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Pitt Meadows
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Scared to speak in public? Hire a french TV and radio reporter!

My technique is based of my own experience of stress just before doing my radio or TV live hit. I will teach you a method tested for 20 years that I created and taught to young reporters. This method includes yoga techniques and visualisation practices.

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Life Coach specializing in clear communication, self esteem and overcoming communication challenges

My teaching style focuses on identifying where you are lacking in confidence and what the underlying issues are (i.e. written or spoken English, challenges expressing yourself confidently, communicating your ideas). My classes are meant for anyone who wishes to greatly improve their communication and self confidence.

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Stepmom Coach in Dorval, QC specializing in empowering Stepmoms & the blended family!

My focus is on YOU: How do you learn? How do you communicate? How will you achieve your goals? I use specific tools to help YOU get to where you want in your life. Whether it be YOUR first step towards something bigger & better, or some accountability and motivation for those last few steps towards your goal.

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Inspire people to live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within

I am a true believer that "if you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day. But if you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime". My life purpose is to teach the person to fish, in this case, to inspire and equip individuals with the right tools, mindset, attitude, and habits that can help them deal with life's problems, so that they can grow into happy and whole adults.

The Blue Mountains
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McGill Honours Psychology graduate and MBA life coach in reducing/eliminating stress, becoming debt-free, and living a healthier, happier you.

After determining your needs, I base classes on the most effective methodology to achieve your specific goals, as each person learns, retains, and effectively applies information differently than another. I offer constructive testing, conducive to retaining and applying relevant data.

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Registered Social Service Worker gives personal coaching advise that includes wisdom and encouragement.

My help others by listening to their story, offering them referrals to agencies as necessary, and giving encouragement. My encouragement includes a look at their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual practices and offering advice that I believe would help them.

Powell River
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Stress Management for Handicapped People: Physically & Mentally challenged, disabled or physically impaired, crippled, lame. euphemistic physically challenged, differently abled. paraplegic, quadriple

I am coping with handicapping conditions using many methods. I have some exposure to pilates. I have studied stress management for over 40 years. I am willing to tailor a class to meet your needs 3. My favorite yogi is my friends doggie. I first learned some basic Hatha yoga from the superb yogi Binaji in Vancouver 1979.

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Positive Psychology and Life Coaching by Counsellor in Private Practice and an Emotional Health Practitioner

Classes are for anyone looking to improve their personal and professional lives, relationships, emotional health or looking for counselling. Each session is 50 minutes and will involve homework and follow up to see positive life changes within the time working together.

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My intention is to help individuals and groups live their best lives possible through the instruction of Yoga, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and by offering Focus Oriented & Complex Trauma Therap

Our brain, mind and body are intrinsically connected by our nervous system. I teach people whole health and wellness through sharing evidence based tools which can improve mental and physical well-being.

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ESL Tutor, patient, experienced with years of understanding your needs. Sylvan Lake and area.

My teaching methods include conversation skills, along with basic English written, spoken, listening and reading skills. I love to teach using visual, pictorial, and spoken or sung, language. We all have different learning styles which are offered to every individual.

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Stop your stress and improve your health and wealth with renowned trainer

I approach every training in a nonjudgmental, insightful compassionate manner without my clients disclosing invasive of past or current situations. I have the skills and knowledge to produce positive recognizable results.

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I had extreme stressful life experiences but I have mastered stress reduction

My methods are based on real-life tried and tested modes of action which has given positive results of stress reduction

St. Catharines
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Internationally Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Consulting Hypnotist specializing in health and wellness.

My methodologies are client oriented. I take my clients from where they are now and where they want to be. Some are structured must do lessons and activities - others are go with the flow of the class materials.

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Behaviour Therapist helps individuals manage stress, anxiety, and negativity through positive behaviour support and life choices

All of my behaviour support plans are created specifically for the individual receiving my assistance. I use an evidence-based, person centered approach to assess behaviour, and create effective behaviour intervention plans to guide each individual through their journey.

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Life Skills Coach offers personal and family services for times of change.

I use both a one to one and group method for delivering the tutoring and coaching. My specialty is in strengths based, anti-oppression, empowerment oriented approaches that are client driven. Using a solution focused approach we evaluate, analyse, plan and implement actions measured and tailored to promote individual success.

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CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! Positive + Effective LIFE COACH for Mental, Physical & Spiritual WHOLENESS! (London, ON)

My teaching methods are mainly through goal-setting, accountability, encouragement, and focusing on the individuals' strengths. I am empathetic, motivating, and inspiring. I focus on taking active steps and empowering the individual. People love to work with me because I am like a best friend to them, giving them the best possible advice and support to move forward.

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Life coaching, stress management techniques -- help with Internet-related addictions, avail by Skype, payments by PayPal

I offer individual life coaching to adults experiencing a range of life stressors- including bad habits and addiction. Some people may identify with the clinical terms that describe their struggles, while others relate to the lived experiences associated with these terms. Regardless, I can help you.

