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Personality Development & Life Hacks by Sara Alam, Professional Life Coach in United Kingdom

Every individual is unique and so the study pattern adopted is tailored to the needs of each individual. I am privileged to work with young and old alike from the field of cricket to media to the wonderful individual beings I meet on a daily basis, and to be a guiding factor in their lives. I facilitate your overall development by providing tips and exercises that form a part of your daily life.

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Can't afford to sit in a room and let a shrink listen to your problems? No problem, I'm a business graduate with a little psychology experience willing to listen to your problems and give you the unp

I recently graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Business administration and is currently in the process of getting a Masters in Psychology. I understand how to handle different people in different situations to create the most sufficient outcomes.

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Qualified college student gives life advice and support for teens and young adults (mental health or general life stress)

I am passionate towards helping others with a variety of issues involving mental health or general life. I am an empathetic listener who is understanding and caring towards every individual. My sessions involve a brief introduction of each other, followed by an exploration of the topics you wish to discuss.

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Life Coaching - Career & Personal Development, Public Speaking, Negotiation Techniques, Situational Leadership, Sales Techniques, CV and Cover Letter Building

Life Coaching Tutor -Lessons available in Career and Personal Development structured to each individual and their requirements. Clear advice, techniques, timelines, and development notes provided. -Situational Leadership training for new or experienced managers in any business and how to successfully coach and develop a team, as well as key techniques and motivational ideas.

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I coach people to achieve their potential, grasp the opportunity for personal, career and life development!

I use a variety of techniques to support my clients in life coaching, including using neuro linguistic programming (NLP), imagery and hypnosis work, life planning activities, mentoring and coaching support and gestalt work.

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Live the life you were born to live. Connect with the real you. Intuitive life coach/Reiki practitioner ready at your service.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates Hi! Thank you for clicking on me! No matter who you are, you deserve to live a life of fulfillment, to live the vision you have for yourself. I want to help you be the best you, to live your true self, to be who you were meant to be.

Liberty Township
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Life and Leadership Coaching to Become the Highest Version of Your Self

My name is Dr. Chris Marshall and I have 25 years of experience in leading and coaching others to locate their passions in life and upgrade to become the highest version of themselves to attain the top of their craft.

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Dream of being happier? Struggling to be healthier or tidier? I can help.

You're amazing. Right? Some of you feel that way, and some of you only have a glimmer of amazing. You're surrounded by a fog of feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, and exhausted- with no discernable way out. You can get out. You can learn how to have a home that fills you with joy. You can have a body that you love and understand. You can feel at peace in your own mind.

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Coaching for the Leaders of Tomorrow (London): Stress, Communication, Public Speaking, Relationships

I'm a professional Leadership Trainer and Life Coach with a background as a Teacher and Physics Researcher. I work with both Schools and big businesses to improve communication and create a nurturing environment.

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University student in Criminology and Psychology gives unsolicited advice and support with mental health issues.

I will be using my personal experience and knowledge to help you manage stress and anxiety along with other issues regarding mental health. I am currently studying myself and always looking for ways to improve my knowledge and understanding regarding the issues that fall under the mental health subject.

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Entrepreneur with diverse experience in multiple industries looking to share unique insights

Hi, Geoff here. My style is open and conversational and my goal is to share knowledge, lessons and experience in business and life challenges to help younger (and older) people find their happy place. I thrive on emotional intelligence, passion and a strong belief in karma.

New Delhi
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A Wellness Coach ,on a mission to transform minds.You become what you think ! I create shift in thoughts by Law of attraction as the creator

My methodology is conducting a personality analysis through my own developed method ,this helps to understand the person I will be mentoring.I believe in open exchange of thoughts which helps in seeing beyond obstacles and brings in complete thought shift.

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A qualified with proven experience supporting clients in the workplace and in educating setting. Committed to delivering client-centered support that gradually empowers individuals and enables them to

My teaching method is based on techniques logically coordinated to direct the student toward certain goal & objectives. Not just teaching psychology students but also people of all age group who find difficult to cope up with stress and depression.....will them by doing their counseling.

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Release Stress and Remove Conflict with easy exercise and breathing technique today

I will first understand your issue and offer you unique solution. Some meditations some exercises some breathing technique. just by following it for few days you will be out of conflict. I will also track your progress . It is very easy.

