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A qualified Strategic Interventionalist who can help you find vision and clarity for a positive future, building confidence, motivation and empowerment along the way.

Each student will be looked at individually. I have certain exercises specific to the needs of the student. They may require Mindfulness exercises or need an exercise to help with confidence when presenting for example. It will vary depending on how things are going and what issues may have arisen.

Zaira anaid
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Psychologist and teacher with experience in preparatory level and university in Tabasco.

I like to teach in a free but structured way since the method is, in the first instance, to visualize and explore the students own skills and abilities, respecting their individuality, developing their creativity and integrating all their cognitive skills and abilities in the acquisition of new learnings.

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Experienced practicing psychotherapist available for individual positive thinking and self esteem training online

My teaching method is hands on and practical but tailored to the needs of the student. I need to know what you want to achieve so that I can provide appropriate activities. I like to set a goal, provide an explanation, undertake some practice, answer any questions through discussion and provide feedback.

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You are in the driver seat of your own life ! - Handle your life and happiness as you should ! Life Coaching; Happiness Management

I hear my clients talking about their problem or the difficult situations they face. From a life coach's perspective it becomes more flexible to target the problem area and work on it with my client. What I ask from my clients is however, their participation and patience.

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Learn to Say "NO", Beat the Stress & Improve your Professionalism with Effective Time Management

I change my style of teaching to suit your needs & background. When you are in my class, your objective becomes my objective & together we achieve it. To clear the concepts, I use PowerPoint presentations, Video clips, Quiz, Practical Examples, & my delivery language. I can deliver training in English, Hindi & Marathi languages.

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A relationship therapist helping towards positive thinking,stress free and healthy mind !

I have very confidential conversations with my clients and only if there is life risk or security issues would any information be divulged to the concerned family/members of my clients. Building a rapport and winning the confidence of my client is the mainstay of my tutoring. Writing is also used as a therapy for stress management and for unburdening .

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Stress has no existence... so it is only confusion.. which required path.

To overcome the stress, I work to make them understand about existence, reality, moral, Immoral things places in their lives. Is they really exists or not ???. If we understand the fundamental of life we never got stressed. If we know who we are ?? then there is no issue.

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If you want to learn how to handle your stress or fear please let me know ! !! !!!

Life will teach you everything , but everybody is not having enough time/ Patience to analyse and learn from every situation. Somebody want to guide / teach you the proper way to handle it.So, please make sure you will be aware of what is going around you.

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A Management Post Graduate with an Engineering Degree, having worked for 23 years . Now a Certified Health and Life Coach

My teaching method is a structured program , well researched and fine tuned with live experience / student experience of past 20 years. For people who want to transform their bodies, want to relax, reach their health objectives, fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart or work on shedding excess weight, these programs are an ideal match.

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Light up your intuition, balance your chakra's through self-love, meditation and mindfulness

My one on one teaching method will empower you to balance your own chakra's and energy fields, be wise and calm as a Zen Monk but loving, powerful and grounded. Based on the teaching's of Belinda Davidson, you will learn to tap into your intuition, make the right decisions in life and feel connected and grounded towards everything and everyone around you.

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How To Stay Positive And Use The Law Of Attraction To Draw Good Things To Yourself.

It's all about how comfortable my client is, some people prefer speaking on phone so you know you are not talking to a machine "lol", most prefer Emails, or just downloaded pages of inspirational words of wisdom, but it all depends on my clients preference, i believe it is always nice to give people the chance to choose what they are most comfortable with

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Impart good technics of stress free life style for all students. House wife's businessman or any senior managers.

Use Yoga and meditation with skills of time management. Food and lifestyle changes activity.use SWOT analysis for every individual participant.

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”EARS FOR YOU” hearing the unheard. I can be your Friend, your coach to mindfulness, positive thinking, your guide to create your own ” happiness pie”. I have been working as a Counsellor in India and

The secret of my sessions is to follow ” whole brain approach” for overall wellbeing of an individual or a group. I hold post graduate diploma in counselling and family therapy. Presently pursuing master of counselling at Excelsia college, Sydney. I can help you fight anxiety, stress, phobias etc. Know your inner peace mindfully. I can help you find your traits, strengths etc.

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UCSB student who wants to teach others how to learn from my mistakes and their own

I approach issues by understanding my emotional responses first. Then I work towards the rational resolutions by breaking down issues into smaller pieces in order to solve them. Through trial and error and patience, I have noticed patterns and resolutions within my life and external relationship circles.

