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Coach Sportif at Home and Outside: Building Muscle, Yoga, Pilates, boxing and TRX

Antoine What do you like most in the business of sports home coach? "I like the investment sincerely ask this business, the privileged relationship of trust that is created with my clients. The human relationship is what I prefer because you can not be a personal trainer if you do not deeply love the people. this job is so much more to do sports.

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Deakin student highly qualified personal trainer with a lot of pt experience.

my teaching method is very client based and varies from individual to individual. I help in weight management, muscle building, weightlifting, nutrition,strength training and many more. But it all depends on what the client needs from me.I really love the fitness industry and really love to help get people fit. Our body is the biggest piece of art we can work on and I want to help people do that.

Paris 17e
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EPS teacher and sports coach who offers its services to achieve your goals.

My coaching method is centered around you. Depending on your desires, your needs, your abilities and especially your goals. My courses are of the following nature: A specific warm-up to avoid any type of injury, a training adapted and unique and finally stretching for an optimal recovery.

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Personalized Training, Individual, Groups and Consulting! Specialist in Sports Training and Special Populations!

Professor of Physical Education specialized in the most renowned Universities in Brazil and abroad as Russia and Germany, in the areas of Exercise Physiology and Sports Training. Extensive experience in prescription and exercise periodization in Post - Rehabilitation and in the development of High - Income Athletes.

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Nutritionist and Personal Trainer provides help to achieve sporting and health dreams in and around Hamburg

To achieve workout goals I teach theoretical knowledge in ​​strength training, sports nutrition and bodybuilding. In addition, I offer individual training on the basis of the latest scientific state - even in YOUR gym. I am happy to also offer online coaching via webcam. As a former Bundesliga player I also offer training in table tennis to the league level.

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I am a bodybuilder who will guarantee you will achieve your goals with me.

My method is to treat you with discipline, but still have a joke from time to time. If you work with me I will make you work. You want results I can give you then but now one said is will be easily. However it will be worth it.

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Jonathan sports coach at home, indoors or outdoors Evreux / Rouen. LET'S GO ;)

my method of teaching differs in several phases: 1. I make an appointment to evaluate the athlete (physical level, objective, measurement) 2. I accompany you during sports sessions and I propose a nutritional monitoring adapted to your goal. 3. We perform progress tests by setting an expiry date upstream.

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State graduate, dynamic and motivating young coach. Work at home or outdoors or even in the classroom.

I base my programming according to the objective / s of the person. My coaching is structured and is planned in advance for optimal results. A class can take place at home, outdoors when the weather is right or in the gym.

N elizabeth
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Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Korean Orginal Martial Art, self defense for all

I teach the techniques of self defense of the martial art Soo Bahk Do, and of Tae Kwon Do. Students learn personal discipline with values that favor their personal development, their self-esteem, and their safety, in addition to generating excellent physical and emotional skills.

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Why settle when you can aspire to excellence? The Personal Trainer that will transform your body and your lifestyle!

A Personal Training course involves the use of various techniques, depending on the client's needs.

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Personal Trainer in Barcelona | Weight loss, sports prescription | INEFC graduate

Hi everyone I, I'm Tony Valenzuela, Bachelor of Science in physical activity and expert on improving health through exercise and sport nutrition. I also call me Body & Mind Health adviser. My goal is to improve your health as long as you want to improve your lifestyle and have mutual trust.

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Certified Personal Trainer in Toulouse (Boxing training, Indoor or outdoor, Running, Relaxation/ Stretching ...)

For fitness, weight loss / gain, improved cardio fitness or flexibility, I integrate several disciplines in the proposed sessions, including: + Boxing & Cardio-coxing + Running + Bodybuilding ( with or without material) + Stretching, yoga & relaxing techniques + And many fun activities! I favor outdoor work, although I can adapt indoor training with machines.

Colle di Val d'Elsa
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Certified Personal Trainer and calisthenics instructor with experience as online coach and gym assistant

First of all I try to understand what are the objectives and needs of the client so what may be the most suitable ways to carry out a serious and continuous activity and finally structure a personalized and targeted training program.

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All you wants to know about yourself and then only you starts your life journey,,Know yourself as early as possible !! Come join me !!!

I starts with nature way like knowing the toughness and health understanding of surrounding mammals like no one can beat the wild animals in any way. First compare with the best, inspire,know the facts and strike with full force like its your last day.

Terri ann
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Experienced and successful coach available for training in strength/conditioning and fitness to all ages

I teach based on the needs of the athlete or person needing training. All programs will be tailored to the level needed.

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Certified Personal Trainer in Cooroy helping people to work out creatively from home

The first session is designed to know clients and to set their goals creating a fitness program to achieve these goals.

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Experienced Personal Trainer / bootcamp trainer gives sports training to every level and age around Arnhem!

