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Pilates certified instructor for prestigious National School. Specializing in pregnant and TRX

Monitor experienced Pilates (floor and machines) in group and individual classes. Try Pilates student to take achieve both mental and physical relaxation. The classes are customized taking into account the conditions and limitations of the student. The Pilates technique is suitable for all kinds of people to be controlled and supervised exercises.

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Sports coach in Perpignan and its surroundings (fitness, cardio, performance, nutrition, mental).

-I offer fitness training, fitness, diet monitoring, advice of all kinds; waiting for my physics course in September! -My training method will adapt to each according to its objectives, a person wishing to lose weight will have a different training of a person wishing to gain muscle mass or strength -True and advice on diet that is an important part of the success of a sport program; a follow-up...

Las Rozas
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Student of Science of Physical Activity and Sports who wants to train with you and get fit by the area of ​​Las Rozas and surroundings.

My workouts are based on the demands of each person who hires me but they always have a common pattern that is the training dynamic which is always a high thing that drives the desired results for each person. I usually work a lot on the basis of very dynamic exercises that require displacement since that makes us gain muscle mass while we lose that extra fat that we have left over.

San Diego
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Experienced Private Trainer offers Custom Coaching to Help You Reach Your Goals

In addition to being a certified personal trainer through multiple organizations, I also hold certifications in fitness nutrition, exercise rehab, biomechanics, bodybuilding, and yoga.

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Excuses can't be the reason for us to keep fit, muscle strengthen have fun as we dance zumba and body build

my teaching methods involve practical demonstration, observation and involvement of the party that is learning through assignments, online platforms, group discussions, internships, attachments and other various methods that are within our reach. active participation is also encouraged and for understanding, questions and answers and also to build ones self esteem.

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Hi, I'm International Master Soham Das and I give all kind of chess lessons from beginners to advance.

I'm now basically working on improving one's thought process of chess in a whole game scenario. I also work on specific openings.

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I’m a personal trainer, fitness , Climbing , TRX and general conditioning coach! Happy to help any one to think and live healthy

What I’m trying to do in my classes basically depends on the clients. Since there’s a lot of body type and character.

Byron Bay
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Fitness coaching online, programs, goal setting. Weight loss, muscle gain, toning and more

There are no two people the same, each will learn differently. A number of techniques can be used through visual, reading, listening.

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I can help u taking right decision and improve fitness. Thanks you

I will just guide u what to do and what not to and make u to take right decision

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Time to take a giant leap to perform at an elite level.

I believe in focussing on the process rather than the outcome. Playing at higher level requires positive way of thinking.

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Certified sports coach offers personal training and coaching at home or outdoors.

I use different types of technics and fitness methods to improve health (staminz, well-being, appearance and confidence, physical capacities, etc.). I can adapt to each person and personality to propose a physical activity adapted to everyone : do what you like to be who you would like to be.

Carabanchel (Madrid)
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Technician in physical and sports activities: Body Language, Fitness, Weight lifting, tennis and swimming

My name is Antonio, PE Teacher and Technical Medium & Superior in physical and sports activities with extensive experience in the sports world. As a tennis player and swimmer, I decided to dedicate myself to the teaching of these sports, so that further expands my abilities and skills in the world of physical activity. I am prepared, sociable and funny professional.

Lyon 2e
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Being a sports coach and professional dancer, I teach courses of rhythmic gymnastics and ballet to all who are interested. Taking people of all levels, I am particularly experienced in working with c

This course is designed for people who want to develop important skills such as balance, stretching capacity, gracefulness. It can be taught to people of all ages. I propose an individual approach based on the level of students' preparation. I try to combine the strict framework of the Russian school of rhythmic gymnastics and the European attitude to the health of gymnasts.

West End
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Experienced Rowing Coach with International Experience happy to offer coaching in person or through video analysis

I usually start by identifying key areas for improvement with my students. I then use a range of discussions & exercises to get the changes required in the boat. I think it is important for my students to understand why they need to make a change.

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I am arena international master, fide rated chess player ,pune india chess

basic ideas in chess from opening to middle game to end game 60 concepts in chess

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Be fit be smart... Keep yourself healthy by fitness... Get into shape nd get into your old clothes ️

I would like to tech you the exercise nd workouts through vedios in a detailed way ....

