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  • Hourly rate $35
  • Response Time 4h
  • Number of students 50+
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Speak and understand! Get the proper words and the proper expressions! Work on your accent. Understand the basics and the exceptions. Be fluent in both languages and see new possibilities arise!

About the lesson

First we speak in order to establish where you are now and where you want to go. We establish your level of comprehension, your needs and your goals I.e. where you are now and where you want to go. We establish together a weekly schedule that works for both knowing that it is flexible and can be adjusted if needed. I make sure that every class is tailored to my student and I make sure that we both have fun while learning !


  • Vocabulary - English
  • Oral expression - English
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • +3

    Listening comprehension - English

    Business English

    American English


  • French
  • English


  • Early childhood education
  • Elementary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • +11

    High School

    Adult Education




    Masters/ Graduate School






About Suzanne

I am a professional lady who can teach business language and expressions as well as help you improve your everyday conversation skills, both in French and in English - I will teach you how to use the good terms, use the proper words, write without mistakes, speak properly. I adjust to my student’s needs and schedule and I make sure that our classes are pleasant and efficient.



  • 5 h: $175
  • 10 h: $350


  • $ 35/h


No travel charge if within 15 km - 0.30 per km after the first 15 km

Find out more about Suzanne

  • 01

    When and why did you develop an interest in your chosen field?

    I have been tutoring future entrepreneurs for years on a business point of view. This process brought me to teach my young entrepreneurs proper French and English conversation and help them develop and enhance their communication skills in writing as well. I am a passionate person and a people person which makes every session a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

  • 02

    What makes you passionate about your subject?

    I enjoy working with people - I enjoy watching them learn and I truly enjoy seeing them progress. I start on the basis that each and everyone is different, has different challenges and stands at its own personal level. That level is where we start working. I believe in success and their success is my success.

  • 03

    What do you like about tutoring? What makes you a "Superprof"?

    My approach is tailored to each individual. I truly care about each of them, I look at their needs and challenges. I care about their lives, their schedule, their work, their goals. I adjust as we go, I am flexible, I am knowledgeable and I truly care about their advancement. I give a lot of myself and I realize and appreciate how much I personally get out of each session as well.

  • 04

    Do you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

    Funny enough ... my life and role model came from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry through his novel : The Little Prince. This famous 1943 novel is an observation about life and human nature. Its most famous ones being : One sees clearly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye .... and ...You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. I have read that book (and still do) over a thousand time and it showed me respect, passion, how to never let go, how to believe in what's right, how to know the difference and most important how to respect everyone's differences.

  • 05

    What are your keys to success?

    I am a very positive and dynamic individual and enjoy everything I do. I listen to others and know how to adjust. I always look forward and up !

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