

I approach the teaching subjects with structure and flexibility to teaching the material to different grade levels. A typical class will have a short lecture on the material and some fun and hands-on activities to ensure the student gets the most out of their learning.

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Hi! I'm a second year Honours History student, hoping to gain teaching experience for a career in the education field. I offer lessons and help in history, music, and all elementary school subjects!

I have several years of experience aiding and teaching special needs children and adults. I find that the traditional methods of teaching, such as lectures and verbal cues, aren't as effective as one-on-one contact and demonstrations, and I strive to make sure that both are incorporated in my teaching styles.

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Most likely and easy keybaord singing piano lessons for all the ages.

My teaching methods are very good and I always try to convey my thoughts to others to get lessons easily.

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Graduated in History and with a Master in Cultural Management. English level C1.

We will try to explain the subject in a pleasant and direct way always trying to make the classes as fun as possible. We will begin by solving doubts and explaining the matter that has not been clear. We will carry out various practical activities (text comments, maps, etc.

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Student of History and Performing Arts, minister school tutoring classes for any series

My classes are directed mainly to those students (both Elementary School I and II, High School or Pre - college) who need a school reinforcement in the areas of History or Arts. Thus, my classes are flexible, designed to meet the student's difficulties.

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Violin student of Master of Music Instrumental Education does violin lessons - violin / in German, Spanish and English in Lübeck without age and with / without knowledge.

I use different method and exercises. The most important thing for me in teaching is not just that a student learns to play the violin, but I want to motivate someone to enjoy and understand the music. That's why I also teach a bit of music theory in every lesson.

Cidade Nova
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Teacher trained in the history of Elementary to Middle classes in Manaus.

In addition to being a professor I am a Historian graduated in 2018 at Nilton Lins Faculties, I have English from basic to advanced and fluent conversation level, I speak a little Spanish, my methodology is based on the concept of teaching the subject in books or also technological resources like films, documentaries, the application of audiovisual resources such as cinema, music and also...

Iate Clube Americana
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Professor of American History and region, well trained in History of Brazil and Contemporary

I am in the last year of the History course, and during graduation I accumulated a great bag of reading and knowledge. I have not yet taught classes, but I have had a great deal of pedagogical material, and for two semesters I have observed the lessons of a teacher of History of Elementary Education.

Basse del Brenta
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Diplomanda in Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Management passionate about English culture, humanities and science.

My lessons are based initially looking for what will be the key topic, using unconventional methods such as videos, films and stories to "stitch" the pupil's lesson on the basis of his method of memorization and his abilities. I try to make things easy that could be difficult.

João Costa
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Student of History Degree in the 3rd year of the course classes of human beings

My teaching method involves doing visual and written exercises, also having as a second option the exercise of hearing. I use questions relevant to college entrance exams that have already been used in such old federal or private exams, always seeking to evaluate from the student's ambition.

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I offer repetitions in HISTORY OF ART in the Thiene area and neighboring areas. In possession of a specialized degree and a lot of experience in teaching.

Critical issues Clarifying doubts. Since I believe that learning should be fun and most topics are really boring, I'm looking for the pet's interests. For art history of course, instead, pass through mages descriptions specifing temporal evolution; artists, historical context and movements at least the most important ones. CHOOSE ME ...

Buenos Aires
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Classes of music theory, harmony and history of music. Music for cinema, theater, documentaries.

If you have problems to approve music at school or if you are in conservatory and have doubts with theory, harmony, audioritmica. To develop your writing skills for cinema theater etc.

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Lessons in History and Philosophy. Milan . Graduated with honors in Philosophy.

I offer private lessons and repetitions of History, History of Music and Philosophy for students of secondary schools, high schools and universities (three years). The lessons aim to find an effective method of study that allows the acquisition of knowledge starting from the specific skills of each student. The starting point is the principles of Active Didactics.

Castelló de la Plana
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Spanish teacher for foreigners. I can also teach music (guitar and piano), geography.

Although it is not the teacher’s job to entertain students, it is vital to engage them in the learning process. Selecting a style that addresses the needs of diverse students at different learning levels begins with a personal inventory—a self-evaluation—of the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses.


HISTORY OF MUSIC: art_forms, popular, jazz, rock, electronic, improvised, acousmatic, expérimental, unusuals.., ... of the 20th and 21st centuries

I offer listening sessions and comparative analyzes to students or anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with different forms of musical and sound expressions, especially from the 20th and 21st centuries: art_forms, jazz, rock, electronic, improviser, avant-garde and new creative forms.

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Prof. Javan (Master in History) - Private History and News Classes in Uberlândia

Class according to the student's need and will. Public and ample space. Resolution of questions of vestibular, Enem, contests, among others. Professor with more than 10 years of experience and working in a large school in Uberlândia. Better history teacher ever LoL.

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Graduate of London School of Economics teaches philosophy and related topics in Guadalajara

The first aspect to consider is the studen´s goals (what is their purpose when taking the course?). Based on this, the first step is to establish a minimum program of studies and propose an estimated time during which this program is carried out. The student must agree with the estimated time.

João pedro
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Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Master's in History gives classes in humanities (philosophy, sociology, history, geography, art history and news)

Because of my training and pedagogical conviction, I highly value the transversality and interdisciplinarity; I think it is crucial that the student learn not only to accumulate knowledge but to relate it to each other and to their experience of the world.

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