San Pedro Garza García
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Believe in you, reinvent yourself, it's not a self-help course, it's self-empowerment

My classes consist of neurolinguistic programming techniques and motivation in order that the student can really know their purpose of life, in addition to a deep self-inspection where they are valued and recognized with their gifts and talents and put into practice .

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ROYAL will teach very fundamental things of life like how to handle your thoughts, emotions, relationships, life and success. Be the perfect artist of your beautiful life.

How was your day mate?? Good/ ok/ fine?... What's your dream? A lambo or million dollars? Happy family? Remember, Anything you are dreaming of can be accomplished in this physical world. Just you need to do is learn to breath first. Start to pay enough attention. Start creating a balance within. Observe yourself, your sorroundings, your friends, families,pets..

New Delhi
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Let's Explore life with bright possibilities & your girt outcome you want in life. No problem is bigger than your happy & successful life.

My methodology is to first understand your girt about the situation & advice you as wise old friend with all supports required. This is my hobby to help people in their life's , to make it easy; because it's not al all as complicated, at times we make it..

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Model teaching Life skills and life coaching in the south of london

My way of teaching I believe is however the student feels comfortable. for example with me I like to be taught one to one. Everything needs n explanation or else I won't listen. I don't have a set method of teaching but I love to go with the flow.

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Positive & confident teacher in Brisbane helping you dispel negative thinking and gain confidence

My main method is very simple - I get to know the real you, and show you how to harness all of your beauty for the purpose of personal growth. This first (and big) step opens the pathway to a happier life - positive & optimistic thinking and increased self confidence. See how your life can change by changing your thought patterns and expressing your self.

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Personal Trainer offering 1-1 and group fitness tuition. 10 years experience. Work outdoors , gyms or at client's homes.

I train people on a 1-1 or group basis. I have a calm and non - judgemental approach . I am experienced with all age groups. My sessions are intense , but good fun ! I tailor fitness programmes to each individual needs & don't have a " one size , fits all " approach.

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Strengths based life coach with 15 years experience helping people achieve their goals

I have earned two graduate degrees (Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work). We will work together to set your goals. I listen deeply and will draw on your strengths. I will motivate, encourage and challenge you to discover who you authentically are and want to be.

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Spiritual healer offering life coaching in public speaking, motivational and positive thinking.

I base my approach on my natural people and communication skills. I prefer face to face interaction even in through a virtual workspace. I believe in following a professional attitude where all discussions are handled with utmost confidentiality and respect.

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New Delhi
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A Wellness Coach ,on a mission to transform minds.You become what you think ! I create shift in thoughts by Law of attraction as the creator

My methodology is conducting a personality analysis through my own developed method ,this helps to understand the person I will be mentoring.I believe in open exchange of thoughts which helps in seeing beyond obstacles and brings in complete thought shift.

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Working Professional who overcame the fear of public speaking, wanting to help others do the same

My teaching method is very rigorous and strict but very effective. I start by asking questions to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. I, then, construct a viable solution to that problem. Having a viable solution, I sit with the people and help implement those solutions. If the solutions are effective then I continue to fine tune that solution.

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Release Stress and Remove Conflict with easy exercise and breathing technique today

I will first understand your issue and offer you unique solution. Some meditations some exercises some breathing technique. just by following it for few days you will be out of conflict. I will also track your progress . It is very easy.

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A motivational mentor with good knowledge of how the mind works and how to manage stress.

My teaching method is very simple. I don't give you theoretical knowledge but i will give you practical skills that will make you a better person. I will help you to know, how you can control your mind and the senses of it.

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Personal Coach gives communication and personal development lessons to high school and students in Perth

I am good in student guidance. I come from higher education and have a master communication management. I help students to turn in their strengths and help them with their presentation skills, planning and organisation of work tasks, personal coaching and thinking in possibilities and positivity. My teaching method is knowledge sharing. Students can help each other with their skills and knowledge.

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Student of Clinical Psychology teaches in Pshychology Area and counseling at home in Viseu

My way of working is very focused on the person. I intend to give you the necessary tools so you can manage your problems and conflicts and be able to manage your time and personal life. I want to help you broaden your field of vision so that you can make your own decisions.

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I Teach online. I have had experience with stress in the past.

I can talk to you about how to handle stress. Also I can be someone to talk to if you need someone to talk to for a chat. I also have experience with bullying and other things. I can help.

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