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Remembering where I came from supports my vision of service to others

As a teacher, it is my job to make sure the student gains the knowledge required to be successful in their education, writing and communication efforts. Along, with this challenge comes the responsibility to teach ethical behavior and respect for each other in (discussions) this virtual team environment. I embrace learning as a life time project that will enhance students view of the world in a more multicultural dimension. I have always enjoyed giving away from myself to help others, because that gift was given to me. I give my time away from my-self by doing lots of volunteer work because I enjoy helping others. This trait (giving away from my-self) is also what encourages me to share with student's things that I have learned that have molded me into a caring, all things are possible, person. I am a motivator who encourages the students not to give up when things seem impossible not to give up their studies due to family, personal, or other events that life will throw at them. I want the students to know that their sacrifices made to stay in school today will pay off later down the road for them and their families. I want to also share my excitement with them as I teach them about the different methodologies and concepts about the subject they are enrolled in. This excitement in learning will allow them to think outside the box and also encourage them to keep and open mind and grow.

I teach accounting, business, management, financial, negotiation. For the levels: elementary school, junior high / middle school, secondary school, , , college, university, adult education,
I give lessons exclusively by webcam.

Anita's Experience

Teaching Experience
Anita Smith 7/13/2016

Most of my teaching/training experience has been formal. I have eighteen years of federal background in the government, and over those years I have taught and supervised an average of 100-125 people.

As a Hand Receipt Manager for Brooke Army Medical Center, the challenge of training and teaching 60 military personnel on the procedures, regulations, equipment, and accountability for their actions as a Hand Receipt Manager for their department was very serious. I performed these duties for an estimated four-five years.

T.D.Y. to Fitzsimmons Air Force Base (three weeks), as an expert to train/teach military and civilians (13) total on the procedures, regulations, software and accountability for their actions as they were preparing to close down Fitzsimmons AFB.

Med-Case Manager for New Brooke Army Medical Center Transition Team, train/teach six temporary hires what was expected of each one as their job, performance, pay, time- sheets, and discipline.

Contracting Officer V. A. Hospital, Temple, Texas, serviced an estimated 40 departments in the hospital and trained department managers on how to place orders and what the guidelines were for certain dollar amounts.

Lockheed Martin CEEP Manager (BAMC) worked with all departments to teach about the guidelines and regulations regarding the use of CEEP money for computerized hospital equipment.
The courses that I have taught within the past 3-5 years have involved working as the leader in certain 12-week course for a week.

Anita's Resume

Anita Smith MBA, MS, DBA/ABD
Consultant (Customer Service), Executive Office
US Citizen /5/1/DOB
P.O. Box 781983 San Antonio, TX. 78278 (concealed information)
(concealed information)
Management professional with extensive experience in Purchasing, Human Resources, Administration, Accounting, Logistics/Inventory Management, Customer Service in Federal and Military Environments
B. T. Washington High, Norfolk, VA., Vocational Data Processing Diploma
UTSA -BA Degree -August 01, 2006, Major Psychology/Member of the Athletic Fee committee under Ross Cobb/UTSA
Webster University Master’s Program –Human Resource Management- August 2006 through May 2007-GPA 3.17-Transferred
Kaplan University MBA Human Resource Management Aug 15, 2007 through June 2009 GPA 3.6 Cum Laude
Member of Beta Sigma Delta, 2008
Member of Golden Key International Honor Society Chapter
Member of Gamma Chi Theta business fraternity at Kaplan University
Walden University-DBA/Global Supply Chain Management-AB D 2015 -GPA 3.4
Sigma Iota Epsilon-Honorary Management Fraternity at Walden University
SHRM Professional Member
National Women Association
MBA/HRM Kaplan University Cum-Laude, FT. Lauder-dale, FL. (2009 –Degree) 3.6
DBA Global Supply Chain Management, Walden University Online – ABD-3.4
Procurement/Contracting Officer
Logistics/inventory control
Leader and Strategic Thinker
Financial Management
Sales and Account Management
Project Management
Marketing Management
Conflict management
Property Book Management Trainer
Action and Detail Oriented
Customer Focused
International Training in Communications (ITC) Professional Public Speaking (4 yrs.)

