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New Delhi
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The best tacniques to strech your body .to know about the fitness skills and to build your daily shedule you are in write place . you don't need to worry about your body to give your body a proper wor

in the first class i will tell you the shadule of your daily style the daily workout is in your hand but the best guidence is in my hand. after the first class we will have the meditation classes then we will start the fitness traning.

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Sports Coaching & personalized nutrition, home and outdoor, Bodybuilding / Fitness / Cross-traning - Paris

Exercise & Fitness Enthusiast, I've been coaching beginners and intermediates for several years. / ENGLISH SPOKEN After a first personalized assessment and review of the level of my clients, I propose programmes adapted to their morphology and life habits.

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Experienced teacher of Sport and EAL, with both UK and international experience.

I am a passionate sports woman and dedicated teaching practitioner. I currently teach in the private education sector from key stage 3 -5, however, previously taught PE to students from as young as EYFS. Alongside this I regularly coach adults in Sports and Fitness. I have a 2:1 BA(Hons) degree and numerous sports coaching qualifications.

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Let's overcome old person! No matter what your goal is, together we will take you there! With fun in the movement and targeted training!

At the beginning we formulate your goals which we will surpass later! Afterwards we will create a training pn that will challenge you but will not overwhelm you. It is important that the fun of the movement is never lost or if not already available! Depending on your wishes, we will discuss the diet more intensively or less intensively.

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Specialist in female Fitness with over 20 years professional experience in UK secondary schools and colleges

I am Raz Robinson BA hons, PGCE, MA, a fully qualified Physical Education teacher and examiner in the UK with a Professional Dance background. With over 20 years in personal fitness, I work with individuals from age 5 - adults. In inner city London I work in Primary, Secondary and College establishments. Each lesson is physical, tailored and personalised to the individual needs.

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Hoops, Flag Football and Tennis Coach in the Lehigh Valley/Philly PA area.

I'm 41 years old from the Lehigh Valley. I am a head coach and ref for flag football and basketball. I have also played tennis for many years. Everything starts from the ground up, to build a foundation. Without the foundation of the basic skills, its impossible to succeed at any sport. I break everything down as needed per player/student.

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CCAFD is offered as licensed personal trainer, extensive experience in Barcelona. Go on!

Did you know that physical inactivity is one of the factors that predispose to illness and worsening quality of your life? BS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND SPORT with extensive experience in personal training is offered to improve your fitness with the impact this will have on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Trainer coach fitness, nutrition, wellness personnal trainer, body composition optimization, health oriented

Wellness, casing, muscle building, cardio, nutrition, dietetics, relaxation, wellness, relaxation, optimize body composition (Less fat and muscle density), Physical & mental preparation, the objective is to build a program to make you self Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Level 3 Personal Trainer - exercise planning, nutrition advice and health coaching in and around Darlington

I can help you reach your health and fitness goals through writing bespoke exercise programmes and providing nutrition, stress management and lifestyle advice. I can also provide personal or group based training sessions either at your home or in public parks/sports halls.

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Certified Personal trainer makes you look and feel better than ever! Sydney/Online

My background is with bodybuilding/strength training and fat loss, but have expanded my methodology to include a more holistic approach: I approach each person I work with as a completely unique individual with unique goals, genetics, and personal preferences.

Rio de Janeiro
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Personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience. Specialist in sports training and individualized

My methodology varies according to the student profile. The training will be appropriate to the goals and level of conditioning of each one. We draw together goals through motivating and appropriate training to your profile.

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Happy to have you as a friend I can impart my knowledge to and share my experiences. I will have an all time learning thing. not just the subject you wish to know but tricks to make it easier

Believe in the student,not the course or material. Every child is special and everyone needs their own time and energy. Learning is important, not the time in which you learn. Life is not a race , it is a marathon.

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Hello! I am a young sport and healthy lifestyle passionate who would love to keep you some company and guide you through personalised fitness classes :)

I am open to any suggestions and needs. It depends on you what would you like to train and what goal are you trying to achieve. I am open to new ideas and happy to share different styles of training together, making working out a pleasant, friendly and fun experience.

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I am a personal trainer and I work in Porto Alegre: reduction of pain, body definition and strength.

Methods I like to use: powerbuilding training (mixing heavy series with resistance), training with body weight only (calisthenics), interval-based aerobic fighting, rope, kettlebell and other implements (HIIT), heating only what is needed, low impact when there is a need for rehabilitation, I understand training for glutes, I know how to squat.

