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Learning piano? Let's do it with the music YOU enjoy! Winnipeg, MB

Teaching is fun. Yes, there are exercises but if we work on WHAT YOU WANT it should be fun. I create a detailed plan for your development and we check it regularly to modify it according to your progress.

Spruce Grove
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Affordable piano lessons for beginners, by pianist with over 15 years musical experience.

My teaching approach is flexible, and laregly dependant on each individuals needs. I do not believe in rushing, but instead to be thorough and take time to make sure everything is understood. I try to combine theory and playing together to keep interest.

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Music teacher in Toronto with over4 years teaching experience in Hindustani music

Music is my passion and I enjoy teaching it . From beginner to advance level and to all age group. Music is food for the soul and it help relax you. Class is structured on individual learning ability and level .

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Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certified Piano Teacher Offering Online Lessons from Surrey, BC

From my 15 years experience as a Piano Teacher, I find that tailoring teaching methods according to the student's needs, personality, and learning styles is crucial. There is no such thing as a 1-size-fits-all when it comes to something as important as education.

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Opera singer with 18 years experience teaching music lessons: musical theatre, opera, piano and theory in Lethbridge.

I am here to help you learn more about whatever it is you are passionate about! I love to teach any age group but would highly encourage voice students to wait till around high school. I would recommend starting with piano or theory lessons for anyone younger than 14.

New Westminster
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I'm a Piano teacher with 15 years of experience teach piano and music theory lessons from Taiwan.

Piano/Theory Teacher living in vancouver, BC with 15 years experience. Bachelor of Music in piano from the Chinese Culture University, Taipei Taiwan. Classic piano and pop music, music reading and theory. On on one class. English/Mandarin speaking.

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A professional piano teacher with 25 years of experience provides piano lessons and music theory lessons to your home. Suzuki method,RCM curriculum, and keyboard playing. Ages: 4-year-olds to adults

Method: For kids, "pouring in"; and for adults, "drawing out" Children: Suzuki method; RCM curriculum or traditional method Children ages 4 to 10 years must be supervised by the parent. Teacher, child and parent form a triangle in the music learning process. All three people are needed to attain success in music lessons.

(4 reviews)
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Teaching Candidate with 13 years piano experience offering piano lessons to all ages, no experience required

I believe that learning is individualistic–no two students learn the same, and thus they shouldn't be taught using the same methods. Music, specifically, is a very personal experience for all, and I believe that when a teacher builds a connection with their students, a passion for learning will begin to grow.

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Experienced Piano and Voice Professor with Doctorate of Music and over 20 years of teaching experience

My focus is to create a truly unique and exciting musical learning environment for students of all ages ranging from beginner to advanced playing levels. Students are encouraged to set personal goals, and with my support to achieve those goals through a progressive personal plan I develop for them, in a safe learning environment that promotes personal growth.

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Piano Student Level 6 Loves to Teach Any Beginner at Any Age!

My teaching methods are learning the most basics of basics first, then adding on to each skill to effectively and efficiently grow their knowledge in piano, but at each person’s personal skill level. I base my classes in skill level and what each person wants to begin learning in. I also look into the person’s interest to help them love piano, and help them learn what they want to learn.

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Professional Musician to give Piano lessons in Montreal- Will travel to you

I like to tailor my teaching towards the individual student. I base my lessons on the goals of the student. While the goal is to facilitate learning music theory, I like to teach that through any style. Lesson length depends on the need of the student.

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Beginner Piano Lessons for RCM Levels 1-7 in Richmond BC, Level 10 credential

I aim to teach my students independent music learning that will enable them to read new music pieces with ease, transcribe their favorite songs, and play accompaniment.

Kai ming
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Professional pianist in Niagara Region providing private piano lessons and group lessons

My teaching methods vary as it depends on the students' ability of learning, methods will accommodate each students as each students have different kinds of needs and learning methods. The lessons I'm providing are professional which means that I will have high expectation on students.

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Royal Conservatory of Music Teacher giving piano and theory lessons in Kingston

I tailor each lesson to the student's needs, I strive to create an environment that is encouraging, upbuilding, and most importantly, fun. I want my students to know what I expect from them to able to do something today that they could not have done yesterday, making the impossible become possible.