ETS (SAT) (ELPAC) Rater Certified-Effective 9/2016
Sykes (work from home) Customer Service -October 5, 2015-June 2017
Research order status, process refunds, escalate problems using Remedy software, arrange for item returns, replacements, close out accounts related to fraud, initiate statistical reports for every call for review improvements, review tracking information, escalate problems that do not clear payment process, have excess and expert knowledge using 7 different software’s and the ability to know when to use each one depending on the situation with each customer.
Volunteer-Department of Family and Adult Protection Service-9-2010 to March 15, 2012. I received a letter of recommendation. As a case aide with the Texas Department of Adult Protective Svc., I assist caseworkers with APS clerical needs like typing, document destruction, and confirming resource information. I accompany caseworkers to visit intake clients and other home visits. I assist caseworkers in obtaining, documenting, and organizing case related information. San Antonio, Texas
Texas Food Bank-(Volunteer October 2010; 2011- to present. San Antonio, Texas
Agency Of Aged (Volunteer Certified Ombudsman)-March 8, 2012 to March 2016. I work with patients in nursing and assisted living homes. I am an Advocate for human rights for Aged and Mental Health. San Antonio, Texas
Lockheed Martin Contractor-Program Support Assistant (CEEP Manager)-May 29, 2012 to Sept. 2012. Information Management Department, BAMC, Bldg. 3600, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. As a Technical Assessment Review Administrator (TART), I worked with the Capital Expense Equipment Program and supported medical equipment being purchased for the hospital in making sure it fell into the guidelines provided by policies and regulation in regards to technology support. I facilitated monthly meeting held for department managers and our expert team members regarding equipment approval. I assisted department heads by reviewing submitted request for completion and returning documents for more information. I input the documents in a tracking system and assign control numbers. I scheduled, presented, and tracked each request through their technical review P.O.C. within Information Management. I provide feedback on the status of their request. I obtained more information from the manger as needed in regards to intended use, and range of options. I aided the manager in obtaining funding if not available at the time. I held the request until funds were available. Recommended changes to improve the procedures and policies through the Commander. I also updated the tracking system with current information and status of equipment. I created reports that reflected funding and purchasing of equipment through contracting. I communicated with managers by email and in person. I have excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to present a large group with information in a clear and concise manner. I resolved conflicts.
July 30, 2006 to April 2, 2008- JP Morgan Chase-Human Resource Representative-Correspondence-Financial Adviser San Antonio, Texas. I was allowed to work in three different departments before leaving (correspondence, credit card and human resources. I was with the Chase for six months when I was allowed to be promoted into Human Resources instead of waiting a year. I provided employee relations and policy information to managers and employees.
May 10, 2004: To July 23, 2006-Red Cross Military Emergency Case Worker 3642 E. Houston St., San Antonio, TX. 78(concealed information) I aided military families, active duty, retired personnel by collecting, verifying, formatting and notifying the commands of emergencies taking place at home in the service members life for the purpose of deciding to grant emergency leave for the situation. I processed messages for financial assistance, births, deaths, floods, fires, health and welfare, along with request to call home for personal emergency.
July 1997-November 2000-Hand Receipt Manager Brooke Army Medical Center 3600 Rodger Brook Drive Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 Mr. Herbert Jones (concealed information) As a Hand Receipt Manager I maintain and monitor hand receipt-property accountability records; process requisitions, issue and receipt actions; conduct follow-ups on overdue property actions to include maintenance and calibration of equipment, and corrective actions under an automated system (Army Medical Department Property Accounting System). Participate in physical inventories to ensure property accountability, self-trained, co-workers and hospital customers on the use of the Hand Held Terminals for automated inventories. Managed 73 hand receipt customers, estimated equipment dollar value 60,000,000.00 dollars.
October 1996 - July 1997 Inventory Technician Brooke Army Medical Center Material Branch 3600 Rodger Brook Drive Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 Mr. Harold Horst. Independently trained co-workers and reservist that came through on the regulation procedures used in performing inventories; conducted location surveys for all medical supply items located in the warehouse. Determined the actual location of the item in the warehouse; compared the nomenclature, stock number, expiration date and or manufactures data with the entry in the TAMMIS locator. Researched errors in the balances and made necessary corrections to ensure that the locator and asset balance file are in agreement. Maintained spreadsheet to indicate the locations; submitted monthly reports and location accuracy charts to item managers.