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Sportsman 18 years offers sports coaching for all levels in Grenoble and Annecy

I base my courses on the knowledge and listening of the body, so that the athlete is listening to his feelings and for the sportsman to understand why he does such or such actions which contributes to good physical and mental performance.

La Crosse
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Do fitness the right way. Are you using proper form? Nutrition? Find out with me.

I like to see where you would like to see improvements and then we will go from there. I like to help you set achievable goals so you can get to where you want to be.

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Licensed in Physical Activity Adapted and Health, each course is adapted to the person with the aim of improving your health! Available in Aveyron and Lozère! (Nutrition and Sport Council)

In collaboration with your doctor, I establish a complete assessment of your physical condition and perform a program adapted to improve your health. Thanks to validated scientific tests, I control your progress. Finally advice in nutrition and sport, you will be promulgated for a specific purpose to practice independently.

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Personal trainer and physical trainer, private classes of street workout and calisthenics

My training plan is totally individual and specific, adapting the plan and the training routine to the objectives of the individual to look for the objectives of this.

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Multiple national level player gives sports coaching for any sports withbest results

Our methodology for sports depends on mainly fitness and discipline .we teach in indoor and outdoor depending on the sports.

Comuna 3
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Fitness trainer offers online and face-to-face counseling to improve your health status!

I am a personal trainer and physical trainer, I have completed functional training preparation and zumba. My work techniques stand out for being personalized and according to the person and their needs. I am always available to my students for what they need.

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Physical trainer and personal trainer can help you get fit and in high sports performance

I am an Olympic paddle trainer, physical trainer, I love sport because I think it is a school and philosophy of life, I look for working with people who take it seriously and seek to learn and improve. My way of working is the following: We define real objectives, we plan and set deadlines we seek continuous improvement respecting the natural times of the body.

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Hardworking to think easy then you do anything you have good opportunity

Im the jntua volleyball player ,I will give classes for any one, if ur interest you will do any thing for that so do hardworking and you will do any thing I'm sure my experience, and any best sports person don't keep overconfident

Greater London
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Diets, trainings, online coaching for everybody. Its time for change in life

I am 21 years old lifetime natural bodybuilder. 4 years into fitness and health lifestyle. Upgrading my knowlege every day by reading studyies, articles and watching seminars.

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If you are looking for a dream body, simply contact me! Fitnness, Crossfit, Endurance, for men and women !!! No pain no gain

Personal training by far or according to customer requirements joint training. - Nutrition -Fitness Meals -Trainingsplan -Lifestylecoach -Beachers -Friends & Tricks Do not wait and contact me so we can start as soon as possible.

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I am a PE tutor and personal trainer, based south of london. Recently graduated from Loughborough with Bsc in Sports Science. I am an experienced sports coach and PTI in the army reserves.

I have had experience working in a PE department, where I was responsible for delivering PE lessons to classes, as well as one-on-one swimming sessions with students who have learning disabilities.

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Develop your physical on the Bordeaux area with a dynamic teacher and athletic

Graduated from the Faculty of Bordeaux staps, I can help you achieve your fitness goals through a physical training adapted to your level. We will begin by setting your goals and then we will set up a workout plan and I will guide you in the sessions. All levels accepted.

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Sports enthusiast and love to share knowledge from philippines the country of smile

More likely focusing on the skills that you have and also molds briefly the chosen sports that you want and make simple but knowlegable conversation through out the availability of ideas, knowledge and interactive of student to teacher relationship goals

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Get tips and assistance with swimming for different levels via online or in person

Have been competing with swimming since I was 6 years old. Swam Division I and have been coaching since I was a teenager. Currently coach on a club swim team. I have worked with all ages from infants to adults, from learning to swim to preparing for races. See resume for more information.

New York
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Holistic Sports and Fitness Training for All Ages

I'm Malik Harper and I give lessons to participants of all ages and levels. I want to help you improve on whatever area needs improvement. I will encourage you all the way to the results and help build confidence.

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Personal Defense, defense fight, fight sparring,fight ans individualiste combat défense assault and simulated attacks

my you tube page (concealed information) for any person any age any corpulence wishing to learn to defend themselves effectively way, and whatever the level of beginner or advanced practice confirmed grade.

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