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A professional consultant and coach offering leadership and training services online and in Mississauga


I view my role as a partner to my clients, as someone who will tirelessly work with them to identify values, needs and motivators, and to align actions to those in order to facilitate sustainable positive change. For some, the initial effort in coaching is on exploring values and dilemmas, and on discovering aspects of self that need more acknowledgement. Others have specific goals and desired results already in mind. We’d establish these coaching objectives in our first session and will develop a plan of action with a predetermined duration of our engagement. At end of this pre-agreed time period, we will evaluate your next steps.

Our coaching sessions will have you work hard! But if you have the right mindset, this little partnership of ours will help you make great strides. What is the right mindset you ask? Here are some examples:
• Asking for help when you struggle
• Celebrating when you are successful
• Providing compassion to yourself when you aren't successful
• Embracing a growth mindset
• Being honest with yourself and your coach
You have to put the work in! The majority of coaching results happen in between sessions. So we’ll use a web-based tool so that we can:
• Manage the coaching plan and track your progress
• Have timely reminders to maintain momentum
• Have a running record of results, materials & insights so that you can see just how far you’ve come
• Keep up on the go
That way, when we meet, we won’t be catching up. We’ll be having deep, meaningful conversations.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Tim Gallwey


I’m a business person, through and through! Through over two decades of extensive education, and consulting and coaching in various sectors like telecommunications, digital, technology and government, one thing has remained constant – my fascination with leadership methods and business management frameworks to achieve results. I always told people that I wanted to be a CEO one day, because I really believe that I have it within me to guide an organization while serving and protecting its most important resource – its people. I pride myself on my leadership style and on caring for each and every person I support on my team. This helped me progress in my career but I always felt like something was missing.

As part of my professional development, I was paired with a coach who equipped me with the ability to better provide actionable feedback and to have important career conversations with my team. So not only was he helping me be my best professional self, but he was also teaching me how to pass that on to others. And I thought, what an incredible ripple effect! Who wouldn’t want to make that much difference in the world, right? So I was hooked. From there on, I didn’t care about progressing in an organization. I had found a way to amplify my effect by helping other leaders, and improving not only their personal and professional lives, but also the lives of their teams.


Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $200
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $400
Lessons offered by Iliana
Taught subjects
  • Career coaching
  • Professional training
  • Leadership
  • All Levels

Iliana's Resume


Results-oriented senior business leader with extensive consulting and coaching experience. Passionate and creative change agent with ability to energize local and global teams towards actionable and meaningful business objectives. Proven record of success in managing complexity, eliciting innovative strategies and enhancing operational efficiency.


 Business, leadership and agile coaching
 Strategic, financial and operational planning and management
 Project and portfolio management
 Organizational performance management


Master of Business Administration

Strategic Relationship Management Post-Graduate Certificate

Bachelor of Commerce
(Specialist of Commerce and Finance, Major in Economics)


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC)

Professional Certified Coach Candidate


Bell Media (2017-present)
 Lead and develop the Digital Centre of Excellence into a best-in-class operation capable of driving and supporting the Digital portfolio effectively (i.e. deliver overall strategy and meet aggressive business objectives and timelines)
 Responsible for designing, implementing, managing and facilitating the divisional strategic and business planning processes and governance
 Develop and implement an adaptive planning framework that utilizes improved planning and performance management processes, and strategic and operational KPIs to optimize response to changing market conditions
 Coach agile teams to improve performance
 Engage in strategic portfolio management to consistently optimize the portfolio mix in order to deliver maximum value for the organization with available resources
 Accountable for the financial management of the department's $30M Opex and $30M Capex

Bell Business Markets (2014-2017)
 Led a team of project managers, business analysts and support staff to set, shape and deliver strategy, as well as optimize business performance and deliver on annual targets
 Drove development of key business planning deliverables
 Managed teams to conceptualize and execute on a corporate-wide Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool to analyze and manage project, program and customer profit & loss performance
 Guided strategic projects valued at $200M+ and led financial management to improve performance
 Promoted from Associate Director / Senior Consultant, PMO Shared Services for excellent leadership ability

MTS Allstream (2007 – 2013)
 Designed, implemented, managed and facilitated the divisional planning process and governance, resulting in the development of strategic, financial, operating plans for cross-functional teams
 Developed and implemented an adaptive planning framework that utilizes improved planning and performance management processes, and strategic and operational KPIs to optimize response to changing market conditions
 Manage and control the delivery of the Marketing program ($20M capital and $20M in opex)
 Engaged in financial analysis, competitive and business intelligence activities to identify internal and external risks and opportunities, and develop actionable strategies and tactics
 Developed PPM processes and governance to align strategy and execution of programs
 Promoted from Team Lead, Marketing Project Management

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