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Los Angeles
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Top Trilingual Hollywood Vocal Coach and Film Songwriter with 15 years of experience

I have developed my own vocal technique method that shows results even after the first week of training! Besides English, I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. I work as a songwriter for Hollywood film and tv series productions. My expertise is teaching contemporary singing.

(8 reviews)

Alexandra - Fulwood - Singing

I teach flute, singing and music theory lessons to all ages and abilities. Choose to study with me to receive tailored, individual tuition and be part of a supportive musical community that meets regularly to play, perform and have fun! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach flute, singing and music theory lessons. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Solfeggio for all ... industrialize the solfeggio and the notions of musical theory with an organic program and accessible to everyone

I am Angelo, a pianist graduated at the conservatory with the highest marks, praise and special mention with national and international musical experience. My Solfeggio lessons are aimed at all people interested in learning the matter from scratch and to fill gaps. An effective yet simple method supported by special learning techniques.

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Experienced college music major gives beginner vocal and instrumental music lessons online and from home

I am a first year music major at Iowa State University. I am classically trained both vocally and instrumentally with six years of previous instruction. I believe that music can change someone's life, and I want to be able to reach out and help others achieve any goals they may have.

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Teach how to read music and write music. Also teach vocals,guitar and keyboard

I am a teacher with experience of 2years+ the reason I choose to teach is because it is always good to share the knowledge you have for someone else to acquire. Hence this is the reason I teach in a very understanding and friendly manner.

(1 review)
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Music and French student gives vocal, violin and saxophone lessons to pupils in Guernsey and Durham

I am a first year Music and French student at Durham University but I spend my holidays in my home island of Guernsey. I have grade 8 distinction in singing, violin and alto saxophone and have experience in tutoring 9-13 year olds in violin and saxophone.

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Certified professional singer in Mentoring, with 23 years of musical experience, dictates personalized classes of vocal technique and interpretation in Bogotá

Through a personalized methodology and starting from the parameters of Mentoring, the student describes their objectives and purposes, discovering their potential and working from their expectations in the development of their primary interest and at the rhythm of their daily activities.

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Professor of Music with formation on USC, I teach guitar lessons, musical initiation, music history, music theory, among others.

I'm a teacher of music in Bauru-SP, with 6 years of experience in private lessons, ranging from lessons in popular guitar, music theory, music history, solfege, children music, etc. For adult students I use handouts created by me and also Osvaldo Lacerda musical theory book. For the children I use as base Teca Alencar de Brito, Isolde Mohr Frank, among other authors.

(1 review)
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Classical singing lessons by active soloist in opera, oratorio and song. Conservatory education in the Netherlands and Germany.

Since my studies at the conservatory, I regularly give singing lessons to amateurs. In the course of my career, colleagues have also come to me for insightful support. You get singing lessons in the classical method, old-fashioned and tailored to everyone individually.

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Let us enjoy Carnatic classical music together and learn it with enthusiasm!

I think getting involved in the concept as such is more important, whether you learn a whole song in a day or even a stanza or a word it should bring joy to you,then it's considered as learning,if not it's not worth spending the time.

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Highly successful teacher, musician and songwriter providing bespoke tuition in a variety of musical area's

My methodology centres around the school of growth mind set. I emphasise the development of learning through failure which in turn helps with mental well being and galvanisation of mental strength. I continually measure progress and impact of teaching by gathering data for both myself and student to identify skills and knowledge gaps.

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Professional Italian Opera Singer offering Vocal Coaching, music and language lessons in Brighton and Hove

My lessons are based on mastering the control of the voice with several vocal exercises, the study of arias/songs based on the student attitude, needs or repertoire, language and pronunciation (Italian, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Latin).

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XFactors He Knows She Knows Vocal Coaching and Rap Tuition offering 1 on 1 or Group Sessions

We like to get a feel for each client as everyone is different. We base the classes from there purely from the discussion we've had. We aim to develop you as far as you would like to go. With a lengthy background of the industry and a wealth of knowledge were sure to help you on the way.

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Learn Hindustani classical,in a simple yet very effective way. Learn it in just 6 months.

Teaching music has three part, evolution,feel and need to know principal. So I cover everything from a start to end.

Ciudad de México
Ana paola
(7 reviews)
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Learn to sing and enjoy being on the stage. You will be the king of karaoke!

I teach singing through the Italian method, on the first classes we will see the bases of breathing and relaxation plus some vocalizations. Once this is somewhat advanced, we will work on the songs and the style that you want to develop: opera, musical theater, pop, ranchero, etc.

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Teaching basic guitar in Joburg to those who've dreamed of playing it

I am a private guitar teacher who offers guitar teaching to anyone interested in learning. The method of teaching includes an illustration of the components of guitar, laying foundation of strings and chords, progressing to playing songs in good time.