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LEARN what makes you stressed out! Learn new ways to deal with your stress.

I enjoy play-teaching where I find activities or games that teach. I also like to encourage creativity and uniqueness in each individual. I am patient and understanding of the diverse learning struggles.

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Learn to take public speaking - to overcome fear - to gain self-confidence -

Recently graduated from SciencesPo Paris and the School of Public Speaking in Paris, I teach public speaking classes at all levels, from shy to confirmed. Humility during my classes is fundamental. 6 axes of work: • The look. • The standing / sitting posture, the famous "stand up straight!" ".

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Life Coach - Reach Your Greatest Potential! (Face-to-face or skype meeting - American methodology)

After studying at the Edhec Business School and several years spent in the business world, I decided to start entrepreneurship at the age of 23. I launched the first e-commerce platform dedicated to ethical and fair shopping. In this adventure, I discovered the power of personal development.

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Mindful Creativity Coach, Life Coach, Personal Coach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, confidential support with experienced coach

HOW CAN COACHING WITH ZANGMO ALEXANDER HELP ME? - Dissolve blocks, procrastination, resistance, fear, anxiety and negative beliefs sabotaging your personal, creative and professional development - Clarify what is really important, authentic and meaningful in life and creative practice for you – what are your core values, aspirations, goals and beliefs that make life worth living and creative wo

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Personal coaching, personalized advice and attention in motivational psychology located in Granada.

I would give public coaching lectures, personalized being face-to-face in person, online being via video call (skype). My long-term goal is to gather experience to squeeze it into group-level conferences. My goal is to contribute part of my value, vision of the future but above all to be the tool of orientation towards the path you want to achieve.

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Counselor Psychosomatist, Meditation Teacher for personal and group sessions. Biodynamic Craniosacral and psychosomatic massage

What I do: I support you in a path of inner growth, helping you to contact your positive resources, developing Self-Consciousness; work on psychosomatic blocks, accompanying the person in the transformation of psychophysical tensions, allowing them to return to enjoy the pleasure of living in the body, here-and-now.

Greater london
Natasha (i'm english despite my name).
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PUBLIC SPEAKING Classes and Courses (Individuals and Groups). Online video-calls or In-Person. Female Trainer with 3 Relevant Masters degrees & 16 years training experience. www CoursesPublicSpeaking

Public Speaking Classes and Courses for Individuals (1-2-1) and Groups. Online video-calls or In-Person. Female Trainer with 3 relevant Masters degrees & 16 years training experience. Please see: www CoursesPublicSpeaking dot com for rates and far far more information than is in this ad. _________________________________ · Hourly coaching. · Half day, 1, 2 and 3 day workshops.

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Passionate Accredited & Certified Life, Performance & Mental Wellness Coach ~ life coaching together to achieve your goals & aspirations in studies, work & life. Offering face to face, Skype or phone

As a passionate Accredited & Certified passionate Life, Performance & Mental Wellness Coach, I tailor sessions around your coaching requirements, either face to face, via Skype or over the telephone. My approach is none-judgmental, relaxed, friendly & inspiring. Coaching together to successfully achieve your goals & aspirations in your studies, work & in life.

Vila Olimpia
Ana carolina
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Coach trained in the USA, specializing in Wellness, personal development, positive psychology and holistic therapies

I have extensive experience in attendance, I did Health Coach training in the USA, Food Therapy in the USA, I participated in Tony Robbins training, I have Professional and Life Coach training, Certification in Holistic Therapies, Reiki healer, mindfulness, Access Consciousness, Female empowerment, body image and a few other specializations.

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London Life Coach with PhDs in Physiology & Biochemistry will LISTEN, STRATEGISE, MOTIVATE and SUPPORT YOU

I offer You my full attention, understanding and support. I will teach You how to make the right decisions for Yourself. I will help You to identify and achieve Your goals and will guide You through changes and obstacles to follow Your dreams.

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Project safely and naturally everything you are and do. Speak in public! I show you how :-)

17 years of professional experience in corporate communication, which includes: verbal communication (oratory), non-verbal (body language), written (writing and content management) and digital (social networks). International experience as a teacher: Children, young people and adults; in classes at home, in school classrooms and in two universities.

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Coaching - Reach your goals for 2019, with the support of a Coach!

Through a special coaching conversation designed to help you listen deep within yourself to your intuition, to gain clarity and knowing, I can help you become aware of what wants to be created through you. My approach is collaborative and non-directive, which means that I work together with the client to create the change and results you want.

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Lecturer. PhD Researcher. Teacher. LifeCoach. Mentor. with 15 years experience gives private personal development coaching online or face to face

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not sure how to cope with the pressures of life? Are you struggling to get motivated, feel inspired or find purpose? Do you feel like you stuck in a rut? Do you need help to gain control back in different areas of your life?... It's ok...

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