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  • Computer-aided music
  • Music Production
  • Music Technology
  • Music Recording
  • Audio Mixing
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Music Production: notation, mixing and theory. Getting your music to share digitally


I have broken down music parameters to be able to focus on specific aspects of music - texture, rhythm, meter, mood, etc. By focusing on one thing at a time it becomes easier to identify and produce the specific kind of music you enjoy.


I am a composer (MA in Music Composition) and have scoring and recording music for over 30 years. I have worked in Hollywood, San Francisco, I am a member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers, and have scored films, features, shorts and documentaries.


Rate for online lessons : $ 28/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $33
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $28
Lessons offered by Victor
In group
The lessons will be held
at their home
Taught subjects
  • Computer-aided music
  • Music Production
  • Music Technology
  • Music Recording
  • Audio Mixing
  • All Levels

Victor's Resume

For more about his current projects see 9Crows.com.au
Recent Scores:
* Taripaypacha - short film with Cristian Saliadare
* Dreaming Abraham – short film (won a laurel at the International Film Festival)  written and directed by Victor Spiegel
* Angels in America – (stage play) Directed by Annette Rowlinson
* To Kill A Mockingbird – (stage play) Directed by Annette Rowlinson
* The Tempest: Steampunked – (stage play) Directed by John Galea
* Cubed – Animation
* Valentimes Day – short film
* Fractured – short film
* Naked Picnic – Short film
* My Name is Faten – Short film
* Fractured – Short film
* Number 46 – Feature film
* Stories fromTohoku – Documentary
* The Secrets of a Strange Cloud – Documentary
Works in progress (as writer, director, composer):
* Future Present – documentary/feature regarding genetic ethics
* LoveDotCom – TV comedy series about a successful but dysfunctional dating service
* Darkside High – TV comedy series for tee
* Full Moon Over Faulconbridge – radio play, feature film, TV series, stage ply, musical, novel
* Silver Light – feature
* The Magic Horse – Musical
Recordings Available
* Alchemical Chronicles   released October, 2016
* Offerings – Solo piano
Remembrance – Solo piano
* The Tempest: Steampunked! – Score for an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest
* In Site – Solo piano
* Healing Series (3) – Guided Meditations for Muscles, Skeletal and Organ healing,
* Evocation – Solo piano
* Darvish – Piano, cello, and percussion original compositions
* Totem: Horses of Life – Original ancient contemporary songs
* Little Ditties – Social satire songs
* The View – Relaxation audio
* Beneath the Waves– Relaxation audio
* Zikr of the Qadiri-Rifai – Live recording of a Sufi ceremony
Film Scores and Soundtracks
* Dolls
* Piecing Memories,
* I Exist,
* Chaos,
* Homecoming,
* DĂ©jĂ  Vu,
* The Return,
* Alice Rose,
* Apple Computer,
* Glaxo/Kline,
* University of California
* LoveDotCom – TV comedy series
* Full Moon Over Faulconbridge – Audio, theatre and film screenplay
* New Dawn – Horror
* The Magic Horse – Story adaptation
* Silver Light – Australian adventure/mystery
* The Magic Door – produced and performed in University of California, Santa Cruz (1978) The Magician – recorded in Berkeley, California (1982)
* I Love Animals – a musical for children, produced and performed in San Francisco, California (1986)
* Fyon K’ Poornt (The Bone of Contention) a Mangoid Opera; Oakland, California (1986)
* Getting Out Of the Way: Living Sufism – Ansari Publications
* Full Moon Over Faulconbridge – in progress
* Benn Gunn – music video 2012
