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100% Free to become a tutor.

Give private tuition at home and online in complete freedom! No commission, find motivated students and set your own rates (tutor online & at home, offer evening classes, distance learning or live training).

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Hola , soy Lavina la Madre, de Anish y Omisha Kapur, nos gustaría que los niños aprendan español, tienen un nivel muy básico, y necesito ayuda para que aprendan ya que en casa practicamos poco, mi marido es de la India y hablamos mas Ingles y hindú. Por favor nos podrías dar un demonstración y decirnos que disponibilidad tienes?- Muchas Gracias!
Hi Mrs. Margaret! My name is Jason Yuan and I am currently a grade 10 student at Old Scona Academic. I was looking to improve my English writing (more specifically essay writing) so in the future I am more prepared for other things that may require it. I am available on the weekends as well as on Friday (lucky scheduling haha). Hope to hear back from you soon.
Hi Fernanda, I am so sorry I don't know why but I forgot the password to my old email so I made a new one, you accepted it but I wasn't able to retrieve the message, I wanted tutor on organic chemistry
Hi Islam, I have been interested in developing websites/ mobile apps for several years now and have sourced out the work that I’ve been working on but haven’t been able to get any of my projects off the ground. I believe one of my problems is my lack of understanding of coding. Would love to learn if you’re willing to teach
Hi Phillip, my name is Andrew. I’m a 44 year old Canadian male looking to read, write and speak Russian eventually. I am driven to learn as I have a Russian friend whom I am desperate to communicate with in their native language.
Hello Leila, My name is Kevin I'm fluent in English but my first language is French. I grew up in Québec. I am in my thirties and I started a semester into English 30-1. I'm not comfortable at all with writing essays and writing in general.
Hi there, I was interested in booking an online makeup classes (4 hour one through webcam) for one of my clients. She is 15 and really into doing makeup. I am working Wednesday - Saturday, please feel free to send me an email at (concealed information) to further discuss.
Hi Alysha, My name is Grace and I'm writing on behalf of my dad. My dad's name is Sung Jin and he would like to focus on improving his listening and everyday conversational English. On the most part his reading comprehension and knowledge of vocabulary are pretty good. His main concerns are that he has difficulty speaking and understanding verbal English.
I have a wonderful little boy in my care who will be 6 in December but has had severe trauma and lack of oral or language stimuli. His speech is sitting at 27-36 months with cognitive and recall issues. I am looking for someone to help with his core subjects(math, LA, Social and Science) in homeschooling and speech. I would be looking for 5- 6 hours a week if possible. Mornings and early afternoon times are better for him in learning. That would be one hour in the four core subjects and...
Im prabhleen . I go to Wp wagner and recently my school started like 2nd quater nd I have math it feela like Im totally confused I am getting how to do the concept and questions but everything is getting mixed so i need help in math and I have my Unit exam next week so it is really urgent .
I am an electrical engineering student in the third year on need of help concerning power electronics if possible I hope you're able to use matlab simulink for circuit simulations. I hope you are a expert in power electronic topics like inverters, isolated DC-DC converters etc.
hi I am looking to get help for my Son in Physics He is in grade 11 this year , has just completed physics 20 IB ( Sep-Nov 2020) and just started physics 35 today. He was able to pick up on Dynamics ; trouble spots were singular harmonic Motion, waves and uniform circular motion Based on my conversation with his teacher for physics 20, he was ok in the class assignment but somehow didn't do well in the unit tests ; so needs help in practicing application of the concepts in a test...
Hello! I have recently become very interested in learning how to draw and how to use acrylic and watercolor paint. I work part-time and I am doing a couple of high school courses right now. I have a good amount of availability though it's not always the same time every day.
Hello Anthony, I am a teacher within Edmonton. I used to study French in junior high and high school (a long long time ago) and am hoping to get back into it. My level of French is very basic (sadly, I think I've forgotten all of it). I am primarily interested in developing my speaking skills, but of course learning vocabulary and grammar along the way. I am available evenings or weekends. Text is okay. Thanks!
Hello, My name is Dylan Ethier, I am in my first year of Engineering at the UofA. I just need a bit of clarification on the concept of loads, and looking at the shear and moment forces at specific distances along a beam. I would say I'm strong in mechanics. A lesson today or tomorrow would be great. Best Regards, Dylan Ethier
