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Licensed coach and passionate tennis geek is ready to boost your tennis skills in Montréal!

While mainly teaching on-court lessons, I am using complementary tools (YouTube videos) to visualize specific moving sequences as well as doing video analyzing of the tennis student.

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New young Tennis Coach in Montréal teach from beginner to competitive level

I adapt myself and the lessons I give, according to the needs of my student. Need to work on your technique or just a sparing partner ? You want to prepare for a specific competition ? or You just want to be able to play with your friends ? Methods will depends on what you want and what you need.

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Private Tennis Lessons & Yoga offered in the North York area. Need to have access to a court. Yoga can be done in home

I believe that in order to be good at a sport, the foundation needs to be strong. Hence we will focus on developing the proper technique. Once the right technique settles in, it is easy to work on strategy and learning the game. For Yoga, the same principle applies.

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Over 20 years of experience conducting tennis sessions for tennis development programs for age groups, individual and group private lessons, Observed and evaluated prospective players’ skills and perf

Design and implement coaching and training strategies to enhance and maximize the athletic and competitive success of student-athletes. Develop and implement an appropriate recruiting strategy and select, evaluate and research prospective student-athletes and observed and evaluated prospective players’ skills and performance.

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I can teach you how to play tennis as a pro in ONE month !!

I will teach you how to play thru instructions based on my experience / my history and video /photo Recording system. where you will figure out where is the gap without even i tell.and with my help to put you in the way , you will see how advance you are.

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Over 10 years tennis experience and coached over 50 students, ranged from 12 yr to 22 yr old.

My coaching method is based on scientific theory. I believe that not everyone will play identically. Everyone should find their own chain of dynamic and the most comfortable playing styles. I am especially good at coaching beginners to have fun in tennis.

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Experienced tennis instructor and competitive player offering tennis lessons. Let’s do this!

I like to tackle everything that helps my student develop great tennis playing skills such as agility, technique, fitness, strategy and more.

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Lets play Tennis and Enjoy our life out of stress and tensions :)

⦁ Have trained players of U-12 & U-14 of the nation ranking in the top 10.

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Certified Tennis pro with over 2 decades of coaching experience, all levels welcome

To have fun, if you are enjoying the sport you will come back for more. Each class we work on playing more rather then talking too much. The more reps the better. We get the bascis down so you can get out and play.

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Pedagogic and energetic student gives Tennis courses in Montreal. For Beginners or advanced

My teaching methods is strong for technicity and proper gestures. Patience and work. Entousiasm and positive attitude. I want to give the desire to progress and the strength to work for it. Pleasure and hard working are the key points.

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22y old, competitive tennis player since 2006 offer tennis corses for beginners in ottawa

My teaching will be based on what my goachs learned me, with a personalized program

West Vancouver
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Tennis lessons, group coaching and/or fitness from a British coach in West Vancouver

Tennis is a wonderful sport and my goal would be to meet yours. Whether you enjoy tennis for fun, fitness, competition, skill, and/or social interaction, I am happy to accommodate your biggest needs, as well as accommodate both individual and group sessions.

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Business Masters student willing to use his vast experience in Table Tennis, Soccer and Badminton to give group or individual coaching lessons in and around Hamilton, ON

I opt an adaptive way, which is tailored to the individual. Every individual grasps the sport in a different manner and I take into account that factor very seriously. I prefer to have a small group of people in my class but open to having multiple sessions if the number is big.

Côte Saint-Luc
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Student who played tennis for 10years and has an experience offers private lessons for children or adults

My coaching methods will be based on learning cycle which depends from one to another and especially mutual respect, i'm friendly and very kind with kids too.

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I can help to improve your tennis technique, or we can enjoy playing for fun.

My tennis pupils would learn: - Techniques for forehand, backhand, volley and service. - Strategy is develop with trails to develop an aggressive style and consistency. - For teaching groups, I have develop some trials to keep, up to 4, students moving and hitting the boll around the court.

Paris 8e
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Tennis teacher and physical training certificated for all ages in Paris and Ile de France

Tennis coach and physical trainer certificated for all types of levels and all ages. Courses on demand as needed and vied for everyone. Someone who will listen and will best meet your expectations. Satisfaction guaranteed. At your service 7/7, 24/24.

