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Piano and Sheet Music Tutoring by Music Student and Professional Piano Tutor

I teach any age and any play-ability. I am happy to coach someone who wants to be classically trained although I am not fully classically trained myself. I have been playing the piano for about 13 years now, although I am from America so have no official qualification of this.

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Music Student from Chepstow giving Piano Lessons at beginner level to all ages

I teach by first finding out what the student knows then working with that to build a complete understanding of the keyboard including notes, scales, chords and teaching pieces as the learner progresses. As a tutor I am very patient and kind and enjoy encouraging students to do the best they can.

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Dynamic Piano / Keyboard Teacher located in Hertfordshire, professional and teaching experience

Having taught over 250 students, I have refined a unique pedagogical method that allows students to relax, focus, and reach a very high standard in a short space of time. I will firstly find the individuals style and interests to ensure learning is both fun and productive.

Paris 5e
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Piano Lessons With A Concert Pianist Graduated From The National Conservatory Of Music In Paris

Graduated from the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, with over 10 years experience in teaching, I teach piano and music theory for children and adults, all levels.

Beth jane
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I am hoping that i can teach younger kids the piano mysteries!

I am Beth, I would like to give lessons to ages 9-14. I think this will be a good oppurtunity as i am 14 myself so i will bond with the kids i teach, teachings should be in stanley or near but not too far.

Reggio Calabria
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He graduated in piano and concert imparts instrument lessons and music theory (RC)

I teach piano lessons and keyboard based on endless musical genres, artists, songs and historical periods that students like and prefer. I like to see them take their first steps, the first fingers on the instrument in the first lecture. Condisco this matter practice that bit of theory needed for playing the instrument consciously.

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Singing lessons for gospel music for all people that believe in god

any questions (concealed information) contact me please i would love to teach whomever who like to be taught .

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Super experienced composer and trumpeter giving master class lessons to local London towns!

You will gain a high understanding of music through easy steps and regular assessments to show your rapid learning curve.

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Music lessons: organ, harpsichord, piano, chamber music, theory (solfège, musicianship, ear training), music history, interpretation coaching, discovery of the architecture laying behind music pieces

- All ages - All levels (from beginners to graduate students and professional musicians) - 1:1 Lessons, Lessons for Two, and Small Group Lessons available. Depending on the subject, courses can be conducted at my place, yours, or online (live and real time).

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Passionate musician with a bachelor's degree in Music offering piano and voice lessons in Boston!

If you are a student looking to develop a deep love and appreciation for the piano, I am the tutor for you! I will make lessons fun and interactive.

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Proficient pianist skilled in teaching at the beginner-intermediate level for children 4-Adult. My main focus and area of expertise is teaching piano to students as young as four!

My teaching style starts in encouraging ways of introducing the building blocks in becoming a pianist. I like to focus on basic music theory, but also enjoy incorporating music games, interactive piano apps, and other supplemental materials into my students lessons.

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Lic. In Musical Composition offers classes in solfege, musical initiation and piano

My teaching method is on free basis, adapted to the student and his level and approach ... my classes are based on learning through simple and complex melodies, up to more advanced sections and compositions in the end, solfege, composition, piano, etc. The approach to the subject is always adapted to the student.

Saint Ives
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Music A-Level student hoping to help others out there (through informal lessons).

If you wish to learn without aiming to enter grade exams, I'm the ideal teacher. I teach best through explainations and demonstrations but I will work accordingly depending on the student's preferences. Typically I would follow a moderately free structure as progress should be monitored to base lessons around. I'm an A-Level student and so I work best with younger people but I am flexible.

Los Angeles
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Professional composer offering composition, theory, guitar, and piano instruction to motivated students in Los Angeles.

I teach an integrated curriculum, where students develop a holistic understanding of their topic or instrument: Mastery of musical language or instrumental practice will come from understanding the history, context, and relevance of each subject and idea.

La Garenne-Colombes
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Private lessons of modern piano (jazz, blues, introduction to improvisation,...) for beginners

As a student at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, I propose to teach piano and / or keyboards (Rhodes, clavinet, synth ...) Ear Training, work on partition and ear, music theory (basic or not, it depends of you !), improvisations ... Many styles of music are possible! From blues to rock to funk and jazz...

