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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

Popular & Professional Native Japanese Teacher in Vancouver. Online / JLPT / Intermediate / Basic / Academic / Traveling Survival / Anime / Communication

About the lesson

There's usually around 30 students with me.
1on2 lesson is getting the most popular lesson.

□What's good to learn Japanese with Haruka in 2022

➊Ready for all ages
・youngest student is 2 years old
・eldest student is over 60 years old

➋Flexibility to your goal
Current students who study Japanese
・ for JLPT test
・ for International relationship
・ for Helping to get the high grade in Japanese course at University
・ for Working in Japan
・ for Aiming exchange students
・ for Travelling in Japan
・ for Anime watching / Manga reading without subtitle
・ for Better Communication with Native Japanese
・ for Correcting Your Japanese with Cultural understanding behind

➌Create a personal curriculum
・ Provide the lesson plan for you.

➍Cover your study widely
・ Explanation that is not written in Textbook
・ Suggestion of study method in proper timing
・ Many ideas to support your home study
・ I choose speaking in Japanese or in English for different purposes.

➎Opportunity to meet other Japanese learners and Native Japanese speaker


□Type of Lesson - Please feel free to ask current availability

● Private lesson (1 on 1)
● Semi-private lesson (1 on 2)
For this moment, there's
・Genki1 level
・Genki2 level
・Kindergarten class
● Group lesson ( Maximum 6 students)
・ Kindergarten 3-5 years
・ Elementary
・ Young teen
・ Adult


All classes will start making a personal plan.
We will decide our lesson plan by talking
・your goal
・what you would like to focus
・teaching method for you
・deciding time and day etc...

※If you are not a beginner, We will check out your level (speaking/listening/writing/reading)


  • Japanese
  • Japanese vocabulary
  • Japanese speaking
  • +2

    Japanese reading

    Japanese writing


  • English
  • Japanese


  • All Levels

About Haruka

・Graduated from National University in Japan ( I have a teaching license) .
・Experience at Vancouver Japanese Language School and Burnaby Japanese Language School for group classes.
・Private Japanese lessons for 1 on 1, over 4 years.


Here's my Social Link
(concealed information)

1)Where are you from, exactly ?
My mom is from a little island, located in the south part, my dad is from the mountain side and  I am from Osaka. After I was born, We moved to Tokyo for 10 years and then We came back to Osaka.  Because of that, I know 2 major accents, standard and Osaka (well… actually more. If you read the next topic you are going to know why) and also the great nature of Japan. Yes, I’m a bit of everything !

2)What makes you an unique teacher ?
After I graduated from a national university, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, I decided to discover my country and the world.
So, I did a bicycle and hitchhiking trip, I spent every single night at someone’s house for a year in Japan. Then, I started to live in many different countries. I’ve been out of Japan for over a decade, so far.
Those experiences affect not only my understanding of cultures, but also my teaching.
My class won’t be only following the textbook, it comes with cultural perspectives through my experiences.

3)Why are you teaching ?
Spreading History and Culture : Japanese has a long history. I became addicted to knowing more deeper side of my country and sharing my knowledge to the weebs after traveling !  
Love to encourage : Simply like to encourage someone. Let me teach, please ! is the sentence that’s always in my mind. I love to see you improve !
Making friends : I think this is the most beautiful part of teaching. All my students become super good friends.
Protecting my culture : After all of those experiences, I truly realized how much cultures are disappearing in this world. I wanna preserve my culture.
And more and more ……

4)Are you teaching Japanese for getting allowance like the others  ?
Absolutely NOT.
Currently, I have been providing group lessons for kids, who have different backgrounds in Vancouver, and have been teaching Japanese to anyone who loves to learn one on one.
I’ve even been creating my own contents for better Japanese teaching. I am fully committed to my time for this job, not the side business.
This is officially my main focus ;)

5)What you wanna say to students ?
Creating together with a flexible teacher is the best way to improve your language skill, I believe.
What I wanna do through our class is to concentrate on "You reach your own goal". Let me find out what is "Missing" or 'How you can improve your Japanese skills with specific methods that will adjust for your level.
And Let’s have a fun moment together ! As long as you have an interest in learning Japanese, don't hesitate to contact me ;) !

Thank you for reading.



  • 5 h: $150
  • 10 h: $300


  • $ 30/h

free lessons

  • 30min


※In person class and online class are same fee.

Private Lesson (1on1) : $50 per hour

Group Lesson ;Depends on the number of you

If you are 2 of you,
lesson fee will be $30/ hour for a person. $60 in total.

If you are more than 3 of you,
lesson fee will be $25/hour for a person.
Ex, 3 people in your group, $75 / hour in total.

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