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Study Piano with the founder of PianoBike, the only one on wheels in Brazil!

I believe that the main role of the teacher in today's world, where knowledge is so easily accessible, is that of acting as a FACILITATOR, helping the student in 3 key points: Organization and methodology of study; filter the knowledge found on the internet; instigate the student to seek his own improvement.

(2 reviews)
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Musician having 12 years of experience into Hindustani Classical and Light music. Gives classes at home as well as online.

I believe that the blend of traditional as well as modern method of music learning is the most effective way to learning music.

São Bernardo
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Orchestra musician offers classes on subjects related to music, music history and instruments.

I try to work always on the most basic of music, what the notes are, how they work, chords, scales, and so on. I have knowledge in wood, keys and strings, being able to work with Sax, flutes, clarinets, guitars, violins and keyboards, either in how to play them or musical theory.

Cape Town
(6 reviews)
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1st lesson is free!

Fun Music student offering singing lessons up to university level in PE.

My name is Bathini from Cape Town currently living in Port Elizabeth. When training or trying to teach a song you warm up the voice, explain the song or let your student go on a deeper search about the song so that they understand it before they get to sing it.

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Enthusiastic Opera Singer with Music Education degree and 10 years of experience

Hello! Are you an adult that has always wanted to learn the piano or how to read music? Does your kiddo have an interest or love of music that you want to foster? Let me tailor your music learning experience to meet your needs! Whether you are a beginner to piano or flute or an experienced singer, I would love the opportunity to work with you and develop your skills on a level you are comfortable...

(8 reviews)
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Classical, Musicals and Pop Singing lessons by Mechanical Engineer Working at Rudrapur. Having certificate of Singing from Trinity college of london.

My teaching method is to first work on basics with full focus then keep on working for advance techniques.

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If you're looking for a singing coach to help you with your vocals, we're a match!

I approach the topic by learning a little bit about you and what you would like to achieve with this class. Once I know we're on the same page with your goals, we can go ahead and start practicing vocals. I would be best if you have a sample song in mind.

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Passionate vocalist offering singing lessons to any and all that love to share their passion for music through song!

My teaching method is very relaxed and easy, I like to have fun and explore all the realms of music. I would always prefer to let my student pick the song they are most passionate about, as this will motivate them to get creative and try new techniques. I will always start with a gentle warm up to get the voice ready before going into the song.

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Songwriting and musicianship student offering music/ songwriting/ expressive arts sessions/ lessons in Bristol.

My teaching methods are expressive, therapeutic and liberal in a creative sense. I aim to encourage my students to experiment with a variety of techniques involving different strategies. I can cover more specific subject matters such as songwriting, guitar techniques (acoustic or electric) or vocal techniques.

Virginia Beach
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A Devoted 18 year old Professional Singer gives fun Trained vocal lessons.

Because each student has their own uniqueness to their voice, my teaching methodology varies based on the individual. By listening and paying attention to each of my students different vocal abilities, we identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the voice, and go into catered techniques the singer can use. In my classes, we focus on Pronunciation, Vowels, Pitch, Tone and Quality.

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Pursue an art to find the artist in you and showcase your talent

Firstly I like to know the level of understanding and knowledge that the student have. Based on that I model my teaching technique. I prefer to master the basic skills and then I introduce the advance skills to the students. This way one can perform any kind of art with excellence.

Pearces Creek
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Performer and Songwriter offers Private and Group Singing and Songwriting Lessons at Home

My lessons are based on the learning goals of my students. Each person has a different approach to music, a different understanding of it, and something different to give to music. I work with students to both help them realise and unlock this.

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. University music student gives singing lessons in Brighton at home .

I focus my classes on the specificity of each of my students and their goals, so we can find the best option to achieve them.

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Perfect! Kiana is an excellent piano teacher. She is very competent, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, professional and extremely nice. She adapts the class based on your interest, level, and how you learn. She has a lot of experience teaching and of course...

Diana, Student
2 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent vocal instructor with focus on good technique and breath support. He recommended a number of useful exercises to work on to achieve my goals.

Em, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Very good teacher. Fixed my pronouciation problems and I can tell my boice is growing. My usuable range is now from g#4 to d#5. She also responds to any further questions you may have regarding the voice. Highly recommended especially if you speak...

Rickey, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Comment from my 13-year-old son (Sean's student): "My teacher, Sean, has done a good job of teaching me how to analyze music in my opinion. He asks me questions to make sure I understand what we’re doing as well as answering any questions I have....

Carol, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Mr Croteau has an incredible depth of insight into the technical and psychological underpinnings of singing. His patience, creativity and vast experience make the learning process very enriching.

Matt, Student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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