May 1994 - October 1996 Med-Case Manager New BAMC Transition Team PB3601 George Beach Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 LTC Kitsopoulos. I received cash bonuses and letter of recommendation. I have thorough knowledge, skills and abilities to evaluate data and evidence and assess policy and regulatory issues; exercise judgment to interpret and implement existing laws, regulations, and guidance; knowledge of strategic initiatives and programs, principles and practices of the Agency necessary to serve as an expert in leading and improving effectiveness and function. I independently planned and carried out work assignments in accordance with established policies, procedures and agency directives. I informed supervisor concerning work progress and controversial matters. I served as manager of Medical Care support Equipment-Capital Expense Equipment Program (Med CASE-CEEP) programs for BAMC. Reviewed and processed all activity requirement packets for Med Case according to governing directives after assuring complete accurate documentation and adequate justification. I coordinated with appropriate activity personnel to resolve discrepancies in requirements. I processed over 90,000,000 dollars in Med Case requirements Medical and Non-Medical for the NBAMC Project. I monitored each requirement for approval through acquisition and installation of equipment. I managed the Med Case program funds by programming, requesting, monitoring and accounting for funds issued by USAMMA. I served as certifying officer for all Med Case purchases. I used knowledge of existing funding rules in order to insure correct funds are used. I recommended the use of standard items in lieu of program data, which requires extensive knowledge of all applicable regulations. I instructed hospital customers in Med CASE-CEEP areas. I received a certificate for completion of US Army Logistics Management College Correspondence Course on Small Purchase Fundamentals: PUR 101. I developed and implemented a highly effective control log to eliminate duplication of asset control numbers and federal stock numbers. As Contracting Officer Representative for the Temporary Hires contract I initiated the recruitment actions and wrote job descriptions. I wrote and prepared the justifications for extending the temporary hires pass the date allowed by contracting strict guidelines, the extensions were approved. I hired an estimated 51 people. I supervised and managed personnel resources for an estimated 5-7 temporary hires (motivated, developed, and directed people as they worked and could identify the best people for a certain job). I planned, I instructed the temporary hires on how to perform their jobs, I prepared work procedures, I assigned duties daily, I set priorities, I organized, and directed the work of data entry personnel engaged in acquisition and receiving of equipment and supplies for the new hospital. As a complex problem solver and negotiator I was able to resolve employee relations problems and provide solutions to other issues using experience, training and regulations. As assistant Budget person I prepared spread sheets, posted projected expenditures against our accounting processing code along with government credit card expenditures. Also as a government Impact credit holder for two cards, one for supplies and services (DOL), and the other was used to order Med Case Medical equipment; authorized to make direct changes in the Med case Requirements Network (MRE) used by the U.S. Army Medical Material Agency. I posted new requirements, made changes to already existing requirements. I was asked to go the Fitzsimmons Army Installation on Temporary Duty Assignment for two weeks, which was extended to 3 weeks to train personnel. I performed formal training to a total of 13 military and civilian personnel on AMEDDAS and Hand Receipt procedures. I managed material resources by obtaining and seeing to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities and materials needed to do the job along with preparing lesson plans and training materials along with providing on hand training using desktop terminals to access the property book for viewing only. I initiated, renewed and provided justification for our government vehicle used for staffing new requirements, purchase office supplies, etc. I was also the Network Service Administrator, solved problems with the server, which allowed all users to perform their task. I spent 50 percent of my time on acquisition duties.
September 1991- December 1991 Military Personnel Clerk Military Entrance Processing Center 701 San Jacinto, Houston, TX LT O'Connor I received recognition for my work certificate. Conducted pre-enlistment interviews with applicants using social perceptiveness in order to gather information that may have been previously not disclosed which would bear on moral or physical suitability for enlistment. I exercised tact and persuasiveness in obtaining sensitive personal information. I used the information gathered during the interview, if new, using regulation guidelines would direct me to take the applicant to the appropriate enlistment, recruiting and processing authority.
July 1990-September 1991 Supply Technician (Plans for Mobilization) HQ Health Services Command, Supply Management Division, DCS Logistics, Plans Program Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 LTC Shirley Mabry. I received cash bonuses and letter of recommendation. Monitored excess medical material reports within the U.S. Army's Medical Material Agency for redistribution. Used extensive knowledge of standardized supply, regulations, policies, and procedures to review Preposition-ed War Reserves requirements listings and reports and determined items that have not been resourced. I reviewed approximately a total of 77,000,000.00 dollars of assets out of 43 Medical Centers and Medical Activities.