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High School student with 4 years of musical experience ranging from Music theory to Musical Instruments (including voice)

I am a passionate music student, i give advice and lessons to struggling people in my class, and to other students who are confused about music (Freshman - Seniors).

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Music teacher with 8 years of experience of teaching voice, piano, and theory!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in music and have had students from 4 years old to adults. My teaching method is catered to each student. Everyone is different and while one method works for some, it might not work for others. My goal is to make each lesson enjoyable and easy for the student.

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Have taught literally hundreds of children and adults how to play the piano for 34 years.

I consider that I teach traditional piano lessons like my Russian trained mentor was trained. I totally emphasize sight reading and counting music and understanding the theory. I have played a couple of times at Florida State conventions and encourage my students to perform and have recitals for them to perform.

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Classical Pianist Available With Years of Performance Experience as soloist and accompanist

I firmly believe that regardless of the style of the music the student wants to learn, technical development is paramount. A good technique allows the student to learn music at a faster pace and when they see their own progress, it motivates them to practice better than any words that I could say to try and inspire them.

Carnon Downs
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Pianist and Harpist offering lessons in and around Truro, recent Degree in Music from Bath Spa University

Everyone learns in different ways and at different paces, this is what keeps teachers on their toes, and it is very interesting to watch and adapt our teaching from our perspective.

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Classical Pianist with 24 years experience offering piano and theory lessons in Calexico, CA!

I was taught with the Suzuki method, and while that methodology influences my teaching style, I strive to make my lessons more approachable with relevant songs and skills relevant to what my students want to accomplish in their musical endeavors.

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Lic. In music teaching, piano lessons, natural music learning, custom music lessons.

To be successful as a music student, discipline is worth more than talent. You have to learn to practice every day, but it is a learning that is acquired little by little, on that I focus my first lessons. The technical and the fun come later.

Cornellà de Llobregat
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Conservatory student at the Lyceum of Barcelona piano, music theory and musical production

It focuses on people who want to learn music from scratch or would like to build more agility around this specialty. I propose piano lessons, music theory and improvisation to get better fluency with the piano.

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Multi instrumental music teacher gives violin, cello and flute lessons in Oakleigh

I've played music all my life and I love it. I like nothing better than to help other music-lovers develop their skills! Come to me for individual lessons in my Oakleigh studio. We'll work together to get you where you want to go, whether that's a particular piece you want to achieve, or an exam, or just music for leisure.

Sant Pere de Ribes
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Economical piano / keyboard / singing classes are offered at home in the Garraf / Barcelona area.

After studying piano and singing in the MUSIC TALLERS, I started my professional career as a pianist in hotels and restaurants in Barcelona as HILTON BARCELONA. Later I started in the world of composition, creating songs for video games, short films, TV and music groups. I combine my work as a composer with the work of pianist in my own musical band and private piano lessons.

Los Angeles
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Professional pop and choral singer offering singing and piano lessons in Los Angeles

I give voice lessons to beginner and intermediate level students. If you're just starting and you feel like you don't know anything about music at all...

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University student with 8 years experience gives piano and violin lessons and music theory at home.

Hi, I am student at University of Huddersfield and although I am not studying music professionally I have been playing on violin, piano and singing for more than 8 years. I can give you basics understanding of how to efficiently read your parts and get you to the stage when you are not anymore afraid of showing you really can play anything.

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Special piano lessons / solfege addressed to children and to all levels adults

Piano teacher for 8 years with students of all ages and group levels of accomplishment. My teaching style encourages each child or adult, according to advance his musical potential. I strive to provide a pleasant learning environment for each lesson.

Ciudad de México
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Pianist and composer home teaches piano, composition, songwriting and music theory in Mexico City

Classes cater to students between 5-99 years old with no previous knowledge of music. Also for those who are at an intermediate level and / or advanced. The piano lesson is divided into 3 parts along a time: 1. Recognition and reading notes (recreational activities) 2. Technical 3. Repertoire class composition and songwriting in 4: 1. Theory and analysis of music 2. Resources musical composition 3.

Greater London
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Master student at the Royal College of Music. Experienced and dedicated tutor, able to teach in English and in French.

I am a current student and scholarship holder at the Royal College of Music, in the Master of Performance course in Piano. As a dedicated Piano Tutor with over 5 years of experience, I am keen to pass on the training I am receiving from the best musicians and pedagogues in London and Paris. The lessons are held at the pupil's house, in English or in French.

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