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100% Free to become a tutor.

Give private tuition at home and online in complete freedom! No commission, find motivated students and set your own rates (tutor online & at home, offer evening classes, distance learning or live training).

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Hello. I am in need of solutions for an assignment asap which is dur in 1 day. I can send you a copy of the file Also would need about an hour work of lectures on sequential circuits , multifunction systems etc
Hi, My son is now at Grade 7, he started learning French in June with one hour online every week for three months one to one. He is currently taking a group class with Alliance Francaise Vancouver A1 Junior. Julius is a self-learner, I want him to be directed to learn on his own with the help of a teacher who will give him guideline / objective what to learn during the week without the teacher. His goal is IB Diploma French at Grade 12.
Hello Revika, Hope you are doing well. I actually need your assistance for a quiz (coding) which I have tomorrow. I know its last minute, but I would really appreciate if you could help me on this. It for about 2 hours. Its on C++ (advance). Topics like: -polymorphism -virtual functions -virtual function tables -diamond problem, virtual inheritance -abstract classes -slicing problem, value and reference semantics I hope you are available and can help me out. Thank you! Hope...
Hi Lindsey, Just wondering if you teach kid(10 years old girl) public speaking? Especially leadership communication skill:). If yes, when would be your first available schedule? Thank you so much advance! Yvonne
I Kevin, I am learning a basic SQL course where I need help. I know I have to spend more time to understand, but as I am taking the course online, it's difficult to ask questions when arises. I spend a lot of time to figure things out by myself. Where I see next chapter explains things easier. I have a term project that I need help. Please let me know when you are available for a virtual class. We can have a whatsapp meeting where I can show you my screen. Thanks, Amy
Hi Isabelle, My name is Lin. I am new immigrant to Canada. Currently I live in Vancouver and want to find some one to help me on English speaking and do some conversations practice. Wondering if you still have free time. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Tamsyn
Hola Ana Me llamo Tsubasa, soy japonés.He vivido en Vancouver por 5 años. Quiero practicao cotidiano de español He estudiado más de 3 años y se el básico de gramática. Una clase a la semana me va bien para conocerte. Gracias anticipadas.
Hi, My name is Meghan I’m just finishing up my second year minoring in psychology at SFU. I’ve been struggling with statistics; in particular hypothesis testing, such as Z and t tests. Hopefully if you’re confident in this subject, you could help me out. Thanks for you time :)
I am a grade 12 student in Squamish, BC, looking for help with English 11 and English 12. Since I am a full-time student, I am only available for lessons after 3:30 on weekdays and all day on weekends. I would like 1 scheduled lesson per week, with emergency lessons if possible. I am looking for a teacher who will understand the material and will be able to help me with writing essays, analyzing text, and whatever else I may have to do for school. Thank you for your consideration, Nick...
Hi Jessica, I'm looking for someone to help my daughter with her grade 8 math. Her class is using the e-book called "Snowflake" by Haese Mathematics. She just completed a unit on algabraic operations and expansion, which included questions like, -(2y+3)(y-squared - y + 6) and (x + 3)(2 -4x)(3-5x), etc. and she found it quite challenging. Her next unit is on solving and manipulating equations to determine unknown variables. She's hoping to get help with: understanding concepts she is learning...
Hello, my name is Kristina and I am looking for tutor for my daughter (6y). She is really beginner level (knows piano keys, plays couple simple kids songs with one hand). She enjoys piano, so I want you to teach and help her keep her interest on.
Hi, I’m currently doing part-time Masters in Data science and analytics. Since all the classes are virtual now, I’m finding it difficult to understand few concepts and just the lectures are not sufficient enough. I would like some assistance in brainstorming assignments in Python.
Hello Tanya, my daughter Gabriella is at Douglas currently taking Biology 1103 and 1203 Anatomy and physiology 1 and 2. She is also taking an English course. She is in the program Academic Foundations of Nursing. She is half way through and needing some help in both of her biology classes. There are some parts of her labs and lectures that are difficult to understand. Would you be able to help her. She has looked at your profile and asked if I could contact you. If it works out she will be...
Hello, my 12-year-old daughter is looking for singing lessons at a beginner level. We are hoping to do the lessons online (e.g. over ZOOM). She has never had vocal lessons before but has enjoyed being part of a school choir for a few years. Her name is Naomi. We look forward to meeting you. Thank you, Elaine
Hi Luis, My husband is currrently enrolled at BCIT in their HVAC condensed program. Currently they are learning about refrigeration calculations ie: conversion of latent/specific heat, btu, psi etc. I know you tutor more of mechanical engineering, but is this something you could help with? Thank you, Paige
Hi Yash, I need urgent help for my first yr into to microeconomics course. IT IS CH.7/8: Perfect competition and The Costs of Production. I can send you the weekly course outline if you provide me with your email. Hope to hear from you soon!


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