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  • Hourly rate $20
  • Response Time 2h
  • Number of students 1
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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

Ontario Scholar (Giant Nerd) Can tutor you or your child to get better at Video Games

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I base sessions depending on the requested game. With a large amount of experience with difficult games I can monitor your gameplay for certain games and teach you how you can be better. Typically I would watch the student's play style and take note of where they are falling off and give them support as to how they can improve and show them how to do so.


  • Gaming


  • English


  • All Levels

About Charles

I am a Georgian College student with an over 80% average looking to make some extra money by helping people get better at video games. I have experience playing many different kinds of games, including FPS, BR, RPG, MOBA, and MMO.



  • 5 h: $100
  • 10 h: $200


  • + $$5


  • $ 25/h

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  • 1hrs


Webcam Lessons require a high speed internet. Will also require screen share capabilities. Webcam Lessons for PC games only.

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  • Roblox studio Game/map building help with showing how to build ormake high quality builds or even vehicles



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  • Pokemon Go player teaching students how to PoGO, and other gaming tips and tricks



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  • I am an adept gamer with a keen grasp for strategy games, TCGs, Pokemon, resource management and tactical RPGs, willing to share my knowledge and help better your gameplay experience.



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  • English and writing teacher offering both English and Gaming classes for Call of Duty Modern Warfare



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  • Hi I’m Easton and I can teach you to play video games like a pro.


    Fort St. John

    I like to teach softly and then once you get good at any game I will push you to your limit and make you show your inner...

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  • Full time gamer, teaching basic minecraftPVP to anyone who wants to learn.


    I love to play games, So i think that anyone who wants to have a tutor should be able to get one. My lessons can be at any...

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  • Gaming teaching how to easy level up dartmouth nova scotia canada home



    .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

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  • Pro Minecraft Coach in Canada! Great Tips And Tricks! Pvp, Building, general skills, and much more!


    North Vancouver

    The way I teach is merely just the student asking me lots of questions. I believe that the student can teach the teacher....

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  • Semi-Pro on Fortnite gives courses in construction, tactics, strategy and more to improve in Battle Royale.


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    First of all I base myself on the playground that will allow me to see your level. We will be able to make 1v1 Build fight...

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  • League of legends individual coaching by a challenger 800+ coach. All roles all elos


    Madrid, Spain

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    Step up a gear in your League of Legends gameplay. During the sesion we will go through the best ideas to improve your...

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  • Second Life - design avatars, profiles and country in a virtual world with incredible possibilities

    Daniela Sabina

    Germering, Germany

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    I can help beginners and advanced learners to find their way in this digital world. We are a worldwide community. People are...

    • $31/h
    • 30min free
  • Expert in Guitar Hero with 14 years of experience teaches Guitar Hero, Clone Hero or Rock Band.


    Lille, France

    5 (5 reviews)

    Software installation, software comparison, musical analysis, anecdote and historical context of the songs, educational...

    • $16/h
    • 30min free