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Piano Learning with Emma Limsana in Paris of the Prairies (Saskatoon), RCM Certified Level 9 Piano

I will speak with you directly and tailor your lessons towards either pop, or classical music. Whichever you prefer! I do require my students to learn how to read notes in music with me, and I also will teach you good piano technique regardless of pop music preference.

Richmond Hill
1st lesson is free!
1st lesson is free!

Arts Professional-Amateur with a knack for teaching. Both basic theory and ear training can be covered.

Method: Student picks a song and we simplify it (if necessary) until it can be understood. Following that, new musical concepts are introduced that allow for the student to play with more complexity.

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A well seasoned piano teacher with 30 plus years experience...preferring to teach Adults only

I teach one on one and tailor the lesson by the personality of the student and the students musical interests.

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Piano and voice teacher graduated from University of Ottawa. Beginner to advanced.

Depending on your level, I will direct you with relevant and formative material such as the royal conservatory method, etc.

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Easy Keys Beginner Piano Private Lessons in Collingwood and Surrounding Area (Experienced)

My teaching methods are based around beginners and fun. Learning piano should be easy, and it should not be stressful. Besides, the best learning in anything happens through discipline and enthusiastic practice, and this is not going to happen if the student does not enjoy what they are doing.

1st lesson is free!

Classical music pianist giver piano tutoring and theory in the Montreal area

I like giving lectures to students and presenting examples of the taught material. I particularly enjoy the more collaborating, interactive method of asking students to put in practice the taught material.

Port Perry
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Professional musician gives piano lessons to students of all levels and will help you learn any music you desire

It's important to me to cater to each student's learning needs. I teach with a holistic approach in that the student learns to be aware of their body and muscle use and incorporating that into their musical endeavours.

1st lesson is free!

Pre-Law student who has been playing music for 10+ years and has been teaching for music for 3 years of all levels.

My teaching methods are to teach foundation first and move on from there. Once the foundation is down, I usually work on technique and the body increase intensity.

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Fresh starter who age of five and above can be join or classes

My teaching methods based on age of the student and with more exercises.

(1 review)
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RCM-qualified pianist with 10 years of teaching experience giving piano and singing lessons in Ajax and surrounding areas

My teaching objective is to help you learn to play the piano, and to have fun while doing it! There is more to learning to play than just practicing scales (although those are important too!). I love to let my students choose their own songs to play, whether it be pop, rock, classical, country, Broadway, or any other genre they have interests in.

1st lesson is free!

Chinese/ English speaking piano teacher in Scarborough, Recital diplomas ATCL (Trinity College )

Make friends and have fun with students while taking things seriously. After each lesson I shall assign homework and practice routines. Require students to practise on their own during off-lesson time (practice makes perfect!).

1st lesson is free!

Experienced piano teacher, lessons available for kids and teens in the KW area

I believe that children should not just learn classical music but songs that they listen to in order to keep them engaged and interested in learning piano

1st lesson is free!

Years of piano experience would love to help children in Brandon Manitoba

I base lessons on the different struggles each student presents. I try and make each lesson fun but still knowledgeable.

Richmond Hill
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Piano teacher who can teach from ages 6 onwards. Can teach beginners with fundamentals of music and play piano.

I teach with creativity and dynamic approach in presenting music. I make a step by step hands on piano and introduce music with excitement.

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Perfect! Kiana is an excellent piano teacher. She is very competent, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, professional and extremely nice. She adapts the class based on your interest, level, and how you learn. She has a lot of experience teaching and of course...

Diana, Student
2 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Very good teacher. Fixed my pronouciation problems and I can tell my boice is growing. My usuable range is now from g#4 to d#5. She also responds to any further questions you may have regarding the voice. Highly recommended especially if you speak...

Rickey, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I really enjoyed my first lesson with Roya and am now in the middle of a package of ten lessons! Roya is patient, timely and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.

Janice, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She is a great teacher, I will be going back and continue to learn from her.

Kayla, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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