My way of training is characterized as 'enthusiastic', 'fanatical' and 'involved'. I look at the participant and adjust the exercise to size, so that it is challenging for everyone. I also ensure that every muscle group is trained in an expert manner.

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Sports Science 3rd Year University of Essex Student - Teaching Health and Fitness

I teach patiently and can explain things in multiple different ways to aid a better understanding of the subject at hand. I research my topic thoroughly to include up to date research when delivering a session. Some people learn faster than others, as such I can cater to many different levels of learning ability and a range of individual knowledge.

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Finally a dream body? No dream - we can do it! I offer personal training and nutrition coaching in Hamburg.

Loosing weight and a healthy lifestyle is not only a physical, but above all a MENTAL CHALLENGE. In order for you to achieve your goals, you will learn strategies to help you with this. If you can take control of your mind and body, the weight loss will follow.

Ciudad de México
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Personal Trainer in Mexico, DF. Qualified in High Performance and Rehabilitation. Reach your goals.

Where ? - At home (if you have equipment) - At the Gym Sporting Club Reforma (with me, you save more than 5,000 mxn on your registration) - Chapultepec A high level training, at the service of all.

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Sports Science student offers personal training and coaching in Sydney to people of all ages and fitness levels.

I am a personal trainer who takes a holistic and science-based approach to health and fitness. - Efficiency in training leads to efficiency in movement. I employ the 'Functional Patterns' methodology and latest in the sports science field to ensure supreme performance and injury prevention in the sport or activity of your practice.

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Experienced fitness coach teaches the proper safe and efficient exercising techniques for functional fitness

Safety and health oriented, educative coaching, using mixed fitness tools based on individual abilities, preferences, level and goal, including bodyweight, free weights, suspension, fitness boxing, and functional equipment as mats, skipping rope, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, stability disks, fitness balls, step, battle rope, slam balls, kettlebells, sand bags...

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University Student age 20, Qualified PT, fitness coach and accomplished rugby player

My main teaching method is to go at the pace of the learner, to understand their background and ability and then work around them.

Oklahoma City
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Baseball fundamentals! A former pitcher and middle infielder with a .476 batting average as a 1 and 2-hole hitter at a 6A high school. Tutelage from MLB players. Let’s get better at YOUR pace!

I like to start by getting to know the future All-Star! What is their baseball IQ.? Then I determine the best way to teach, by figuring out how they learn best! Each person is different. I can talk all day, but listening to the individual often provides the answers we seek! I’m all about fun.

Gledswood Hills
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Rehab, Lean Muscle Gain, Weightloss Pilates Personal Training Online based in Sydney

WHAT TYPE OF TRAINER AM I? I give a shit about you! and you get the results you NEED, WANT or HAVE DREAMED ABOUT. WHO I WORK WITH? Women Weight Loss Lean Muscle Gain Post natal Pre natal Rehabiliation WHY ME? My approach to training is about lifestyle integration and coaching. I take the time to get to understand your wants, dreams, likes and dislikes.

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Final year Strength and Conditioning student with 6 years gym and coaching experience. Proven results for clients, in building strength and muscle mass.

I am able to give lessons to all levels. For students studying Strength and Conditioning or Sports Coaching, I can provide personal tutoring on specific subjects as well as aid with research skills and writing. Alongside this, I can help you develop your work to achieve higher grades.

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Graduated in Motor Sciences proposes outdoor physical activity (parks / nature), individual or group, aimed at improving psycho-physical wellbeing.

I will try to create a tailor-made training program, based on the individual characteristics of the subjects. The activities will be mostly aerobic with an initial warm-up phase and a final stretching phase. Among the proposed activities there will be walks in nature, jogging, free body exercises, strengthening (with and without loads), stretching ...

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If you like or not practice sport, I am your coach,

My teaching metodology is based in the enjoy. I do exercise with a smile and I want the same for people. Obviusly I adapt my exercise at person without problem. In Spain I worked in a Gym or Outdoors. It is not necessary to bring equipment.

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Exercise scientist offering lessons of strength & conditioning, exercise physiology and sport nutrition.

My approach to teaching includes theoretical and practical knowledge. I aim to create an environment where students become enthusiastic and adapt what they’ve learnt in lessons to a realistic work setting. You will learn not only how to exercise correctly, but you will also develop thought patterns to think as scientists.

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Personal Trainer in fitness and weight loss in border cities in Belgium and France

I develop fitness programs, according to the profile and goals of the practitioner, and I lead group fitness sessions. I work as a personal Trainer for personalized sessions at home. A session lasts about 1:30, where we do fitness. I also teach group classes in fitness club and in business. I help my clients get in shape, lose weight, find good postures to eliminate back pain, etc.

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