* LoveDotCom – Sydney, NSW 2011
* The Magic Door – musical 1978
* The Mangoid Opera – opera, California 1986
* Pro-Creation – performed in Sydney at Jack Thompson’s Gearin Hotel 2010
* Perfect World – Allan Stone music video (the guy with the cape)
* Mitsubishi refrigerator commercial – appearing as Albert Einstein
* Youi Automotive insurance commerical
* The Magic Horse – story-telling, pianist and composer
* Murder Mysteries in the Blue Mountains (The Don)
* One-man shows (Mills College, University of California, Santa Cruz)
* Bliss n Eso music video trailer (the bad teacher)
Other Projects
* Morrison Planetarium, San Francisco – various presentations 
* Imperialism 2 (computer game)
* How We First Met – San Francisco Night Club Improvisational Theater
* Gundam (computer game) – Bandai Inc.
* Sing Myself a Lullaby – Score for Choreography and Performance
* Scores for Choreographers Ellen Bromberg, Karl Schaeffer, Sharon Zozoya Nova (WGBH, Boston)
* (concealed information)
* Improvisational comedy: San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne
Teaching Experience
* Music Lecturer – JMC Academy, Sydney (2006 – present)
* Music for 9th Graders – City Arts and Technology, San Francisco (2004)
* AEMDD – (Grant from US Dept. of Education through Walnut Creek) (2003-2006 4th & 5th grades)
* Making Music – Summer 3rd and 4th grade (2003 -5))
* Music for Theater – Summer 5th – 8th grade (2003 & 4)
* Music for K-8 (Artist–in–Residence) Morello Park (Martinez) K, 2004
Sun Terrace School (Concord) K-4, 2003
* The Academy (Berkeley) 1998 – 2000
* Frank McCoppin Elementary (San Francisco) 1997
* Argonne Elementary, 4 kindergarten classes (San Francisco) 1996
* Private Lessons (1968-present)
* Piano, Composition, Electronic Music, MIDI, Recording, Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Jazz, Improvisation, World Music
* Music for Dancers Workshop (1995) Luna, Oakland;
* Cabrillo College Visiting Assistant Professor in Music (1982)
* Florida State University, Tallahassee Piano Instructor (1978-79)
* Cabrillo College Music Appreciation (1978) UCSC Music workshops ( 1978, ‘79, ‘82) Cabrillo College Drama Instructor (1991,’92)
* Tehiya Day School
* Mills College: Music Composition 1979 – 81 Master of Arts
* University of California, Santa Cruz- Music 1975 – 77
* Bachelor of Arts California Institute of the Arts 1969 – 70 Music
* Santa Monica College 1967 – 68 Music
* California State University, Northridge 1966 – 67 Music/English
* Bruce Sutherland & Amparo Iturbi 1953 – 68 Piano
Related Experience
* Owner/Engineer/Producer: Victor Spiegel Music 1982 – present
* Composer/Accompanist: Dance Departments of: UCLA, UCSC, UCB, UCR, California Institute of the Arts; Loyola/Marymount; Cabrillo College; Mills College, and other Bay Area and Los Angeles dance studios and companies (1967-present)
* Composer: Commissions for dance, theater, film, video, radio, television, commercials, and industrials (1968 – present) (See client list)
* Music Director: Berkeley Shakespeare Festival (1989);
* Deer Rose- Theater on the Square, San Francisco (1988);
* I Love Animals; (1995) and other musicals
Awards, Credentials, Affiliations
* Australian Film Institute Australian
* Australian Guild of Screen Composers
* California Community College Instructor Credential in Music, valid for life
* American Composer’s Forum
National Television Arts Award (1990)
* Paul Merritt Henry Prize for Masters Thesis, Mills College (1981)
* Sweepstakes Award Hollywood Bowl Battle of the Bands- Jazz Combo (1967)
* BMI publisher
Selected Projects and Clients
* Academy of Sciences Addison-Wesley, Inc.
* Apple Computers, Inc.
* Bantam Books, Inc.
* Chicago Art Museum
* Digital Equipment Corporation
* Empire Pictures
* Glaxo/Kline, Inc.
* KQED-TV, San Francisco
* KTVU-TV, Oakland
