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Post Graduate of Neuroscience (specialization psychiatry and contemplative psychology) aiming to teach positive behavioural psychology and mental practices to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

My teaching method is primarily simple and interactive, based on one-to-one discussion. I prefer tailoring my teaching method on a case to case basis.

Rajni kant
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A seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience in well known Indian companies and multinationals with a passion in human psychology and keen to better and improve life of people to thei

Since we as humans are neither cloned nor manufactured goods to be homogeneous but are unique and every person in the world is unique.

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Stress is leading factor to influence diseases,day by day stress increases in different aspects,so being a medical professional discuss some ideas regarding reducing stress.

My teaching method is lecture and discussion,my class based on the students only, obviously topics announce by some good examples, anyone who's having stress can join with us, definitely we can makes a solution of that

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Life coach, teaching you how to deal with stress, deal with debt, achieve emotional and financial peace

My technique is to listen, understand the person speaking, tailor a solution to fit their needs whilst giving them the tools to achieve their goals and help them become their best version. The idea is not to make you reliant on someone else (me), but to coach you to find the strength to be positive, at peace and happy with yourself and your life.

San Marcos
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Life can be rough, learn to love the you that you are.

I like to approach each lesson as the day is, that means that how you're feeling as an individual will influence what the main focus of your lessons. It's easy to forget that a person's daily struggles help influence how they spend their time focusing.

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Happy to tutor Psychology A level as well as Maths GCSE, as well as run mental health wellbeing workshops to those who want to develop a more stress resistant mind.

I like to teach in a relaxed manner with an open structure. Essentially I will get you to tell me what it is you think you struggle with and given my background in Psychology, optimise learning as function of memory retention. I can discuss more details in brief with potential students free of charge.

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Mental health practitioner & trainer available to support you on the journey of life and its stress!

blended learning approaches and 1 to 1 learning. use powerpoint and other audio visual applications. i use challenging but sensitive scenarios and use case studies to help teach people to recognise common mental health problems.

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Student who struggled with mental health wanting to help others over come their own mental health issues

I try and help in many different ways if that be in personal stories to getting the other person to telling me about their stories if that be in pictures or text or whatever suits them as i base my class around the other person or people as theyre whats important.

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A masters in psychology student and qualified nurse available for online tutoring.

I am happy to cater to the needs and aspirations of all learners being tutored. In doing so I`m flexible to different learning style and needs. I can either provide rigid learning content or tailor sessions to your individual goals.

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Professional Coaching for Personal development and academics in Different fields to future

My method is clearly demonstrating the theoritical and practical knowledge topicwise to ease out a subject in any way of approach.

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Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a 'Social Alchemist' with a passion for well-being, mindfulness and meditation. I am eager to help individual's build their best life and engage with the world around them.

I approach each session with a focus on what well-being factors the individual wants to build on and how we can move forward in a positive, engaged and person-centred way. This can include developing meditation & mindfulness techniques, using social exposure principles to engage in new situations and working through your present identity and future goal setting to bring in meaningful change.

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A Psychology graduate offering to help anyone who wishes to learn to seize the moment.

My methodology includes presentations and songs. I will also include few psychological concepts in my teaching method. My education has taught me methods of learning (operant learning, conditioning etc) and attention concepts and I aim to use them effectively in my teaching.

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I will teach you what ever you want and also from your way

I having here to teach you what ever you want and also how you want to learn from me its depends on you. And i don't be-leave in any types of nervousness, i have good forecasting and also have face reading experience in my personal life.

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I can teach you how to maintain your self in critical situation.

I can teach you in your way tell me how you want to learn, its depend on the student where they are feel comfortable. I can tech step by step but some wants learn only last chapter so its depend on student.

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Life Coach with 10 years professional experience offering support with positive thinking, relationships, personal development, communication

My approach is very practical and SMART. I focus on individual strength and identify areas of improvement helping the client to move forward with purpose and confidence. Part of my "lessons" are educational/theory", as well as self-reflection and homework. I hope to inspire and motivate my clients to become more of themselves and maybe push those comfort zones just a bit.