December 1991- April 1994 Brooke Army Medical Center, Logistics, Material Branch, Bldg. 2640, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 Supply Clerk (Blanket Purchase Agreement). I received cash awards. I independently composed and prepared a Memoranda Letter, which was posted in the Logistics Tip Newsletter. I addressed the problem areas Material Branch was experiencing with receiving reports being processed by the hospital activities-customers. I provided the correct procedures-guidelines in the Memoranda to the activities. I volunteered to become a member of the Brooke Army Medical Center Advisory Council, which was established to represent Brooke Army Medical Center's civilian work force. I represented 60-75 people in my command. Independently I started a Newsletter which allowed me get information out to the people I represented in a faster way. The Newsletter provided information ranging from the RIF, retirement, command picnics, etc. Addressed concerns of the civilians to the council and reported back to the employees through the Newsletter. The Director of Logistics asked me to add more and more activities to my distribution list. I was responsible for sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. Administrator and processor for the Blanket Purchase Agreement receiving reports and dealing directly with the activities concerning any and all problems regarding Blanket Purchase Agreement from December 1991 to April 1994, problems ranging from exceeding the dollar threshold per call when the customer place orders, too using the incorrect contract number on their receiving reports. Notified the customers of all Blanket Purchase Agreement changes from Contracting (example: if a new contract was issued for a contractor. I called the customer to let them know so that the correct contract number would be placed on the receiving reports with the new effective dates of the contract). I was involved in acquisition duties 60 percent of the time.
Supplemental Security Income/ Social Security Administration Durango Street San Antonio, Texas SSI Clerk May 1988-July 1990 I received a cash award. I typed, filed, sent out notices for appointments, documents needed, maintained folders for the case workers, verified income, made calls to customers who were applying for Supplemental Security Income.
Purchasing Agent /Contracting Officer (1105) January 1985- November 1987, Veterans Administration Hospital 1901 South First Street, Temple, TX 76504 T.J. Garcia (concealed information) I received suggestion award for a document policy change and a letter of recommendation. I have thorough knowledge, skills, abilities to evaluate data, evidence and assess policy and regulatory issues. I exercise judgment to interpret and implement existing laws, regulations, and guidance; knowledge of strategic initiatives and programs, principles and practices of the Agency necessary to serve as an expert in leading and improving effectiveness and function.
I ordered supplies, services and equipment for 15 departments for the Veterans Hospital in direct support of operational requirements. I reviewed the requisitions and determined the method of procurement (formal, advertising or negotiated. I initiated, prepared and typed Findings and Determinations when required using the Veterans Acquisition Regulations (VAR) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). I solicited sources of supply and compared prices, discount rates, delivery dates, transportation charges, previous performance of suppliers, current commitments, and financial responsibility and select the best offer based on the findings. I have procured using the firm fixed price contracts and standard clauses and some formally advertised bid procedures. I initiated, prepared, arranged and processed Invitations of Bids. I initiated requests for Sealed Bids and Quotations I researched and selected the required clauses and special and general requirements that were used in understandable language as stated by Procurement regulations for Sealed and negotiated contracts and presented to typist to prepare the document. I initiated the request and publicized in the Commerce Business Daily the Ambulance Contract for the hospital. I arranged and attended the pre-award meetings held between the contractors, myself and purchasing and contracting. I develop and prepared the work statement for the Ambulance Contract. I negotiated and resolved problems between the travel clerk and the contractor. Purchasing authority was increased from 9999.99 to 25,000.00 dollars. I compiled bidders list from qualified bidder’s applications, knowledge of suppliers, contacts with Small Business Administration and other sources. I initiated, verified, arranged and prepared default letters to contractors concerning their inability to meet the terms of the contract. I was able to have a dental chair contractor removed from the contract list because of inability to meet the terms of the contract due to many problems with the chairs. I was involved in researching clauses, preparing and processing contracts such as The Consolidated Contracts for Meats, Juices and Desserts for Temple, Waco and Marlin TX. (Veterans Hospitals).I ordered wholesale and Institutional food items; I serviced the Armored Car Service contract, I serviced the Hired Car Service contract and also the Universal Communication Contract during pre-award and post award. Composed and prepared amendments to correct dollar amounts, quantity changes, address changes, etc. I prepared change orders. I was Imp rest Fund Cashier for two and one-half years. I instructed and trained two alternates in imp rest fund procedures and regulations. Arranged, verified and counseled (doctors, department heads, and all V.A. employees eligible to have their household goods moved at government expense). As the direct contact for funeral arrangements I verified with the department, processed and arranged burials for Veterans who died in the hospital with no living relatives to handle funeral arrangements, Acquisition duties 60 percent.

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