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Swimming instructor gives swimming lessons for kids of all ages in Toronto


As a swimming instructor for kids, I make sure to make the class a very fun experience for them. I play games with them that teach them all the techniques and the skills needed for swimming. I believe that technique is a very important part of swimming and thus i will make sure to teach them the right techniques for swimming so they can always be successful. This is mostly meant for kids that are from 4 years old to about 14 years old.


I am currently a student who has her instructor's degree in swimming and have passes NLS, meaning that safety is guaranty in the lessons taught. I am currently teaching kids swimming at another swimming school and I understand how to teach kids since I have had many experiences with them. Since I have done competitive swimming, I make sure to teach all the strokes with the right techniques.


Transportation Fee : $5
Lessons offered by Armita
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Swimming
  • All Levels

Armita's Resume

Leadership, Collaborative and social skills

• Displayed leadership skills when volunteering for three events involving helping newcomers, ranging from ages of four to eighteen settle, into the school environment over three consecutive years for the WIN program.
• Displayed ability to encourage, teach, and take responsibility of children while helping the in-structors during swimming lessons.
• Exhibited thorough understanding of leadership, First Aid, and swimming knowledge and an ability to engage a group of students of varying ages whilst volunteering to be an assistant in-structor for swimming.
• Taken leadership roles in ESL classes in E.J Sand Public School while being in Canada for only one year (2013-2015)
• Displayed responsibility by taking care of younger family members and by testing their swim-ming skills for their own knowledge.

Academic skills

• Taking part in the International Baccalaureate program at Bayview Secondary School by achieving marks above the median of classes.
• Achieve the highest mark in the Guess Contest in E.J Sand Public School (2014)

Creative skills
• Demonstrated and furthered initiative and teamwork skills whilst acting as part of the student-led One Act Play Festival at Bayview Secondary School (2016)
• Displayed understanding of the musical arts by playing the hammer Dulcimer for the past eight years and taking part in many school concerts and participation in the event of Iranian Heritage Day at ROM by playing three different pieces of music.
• Understood the importance of group collaboration within a band by playing different instru-ments such as the bass clarinet and the xylophone and sowing these skills in concerts ran by the school.
• Exhibited full comprehension of the importance of the visual arts by painting a mural that ad-vocates an anti-bullying mindset, which took many months to paint. (2014).
• Showed compassion towards the arts by taking one visual arts course in grade nine and two thea-tre courses in grade nine and grade ten.
• Participated in the school productions by helping backstage, taking part in the hair and makeup and the props section of the play.
• Taken part in a poetry contest within the school and succeed to reach the top three contestants by creating two unique poems (2015).
• Displayed affection towards the arts by auditioning and being selected to play a role in the school play presented within Bayview Secondary School. (2017-2018)

Work and Volunteer Experience

August 2014, August 2015 Volunteering as a Peer leader for the Welcome and In-formation
for Newcomers Program (WIN)

June 2015- August 2015 Volunteering for the Garnet A. Williams swimming pool as an
assistant instructor.

January 2012 Participation in the “Schools for the Change Program”

September 2016- present Volunteering at first for the Green Road Academy tutoring
elementary students and later being paid for the work.

September 2013- June 2014 Private tutoring of a seventh grade student- Tutored in English, Math, and Science (volunteering)

September 2017- November 2017 Private tutoring (paid job) of a ninth grade student- Math

May 23 2018- ongoing Swimming instructor at a private swimming place

June 19 2018- June 21 2018 Worked at Calvin Klein Inventory section

June 20 2018 Volunteered at the World Refugee Day


2012-2014 E.J Sand Public School

2014-2015 Henderson Avenue Public School

2015- Present Bayview Secondary School, working towards completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma as an eleventh grade student
Awards, Certificates, and Accomplishments

• Certified in First Aid (Emergency and Standard First Aid) and CPR
• Certified National Life Guard and Swimming instructor
• Currently completing International Baccalaureate Diploma at Bayview Secondary School
• First place in the Gauss competition in the grade at E.J Sand Public School
- Sculpting- visual arts
- Performing and theatrical arts
- Musical performances
- Graphic design and fashion design
- Engineering contests
- Cooking and baking
- Swimming

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