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Rocky River
(2 reviews)
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Intervention specialist looking to tutor any grade or subject - over 27 years experience , friendly , knowledgeable and compassionate

I can help anyone ! Have worked in urban environments plus suburban . Love all children and teens , and adults .

Dalgety Bay
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Further Education professional offering tutoring in core skills subjects to National 5 level

My teaching method is student centred, I tailor my teaching delivery to my students needs. I use differentiated instruction to help my students achieve the best possible outcomes.

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1st lesson is free!

Qualified Teacher and Specialist SEN tutor with years of experience with anxious children. Online or at home in Salisbury.

I have a child centred approach. I will spend time getting to know your child and assessing their needs. Iw ill then develop a bespoke programme of activities to support them to make progress and reach their potential.

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Special Education Academic and Swim Teacher for 1on1 or group learning - Perth

I believe that every student is unique and that, as teachers, our role is to allow them to reach their maximum potential, functioning above par.

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Educational Psychologist of 20 years experience offers home tutoring for all ages

My teaching method is to make an assessment and then work the areas, that has to be improved by the students, for example: spatial orientation, language, etc.

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An individualised strengths and interests approach based on preferred learning style. Developmentally awareness ... all ages. Tailored and specialised knowledge in field of inclusive education

Individualised and tailored to suit the strengths and interests of the participant. Prefer constructive authentic, meaningful project and inquiry learning opportunities, though open to cognitive and behavioural approaches where that is assessed to be effective (case by case basis even within group classes).

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Looking for a Educated & Highly Dynamic Educator & Innovator with Knowledgeable Expertise & Creativity

My teaching method is that all children deserve the right to an amazing teaching experience with a fulfilling dynamic innovation from a highly creative and educated educator.


Nita - Battersea - Support for Students with Autism

I am a qualified SENCO with experience of teaching in mainstream schools and specialist schools. - Which subject(s) do you teach? - English Key 2, 3 and 4 - Functional Skills English - Literacy support - Social skills/self-esteem. - Personal development. - Emotional literacy using a range of resources - Transitional support for pupils/parents moving from primary to secondary school.

Broken Arrow
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Creative Math and Reading teacher able to tudor younger children in Broken Arrow with 20+ years experience

I am a creative teacher. I like to work with children using some planning and I have worked also with adults who need help with reading and writing. I am a retired teacher, grandmother and very personable. I like to relate to my students through hands on experiences, and usually writing about their own hobbies, and interests.

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All the subjects up to 10th level,btech graduate.learn and grow with me.

My teaching is more oriented towards basic concept related to topic whether it is easy or little difficult.i consider that nice understanding of question leads to solution which is more precise and less time consuming.i focus on making topics interesting to learn.

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Experienced, exciting and Florida certified K-6 teacher in the Ft. Lauderdale area!

My teaching methods are diverse depending on the interests of students who are learning from me. I want to see creativity, curiosity, and audacity from my students. As the former British Prime Minister and novelist, Benjamin Disraeli, once said, “Success is the child of audacity.” I center my teaching around demonstration, discovery, inquiry, lecture and role playing.

Los Angeles
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I am a Behavior Therapist who has been in the field for many years.

I approach each topic based on each child's understandings. I like to assess a child, and see what he/she is capable of doing. I like to teach instead of just giving a child the answer.

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Social worker, massage therapist and holistic wellness professional with a decade of diverse, compassionate, client-focused care.

My teaching merthod centers empowering, individualized, culturally-competent strength-based lenses. I enjoy exchanges that are mutually interactive and that draw from the student’s experiences and observations.

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3+ years teaching, guiding, and supporting children with special needs. Children Ages 1-16

My teaching method is very simple and interactive. Learning tools are very important to me such as board games, tablet games, books, videos and show-and-tell techniques.

(4 reviews)

Darren - Greenfield - Support for Students with Autism

Hello. My name is Darren Elway and I am a 45 year old English proofreader and tutor with 17 years' teaching experience and 6 years' proofreading experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English from early primary (KS1) right through to and including GCSE. I teach Creative Writing, Adult ESOL and Literacy to most levels (Entry 1 up to and including Level 2).

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Any lesson up to secondry for autism adhd depression dyslexia anxiety mentalhealth

Hello everyone, I'm here to teach you any subject you are wanting or needing to learn. I work up to secondary school level. I definitely do NOT agree with boring! Let me know your subject and disability/mental health and I will not only teach you but support you and help with any tips and tricks to ease your disability or mental health.

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I am a 14 year Elementary Special Education teacher. I have worked in an urban school district throughout my career. I have worked with students that struggle with reading and math and also students o

I have a college degree in elementary and special education. I feel that each student is a unique individual and that no two students learn the same way! I'm patient, kind, and creative in my methods.

Powder Springs
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Veteran teacher with Mental Health Training available for tutoring in metro Atlanta.

I work to assess academic needs and learning styles then develop personalized plan to reach academic and life skill goals.

Lake Barrington
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Special education teacher for 10 years looking to help more people on evenings or weekends

My teaching style is relaxed and calm. We do take our time to work through and learn material and skills. Small breaks are ok and necessary. Want the child to learn but not always feel like they are 'in school'.

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We learn something new EVERYDAY! I like knowing I helped someone with something they were struggling with :)

I'm very energetic and have a way of adding humor and excitement into my teaching! Practice till we're perfect is definitely something I stand by.

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Student of clinical research gives English tuitions to kids in Gurgaon !

I think teaching should be interactive and thus can be done in a fun way, including lots of interesting activities.

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Special needs/gifts tutor 15 years experience in ABA, TEACH, and SonRise Programs. Love kids who have special needs/gifts. Every child deserves a chance to thrive.

I love to excite learning in kids. Making lessons a game at the same time showing that learning is important.


Balvinder - Ruddington - Support for Students with Autism

As an outstanding teacher of over 11 years, I have successfully taught my pupils to achieve or exceed their targets. These successes have come from inner city and private schools. My current tutees range from 6 years to 17 years of age. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Maths up to GCSE and KS1/2/3 English. I teach Primary SATs and 11 plus. I teach Functional Skills, Adult skills and EAL.

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Special Education teacher with 14 years of experience teaching learning disabled students in school!

My teaching method is all children can learn, I just have to meet them where they are.

(7 reviews)
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Specialist dyslexia and special needs tutor offers support with all aspects of learning

I use multi-sensory and interactive teaching methods to help students learn according to their own individual styles. I work 1:1 with students and no two lessons are ever the same. If a student needs help with spelling or reading, I will first find out whether the difficulty is visual or auditory or whether it's a question of having missed out some basic learning foundations.


Rosa - Northolt - Support for Students with Autism

I am an enthusiastic tutor in English, Maths, 11+ and German. I look forward to hearing from you. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English, Maths, Science, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, German (also for immigration) and interview techniques. I also carry out Mock Exams for Key Stage 2 and 3 and 7,11 and 13 Plus. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Qualified primary teacher happy to work with children 5-16 mainstream or with extra educational needs

An Excited and engaging teacher looking to support children in their educational journey, and they gain confidence in their learning.


Tracey - Addingham - Support for Students with Autism

I have been running my own tutoring business for over 4 years and qualified as a teacher in 1999. I can tutor students in their own homes or they can come to my mini-classroom at my home, where I have access to a wide range of resources. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach maths, 7+/ 11+/ 13+ entrance exams, statistics and SEND. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Tutor for special needs students( K to 12) with ADD, ADHD and Autism!

I use Aba methodology to teach special needs students to succeed in academics.

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