Hello, My name is Chau Pham. I am originally from Vietnam. I have been living and studying in Canada for over 10 years. I am currently in the process of getting my Permanent Residence. I have an Ielts exam on Nov 21st. I would like to know how the Ielts exam is constructed and what criteria the examiners expect me as a contestant. I would like to practice my English speaking and writing skills as well. I am looking forward to hearing from you. thank you for your time and...
I am inquiring about tutoring for my daughter , Nicola, who is in the 7th grade. Nicola has been attending Mathnasium but I am finding that she doesn’t quite need as much support as their packages offer. Nicola did very well in grade 6 math (had a 92% average) but adjusting to Jr. High has been a bit difficult. She is now getting mostly 70’s and 80’s now. I am just finding she needs a little extra support.
Hi Dana. I'm 44, mom/grammy of 5 sons and a newborn grandson. I have been working in therapy to calm down PTSD symptoms and need a creative outlet. I paint here and there at home but very basic. I'm prbly a grade 4 level. Lol. I'd like to do nature scenes and explore indigenous art.
Good Morning Leticia, I am looking for a tutor for my oldest Son Ayden (15). He has been in the Spanish Bilingual program through K-6 at Millcreek, 7-9 at McKernan at Strathcona Highschool. He had quite a few challenges with the Spanish program at McKernan and his Spanish language skills regressed. He has just completed his first quarter of grade 10 taking Social Studios in Spanish. He was able to complete the course with quite a few challenges and now wants to continue to work on getting...
Hello Sara My name is Isha and I am an adult. I did two levels in French a few years ago but hardly remember anything. I want to learn again because Je t'aime Francais, it is such a beautiful language.
Hi Roxanne my name is Alycia. I am very interested in learning french. My main goal is to improve my oral comprehension. I took french all through elementary to high school. I am fairly average when it comes to reading and writing in French, but I struggle when it comes to conversation. I need someone to practice with! My partner is from Quebec and sometimes helps me but I truly don't know where to start, any guidance would help!
Hello Dear Kris, I have been searching for any professional IELTS writing Tutor to help me boost my writing score after several times attempting the exam. I need at least band 7 in writing to process my application. My overall band score is 7.5 for the last attempt. I know you are also IELTS examiner, and I think you would be an excellent help to me. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Regards, Sam
Our son, Jaden is in Grade 11, and starting Biology 20 next week. We would like to have 5 hours per week in person tutoring. We live Riverbend area. Is it possible to get your contact information. Thank you, Warren and Rene
Hello Mariana! My name is Kylie and I am in grade 11. I have been taking Spanish at school since grade 4, but this year I couldn't fit it into my schedule. I would mainly like to improve my oral skills, listening skills, and general vocabulary, and also maybe learn some slang terms. I am available on weekends and on most weekdays after school. Thank you!
Hi, Bhavnoor: My name is Anna. I am looking for an art teacher for my 9-year-old twin boys and their friend, an 8-year-old girl. We've been having weekly art lessons at my home, but our teacher is taking a break from teaching. Please let me know whether you would be willing and available to come to my home for an hour each week to teach three bright, funny, well-behaved children. Thank you! Anna
Hello Mr. Tanay, I am currently learning python and genetic algorithms I have a problem I need to solve for school. It's basically solving a scheduling problem using GAs, however, I only started learning python not so long ago so I got stuck. so I would like a walkthrough with my code. please let me know if you are familiar with the topic. regards, Yoona
Good evening Natalya, I need to past academic IELTS test with score 7.5 in beginning on February. I will need preparation for the test. Can you help me with this matter? I would like to schedule my firts free class if is possible and more discuss with you about my study program for the test. Thank you in advance Slobodanka
I’m currently in grade 11 and having issues with Physics 20. In our classes the teacher goes through new information and gives us homework, but we never review the information, to see if the steps are correct. We are then given a test and we solve the problem, but I’m not getting all the step or full understanding because we don’t review our work in class.
Good Morning Virginie, I am looking for a tutor for both my daughters ages 8 and 10 who attend Holyrood French Immersion. They are both struggling with their reading and I am finding that it's starting to affect other subjects. Although I prefer a face to face session, I am open to starting out virtually if this is more comfortable for you. We live near the Capilano mall area. If you have time, please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I can be reached by email at (concealed...
Hi jasmine my mark I need help with reading comperison and basic math i function around the gade 5 to 6 level in both subjects i have a Small learning disiblltee I love to learn i am willing to pay extrimily Well I wiilling to pay around 60 an hour per session i love to learn but with my learning disiblltee it makes it diffcult for


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