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I am a weightlifting coach Now in patiala national camp coach I have one year weightlifting coaching diploma

My teaching method is mirror method I take classes throw practically and theoretical when required than give demo

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Sports coach, professional dancer, I combine muscle building and stretching. Fits all bodies and levels for personalized follow-up

Hello, dancer of contemporary, in preparation of the diploma of state, and passionate of anatomy. I propose you a complete home program adapted to your needs, your objectives and your level: Fitness Fitness strengthening Fitness Stretching silhouette ... Based on dance training techniques, we will work deep muscles respecting The alignments of the body.

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Believe in yourself you may be the model role for others ok.

Teaching style should be friendly try to understan them whome you are teaching and be like a friend with your students ok

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NASM Personal Trainer Training To Make Your Body A Machine! Cardio, Strength, Core etc.

I Nam, former competitor in Taekwondo Elite converted to CrossFit and Funtional Training. I address everyone without distinction level. Tell me clearly your goals and I'll make you reach to them. I can train effectively in 1 / 2h, 1 or 2 hours! Toning, firming, Cardio, Strength, Mobility, Plyometrics, Explosive, Weight Loss, Core, Resistance.

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Sports Coach offers graduate Sessions personal or small group, Possibility Coaching Poledance - 93; 94; 75 -

Graduated BPJEPS AGFF C and D, 2 years of experience, the courses are for anyone with a fitness goal, weight loss, weight gain, flexibility, maintains healthy capital or otherwise. Also Pole Dance performer for 3 years and 7mois I offers introductory sessions, courses or upgrading to matter. The while providing good transmission of sports knowledge and the human body.

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Personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience in different academies

Personalized training plan depending on your physical qualities, weight and goals.

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SPORTS COACH - State graduate - Pilates Instructors ground school and machinery

Planning a corporal work program offering individual treatment. Deep Work and Global focuses primarily on building muscle on the rectification of your posture and breathing allowing you improve your energy. Job ensuring muscle tone, abdominal and keeps your physiological flexibility. The proposed program conducted at their own pace, in achieving its objectives.

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If you are willing to learn martial arts and a fitness lover, you must join. Dedication, discipline and determination are keys required here to unlock health.

Focus and consistency with sharp techniques and speed are most required in this field. I believe in internal growth and it will definitely boost confidence.

Carlos augusto
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Personal Trainer Postgraduate I do online consulting I apply the STS Method so you can train at home and get your results.

I am a personal trainer currently pursuing postgraduate rehabilitation of injuries and musculoskeletal diseases. I am a full instructor of the STS method of physical conditioning and I guarantee and show all your results to each class. I apply the method with science and knowledge thus guaranteeing its results and objectives achieved.

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Charlotte Fisher, Fitness and nutrition specialist, bodybuilder, Loughborough, MSc sports nutrition student

I am an MSc sport and exercise nutrition student with a BSc in Nutritional science. Former athlete and physique competitor, I teach the principles of muscle strengthening, fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition to those looking to look, feel and live a better, healthier life. I work online and provide training and nutrition plans for all abilities, ages and backgrounds.

Ciudad López Mateos
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Personal trainer at home. Fitness workouts, weight loss, prenatal and postnatal gymnastics.

I am Personal Trainer and sports instructor. I am passionate about dance, fitness and good music. I have specialty training for pregnant and postpartum women, also diseases and injuries, patologies. Sport Nutrition and weight loss. Let me help you achieve your goals with great motivation and always sharing healthy lifestyle and wellness.

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A 15-year-dancer doing aerobics/gym for 8 years. Offering personal training lessons based on psychology in Coventry, UK for kids and adolescents;)

Everything starts from your head. There are not only the decisions that "I want to be fit and beautiful", but firstly we answer the question "why?". I provide a psychological methodology, and all "talks" we rearrange to actions and movements. It is a motivation. It is a huge huge passion you do not even realise you have inside. We open our sexuality, mind, everything what was hidden.

Paris 4e
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Personal fitness trainer, yoga teacher, I'm your best partner form and well being

Hello, I am Sarah, your best partner form and well being specialized and graduated for more than 10 years in the fitness activities: yoga, prenatal yoga, pilates, postural ball, Bodysculpt, soft gymnastics, circuit training, Hit , boot camp, stretching, relaxation. I also accompany you daily with a personalized follow-up and nutritional advice to guarantee you results in only a few weeks.

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