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Music producer offering lessons to any aspiring producers in the London area

My method is to allow the student to grow into the lesson and create an environment that can facilitate this

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Hey Guys Want to learn how make music. Well you are in the right place. I'm Aditya Your Tutor for the Music Production Session. Here you'll learn the basics of music production to the advance level of

My methods are a very basic approach to everything that is needed in the tutorials. Even in rhe advance level, i will try to make all my session more interactive as possible and we'll all have some fun during this.

Algueirão-Mem Martins
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Classes of Music Production, Creation, Mix and Master in Lisbon. (12th year in Production and New Technologies of Music)

My teaching method is structured individually for each student, use and recreate my works, to always make a comparison with the initial and final project. I have some basic software that I prefer for my creations, which I always advise my students.

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Hii I Guys you can start your own music production whit use music maker

I well tell what is music how can we make beautiful music beat whit app or software I'm show you

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Learn how to produce music and be a real musician of your own kind

I believe music is in everyone... All you need to do is a little knowledge... A hit and try method ... To find out what sounds better on your beats.

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Creative music technology teaching how to use digital audio workstations and how to get the best out of your music!

My teaching method is show, watch, perfect, showing what to do, making the student do what I did and then any problems will be sorted out!

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Learn to Create Your Own EDM track. Start from the beginning to end

My methodolgy would be simple as from the point of basic beginners. Starting from choosing you Music Software which is also known as DAW(digital audio workstation) . Would be enough to make you come on the right route.

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Current studying engineering. I have some knowledge about EDM. I can teach u

Concentration should be a straight way. I can clear your doubts countless.

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Renowned Electronic Artist offering Music Production lessons using Ableton Live in London

Hi, l'm Kirk a committed, enthusiastic, hardworking person who is passionate about technology and learning. I give lessons with certificates. My techniques and my methods of instruction are structured from how I teach at leading Electronic Music Academies. Ive been told I am a great patient tutor.

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Young and professional music producer DJ Audio engineer Drummer looking for peeps in London

I'm a guy who can teach you things. Strictly casual, your results depends on your motivation so my goal is not only to teach you things, but to motivate you to do your own research after I left. Equipment will be provided as well as everything else that will be needed in during the lecture..

New Delhi
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Grab this opportunity and learn music production(EDM, commercial) at cost effective price.

I basically start from basic music theory .From inserting a kicks to making melodies,vocals, Everything.BECAUSE I MYSELF MAKE ELECTRONIC MUSIC AND KNOWS ENOUGH TO DROP A HIT.

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Trying to become the next Metro Booming and the next Pierre Bourne

My teaching method is that I like letting students lead themselves and being their for help if they need it.

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We Provide Music Management - About Welcome to my Music classes, switched-on, innovative music manager providing talented artists with everything they need to succeed in the music industry. learn how

We Provide Music Management - About Welcome to WeProvide Music Management, we’re a switched-on, innovative music management and creative collective providing our talented artists with everything they need to succeed in the music industry.

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Music Producer and Composer. Working as a musician for over 15 years. Graduate from Berklee College of Music

I always try and ask student's what music they like and if what style, genres, songs or artists they they are interested in learning. Based on that I try to build a curriculum in a way that I can teach production and composition techniques. This helps the student knowledge and understanding grow, as well as keeps the student engaged and interested.

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Music producer having 6 years of Industry experience ,signed to multiple labels and supported by artists from around the globe!

Well, I work according to my students need. Any help required will be always be rightly served. Basically I try to focus more on the basics of music technology, Notes, Parameters and then try to implement the applications. Always free for doubts.

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Learn Music Theory, Production and Preformance in Ableton Live from experienced artists in Bangalore. Contact for more details. Home tutoring available.

I teach how to make music which resonates your mood, how to put together your scattered musical idea/mood to the DAW and how to not fall into writer's block while producing. My methods are easy and simple, focusing mostly on individual's innate ability to resonate with sound and frequencies and guiding them towards finding their own style and sound.

Los Angeles
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Sony-signed music producer with 15+ years of experience teaching production and composition in LA

I structure classes around teahcing equipment, teaching how to use recording software, music theory, and how to use your ears to arrange and develop a sensibility for music production that will make ideas relevant in the music industry. I have a very scalable teaching style based on the goals set with each student.

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