Paris 4e
Base line
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Tennis a la carte, closer to your needs! We train professional players to beginner children. Baseline brings together several high level coaches

Our coaches played at the professional level (world top100), coached French championship teams, and trained young players, allowing them to acquire the best technique.

Marseille 2e
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Professional Player, currently ranked No. 32 French, gives private lessons in Paris

Whether you are beginner or experienced, a kid or an adult, I will be happy to help you improve by sharing my passion, knowledge and experience with you. I will adapt each session according to your demands and your needs. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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Do you want improve your Table Tennis? Professional spanish coach and player in London

Hello, my name is Alberto Garrido , and I am 22 years old. I am a proactive, friendly , and patient coach that understand the different stages and processes that allow my clients to completely fulfill their objectives. Besides, I am extremely passionate about what I am doing.

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High quality tennis coaching to maximise your performance (English, French or Spanish)

Qualified Tennis Coach by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) and PhD in Political Science by the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), I have trained hundreds of players of all levels and ages. I use an advanced methodology to maximise your progress and performance (ITF-Evolution). - Private lessons and small groups: 1-3 players to make your progress faster.

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Tennis pro with 3 titles demonstrable French Tennis Federation

Highly qualified tennis teacher with over 20 years d'experience, teaches tennis since inciacion to high competicion.Vocación for teaching and pacienca, bringing all my experiencia.Clases in a very organized and cohérente.

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Tennis Coach offering lessons/ to be a hitting partner to all ages and abilities

My teaching method is very similar to how I was taught, I like to have fun with my lessons because I believe that is the best way to learn and encourage positive reinforcement in order to get the best out of my player.

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State level Champion Table Tennis player with 12 years of experience gives tuition about this amazing sports

Students should chose a tutor based on : 1. He/She has a good communication flow that can match his/her teaching style. 2. He/She must have a good understanding of that subject both in theoretically and practically. 3. Must be patient with students growth and compassionate his/her style of grabbing knowledge from a tutoring session. 4.

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Former professional ATP tennis player, tennis coach, physical preparation, mental, nutrition and wellness program. Program and training adapted according to the needs and the objectives sought

I am a former ATP professional tennis player, ranked in the top 300 in the world and for more than 10 years among the top 40 French. I passed my state diploma as well as the federal high-level coaching diploma. My wish is to respond favorably to your request according to your objectives. My methodology will adapt to all of you, from beginners to experienced players, competition and high level.

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Tennis teacher for any level of players, from beginners to the advanced player. Custom training based on the players goals!

I learned to play tennis at age 11 and since then I have never stopped! I started teaching for a little over a year, and I still want to get more people to know tennis and to make the Portuguese people more cultured in the great sport of tennis!

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Spreading my love for tennis through an analytical coaching methodology. I always believe sports performance can be enhanced by understanding the numbers behind the game.

There are the basic techniques in every sport that can never be altered with, except a few minor tweaks which are unique to every player. Each player will have a strength in a different department - some will have more flexibility, some may have more speed, some may have more strength.

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Division 1 Tennis Player who will teach you the mental and physical aspects of the game

Throughout my lifetime of playing tennis, I have been exposed to some of the top coaches, players, and clinics, which have allowed me to increase my knowledge and success of the game. Not only do I have experience playing the sport, but have also spent a lot of my life teaching tennis at numerous tennis facilities in upstate NY, Long Island, and CT.

West Hollywood
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Tennis Professional offering lessons with 10 years of experience to all ages

I believe that my method allows the player to enjoy every moment of enhancing their tennis but also pushing themselves to levels they haven’t broken. My teaching philosophy is very simple, "do your best and forget the rest". If you put all your effort and have a good attitude then that's all I can ask for at the end of the day. Every player is different, i.e.

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Table Tennis Womens Division Champion who can train future players in LA

I make sure to provide them lectures and information about the subject. Showing demonstration and giving instructions will also help them to learn complete movement. Letting them practice will help them improve their skills. Most importantly, help them understand the importance of sports.

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