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Student that gives tutoring help for math, language, science and reading for kids in elementary/kindergarten

    • Toronto
    • at your home

About the lesson

I’m personally a planner, I like to plan out what I need to do and then do it. Then I analyze my data and ensure that I understand my results.


  • Afterschool pick-up & Baby-sitting


  • English


  • Elementary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • High School
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    Adult Education

    Masters/ Graduate School

    Early childhood education

About Shelly

I am a student.. going into grade 12.. I have experience working with kids infant-11 I’m large groups or one on one



  • 5 h: $70
  • 10 h: $140

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  • Need a Babysitter to also help with homework? Then give me a call/email.



    When doing the homework I would work with the children making sure they understand their questions and if they don't make...

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  • I’m a grade 11 student who is able to look after and help your child with any topic they are struggling with.



    My teaching methods are I would first help your child by figuring out what they are struggling with. I would create many...

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  • Undergraduate student studying business with 2 years of experience in tutoring in Toronto.



    My teaching methods are mainly based on what kind of learner the student is for instance, if he/she is a visual learner,...

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  • High school student offers babysitting for children under ages 14 in Toronto



    I am able to prepare and give healthy meals to children. I will always have children be active and have fun because I feel...

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  • MBA students gives homework help for student; baby sitting and school pick-up



    I emphasize on experiential learning and alternative methods of teaching lessons. These models are values based and practice...

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  • Arts student can help with writing, some math, and social studies for all grades.



    I believe that students learn best when their tutor is patient, kind, and is willing to explain a concept in many different...

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  • High School English, PhysEd and Science Teacher offering tutoring in London ON.



    Students have said that they have really enjoyed my classes because I break things down in a way that is easier for them to...

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  • I am a passionate Physics teacher, the subject which carry a traditionally culture of toughness(according to students) But I am here to make you understand that If Physics is a Problem and let us do P

    Sanjay Kumar


    I believe more in demonstrative exercises and try to make my audience very close of imagination in all the aspects....

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  • Health science student giving academic tutoring to elementary and high school students in the Greater Montreal (math, sciences, French and English)



    5 (2 reviews)

    My classes are very flexible, all based on your needs and preferences. If the student has no preferences, I like to start...

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  • Need someone to help with your child's homework and babysitting? I am that person!



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    My teaching methods are fun, enjoyable, and helpful. I tutor in a way where I can make it fun for the child and also...

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  • Student wanting to babysit for children, while providing help with homework and academics in Victoria



    I have been a baby sitter and tutor for my little sister and a couple of her friends almost all my life. I can work with one...

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  • I have been teaching C/C++ and Data Structure for more than 20 years in University. I also have experience to do projects using C++ and Java. If you want to be a programmer, you can try and contact me



    explain concept clearly listen to my students questions carefully choose examples typically go with my students...

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  • Early Childhood Educator here to help with all your afterschool and baby-sitting needs.



    My teaching method is to give a lot of personal experiences for a better idea of how to do a veritable task. I also...

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  • As a student myself, I’ve struggled with homework and creating study habits. These are critical skills needed in any level of education. After I found what works best for me, it’s been my goal to help



    Helping others find routine in their studies is about balance. It is important for me to get to know the individual and...

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  • Nursing student offering math, English, and Science tutoring in Ottawa. Come learn with me :)



    My teaching methods are quiet simple. I will find out from you what the problem area is and then work with you to help you...

    • $20/h
    • 1hrs free
  • I try my hardest to work with other people but also have fun at the same time.



    My teaching methods are to have alittle fun while i do it. I base it upon what I know about the kids and what think they...

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  • Insurance student in Milton offering babysitting with homework help as well as some fun!



    I offer low-stress, interactive tutoring and allow for the students to complete work independently and ask for clarification...

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  • International Studies graduate available for French, Spanish, English or Social Studies tutoring!



    I approach teaching with a mindset of flexibility and adaptability. As a teacher, if something you have prepared is simply...

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  • Public Policy Graduate gives Academic tutoring and homework/ assignment help in Brampton

    Santhi Swaroop


    I believe that structuring the chapter in a sequential order is the key to easy and sustainable learning, and so I base my...

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  • -Student at University Of Toronto, Mississauga studying neuroscience
 -Available to tutor children ages 4-13
(Camp Counsellor of 4 years) 
- Patient, empathetic, and flexible



    I use the socratic method and visual examples to help students discover their own answer and understanding. It is important...

    • $15/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Arts & Sciences Student with a great background in babysitting and homework help!



    I love helping students learn and guide them through their learning. Assistance and scaffolding learning is key. I also help...

    • $18/h
    • 30min free