* Lockheed Missiles & Space
* Nova (WGBH – Boston)
* Port of Oakland
* Sprint, Inc.
* Bandai, Inc.
* Getty Museum, Los Angeles
* The Magic Horse: Sydney (2007) Melbourne (2007, 2009)
* Darvish: Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (2008)
Industrial, Video and Multimedia
* Introduction to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
* Bridge Media (2003) Piecing Memories: Recollections of Internment
* Civil Liberties Education program (2000)
* The New Millennium – hour-long review of 1900-2000, no narration. KRON-TV (2001) Science in Action – University of California TV show, Lorisa Brannon (2000)
* Anatomy of an Electric Shock - Video, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (1999) Imperialism 2 - CD Rom game Frog City/Broderbund (1998)
* ESnet video series - Lawrence Berkeley Livermore National Laboratories (DOE) (1997) Jobs for Youth – EDD (Employment Development Department) video (1997)
* Women in Science – CD Rom, McLean Media (1996)
* Gundam - CD Rom game for Bandai Interactive software game (1996)
* Oompala - Electronic Sports Trading Cards (1996)
* Berkeley Learning Technologies - CD Rom Hoboken (1995)
* Accolade - SCES Show, video (1994)
* Glaxo/Kline, Inc. – New Product Presentation Video (1994)
* NSF Industry/University Research Centers - Catalysts for Change (1994)
* Port of Oakland - Marketing video (1993, 1997)
* General Parametrics - Multimedia demo (1993)
* California Parks Union - Informational Video (1992)
* Sprint - Interactive Computer Presentation (1992)
* Biotime - Promotional video (1992)
* Symantec - TimeLine Informational Video and in-house videos (1991)
* Apple Computer, Inc. - Consider the Possibilities Marketing Video (1990)
* Peerless Lighting Corporation - Health, Work & Light (1990)
* California State Auto Association - In-House sales training Video (1990, 91)
* Lockheed Missiles & Space - Promotional video (1990)
* WATG - International architectural slide presentation
* Oakland Museum – Laserdisk informational station, History Exhibit (1990)
* Claris Interactive Demo – Computer software demonstration (1990)
* Angels in America (2015) Sydney, Australia
* To Kill A Mockingbird (2014) Sydney, Australia
* The Tempest – (Shakespeare) Directed by John Galea. Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville (2012)
* Man and Superman – (Shaw) Directed by Irene Lewis. Berkeley Repertory Theater (1990) The Misanthrope – (Moliere) Directed by Irene Lewis. Berkeley Repertory Theater (1989) Julius Caesar – (Shakespeare) Directed by Oskar Eustis. Berkeley Shakespeare Festival (1988)
The Normal Heart – Berkeley Repertory Theater (1985)
Film & Documentaries
* Laura of My Dreams – short Terry Lamb (2004)
* Widow Maker – short 2004
* Making David – Independent Film short, Echuta Productions (2002)
* Dig That Rex! - Video about discovery and reconstruction T Rex fossil for McDonald’s (1998)
* Beyond Awareness - Documentary. Produced by Avalon Media & Marin Abused Women’s Services (1995)
* Sacred Art of Tibet - Documentary. Produced by Access Video (1991)
* Incentive Scholarships - University of California, Berkeley (1992, 93, 94, 95
* Distinguished Teaching Awards - University of California, Berkeley (1992, 93, 94, 95, 96) English Language Program - University of California, Berkeley (1991)
* People of the Klamath - Documentary. Produced by Jim Culp (1989)
* Preparing for the 21st Century - Documentary. Directed by Ian Thiermann. Educational Film & Video Project (1988)
* View from the Shuttle - Addison-Wesley , produced by McLean Media (1994)
* Dolls - Feature film. Directed by Stuart Gordon. Empire Pictures (1987)
Television & Radio 
* Time Capsule – KTVU 1 hour documentary of the last century
* Digital Equipment Corporation – Radio

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