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Strength & conditioning and Nutrition coach (currently working with professional boxers and combat sports athletes)offering online weight loss management, Accountability, personal training and life co

-Before we do anything we will have a free online consultation lesson, details on this are at the end Once I have the information I need you will be given: -A nutrition plan that starts of with small changes and builds to every meal of each and every day -A work out plan that is tailored to your needs and level that again is progressive so you are always seeing results.

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Certified Arbitrator and Mediator with a great legal background offering conflict Management

I have a number of degrees, am of African descent. polite and well-mannered My method of tutoring is to engage with the audience and make them feel like a great part of the lecture session.

Mansfield Woodhouse
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Teacher training level 3 qualified student willing to teach personal development in Nottingham

My teaching method is a method to fit YOU. it can be online or in person I will teach anyone at any level or age as I have experience and the confidence to do so to which will rub off on my students.

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Professional yet enthusiastic Development Coach who wants to help you! Webcam or mobile across the South Coast

I approach each person individualy and preapare sessions looking at one's needs. We can be very serious and go straight to the points or we can relax and enjoy session during walk in the park. Why? It's because I am here to help and make sure you are satisfied with outcomes. First sessions take usualy longer, so we can get to know each other.

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Stress management is the most common problem teenagers experience. To deal with this first believe in Yourself!

My teaching methodology is through more communication and reading to learn new things. When it comes to dealing with stress always know how to brainstorm or plan your day and time, make time for everything in your life that includes education and entertainment.

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Let me help you optimize your health in Cape Cod to stay away from the doctor!

I like teaching to a group of people but I'm good with one on one assistance as well.

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Psychology graduate offering psychology as a subject as well as health & wellbeing and helpful techniques to help yourself

My teaching methodology is tailored to each individual or the class, I will ensure each student is being taught in the best way for themselves. I will take extra care to get to know the student, their goals and how they can best achieve them.

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Energy Counselor 10 years experience in trauma, mental health, and sexual abuse.

My methods of teaching and helping include a very non-judgmental, compassionate stance that include various techniques including meditation to deal with anxiety and depression. We can meet individually online or as a group weekly for 45 min. depending on your need.

Castle Hill
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Psychology and Law Student provides flexible Public Speaking and Personal Development Lessons

I am aware that everyone learns differently and needs an approach that suits this. This is why I found my teaching methodology on support, and commit to teaching in a manner that suits each individual. I start my lessons with a brief chat to assess where you're at, what you're wanting to get out of the lesson and setting future goals.

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Offering tutoring and motivation for all students to help with personal development

I approach all student's problems and requests with a positive outlook. It doesn't matter what you are struggling with, I am here to help. The key to my teaching is motivating and inspiring people so that they are relieved of stress and able to focus on their studies or even their personal life. I will deal with any requests and will help you in the best way possible.

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Professional support to unleash your inner confidence, simply get in touch to start your journey.

Analysis, reflection and a positive proactive approach to making smalls changes. As a coach I will guide you through obstacles you feel are holding you back, we'll set goals together and get you there. Taking the first step is the hardest part.

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Hard working optimist personal health enthusiast! Currently a rower on the University of Buffalo Crew Team!

Patience and persistence! Empathy is essential to understanding and appreciating another's problem which you wish to resolve. Multiple perspectives allow this problem to be viewed from all sides to determine the best angle for the most positive and effective resolution.

New Fairfield
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Tutor with 3 years of experience in many fields (science, math, psychology, study skills, life coach)

There are different learning styles for each kid. I find what method works best depending on the child. I want them to want to learn by having engaging sessions. Each student is different so it is very important to me to find out what method of learning works best for them.

Green Cove Springs
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Personal Development Coach with over 10 years experience. I believe we all are special and unique and we all need assistance BRANCHING OUT TO DISCOVER OUR GREATNESS

The way I teach is by instilling confidence into each of my clients by showing them that they already have everything they need to be successful just need a comfortable, fun, safe, and trusting environment to explore. I establish a real human connection with my clients and allow them to be true to themselves by being true to myself.

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Diploma graduate student offering vital life skills and stress management in Birmingham.

I will first approach teaching stress management by taking a look into stress and what actually causes it, employing techniques I personally have found to be helpful in stressful and scary situations. Once we know what we're dealing with, we will take that deeper look into how to overcome stressful situations without causing our mental and physical health to suffer.

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