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The only raw and deep love advice you need - In Portsmouth

Willing to share the best love and friendship advise I know. Experience is the best teacher. This is why I have expertise now. Sometimes friends break hearts too. And sometimes it is all about opening your mind and heart for new beginnings. Beginnings you deserve.

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Life is a race and I am here to help you all :)

My teaching method is simple, I would like to answer all your doubts. I will try my level best to help you. My teaching will definitely help you to fight with anxiety and depression. I will try to build self love and self confidence in you.

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A motivational mentor with good knowledge of how the mind works and how to manage stress.

My teaching method is very simple. I don't give you theoretical knowledge but i will give you practical skills that will make you a better person. I will help you to know, how you can control your mind and the senses of it.

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Lets resolve the self conflicts, lets know the answers, lets look inside!

The method of these teaching starts from everyday life and its experience. I prefer to take 'YOUR' experience as example to find the gap and then 'YOUR' experience again as an ingredient to fill it.

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A person who can connect with people will make a good public speaker. BE POSITIVE, BE YOU

I prefer talking with the people/student that is when you can find the "SWOT" in them. The SWOT is an analysis which will help to get the results accurate. I make sure that every individual gets self-confidence and takes risks accordingly. Compare yourself and not with others is the best thing I have heard and learnt.

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Transform your work and life filled with Wisdom, peace, joy and love with self awareness course

I use meditation techniques , psychological counseling as transforming tools for both offline and online coaching sessions for individual Transformation

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Virtual life assistant. Positive spiritual free thinker, looking to use my time, life experience and knowledge to change lives for the better. Birmingham based but free to travel if you prefer face to

I like to identify the main cause or reason you are not reaching your goals and then strip them down in order to eliminate them and break the cycle. I will set specific tasks for you to help you achieve your goals and plans to take you out of your comfort zone and bring you to the next level of you! I will also provide mental excercises to help you break free of any negative thoughts.

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Learn to appreciate the occasional storms that comes in your life! And believe in karma!

First I'll approach you with your problem then we'll discuss about how your life is right now and then how can we change or solve it or make it convenient for you to stop whatever that's coming in your way so get ready for achieving your ultimate life goals!

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Personal Coach gives communication and personal development lessons to high school and students in Perth

I am good in student guidance. I come from higher education and have a master communication management. I help students to turn in their strengths and help them with their presentation skills, planning and organisation of work tasks, personal coaching and thinking in possibilities and positivity. My teaching method is knowledge sharing. Students can help each other with their skills and knowledge.

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Professional giving life coaching on leadership, stress management and conflict resolutions in Indore

I prefer teaching by giving real life examples and by strong involvement of the student so that they can easily relate to what we are discussing. There is stress everywhere and with everyone irrespective of their age and profession, so these stress management and leadership lessons are for everyone.

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Student of Clinical Psychology teaches in Pshychology Area and counseling at home in Viseu

My way of working is very focused on the person. I intend to give you the necessary tools so you can manage your problems and conflicts and be able to manage your time and personal life. I want to help you broaden your field of vision so that you can make your own decisions.

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I Teach online. I have had experience with stress in the past.

I can talk to you about how to handle stress. Also I can be someone to talk to if you need someone to talk to for a chat. I also have experience with bullying and other things. I can help.

Boca Raton
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Ph.D. & Certified Professional Life Coach with 10 years of experience gives stress management sessions over the phone, or facetime in FL. to all ages.

I have a Ph.D. In Holistic Health, I have 13 certifications and degrees in total. I love to learn. The technique I use is with breath and light tapping on accupressure points. I come from an open heart with intentions to heal and give love. I see what amazing things my education has given me and desire to share with all who also desire to heal themselves and become more successful in life.

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Story County Iowa: Personal Life Assistance in a variety of ways to help you!

I like to think that each person needs to be taught in a different way. A person needs analyzed to see how they work best. Some need pushed into things, some need to be offered rewards, and some just need someone to get started with them.

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Law of attraction (loa) master coach in pune & also online all over world


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Experienced primary school teacher helps parents prepare their child to begin school

I work with parents and their child to find the best way to maximise their child's learning. I help parents to recognise how to best prepare their children to become life long learners. With consistent but easy steps, parents can assist their child to develop the habits that will assist them in the classroom.

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