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100% Free to become a tutor.

Give private tuition at home and online in complete freedom! No commission, find motivated students and set your own rates (tutor online & at home, offer evening classes, distance learning or live training).

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Hi Anita, my daughter needs homework help for grade 11 math to start. She does quite well but would like some online help. Is there anyway she can Skype or zoom or ms teams with you to do this? We don't have a Webcam on her computer. Shannon
Hello Joseph, I am looking for a math tutor for my son who is in grade 9. Are you doing in-person tutoring currently, or only online? Do you have experience working with students who struggle with math? I would like someone available in the day time on weekdays, and two hours per week. Does this sound like it would work for you? I would prefer in-person if that option is available. Thank you.
Hi Samara, I am looking for a tutor for my son who is in grade 11 and struggling with physics. He has always done well in math and is finding this very frustrating! I am hoping you can help him. He has a webcam on his computer so I think that would be best due to Covid, are you available in the evenings?
Hi Neeba. My name is Darcy and my daughter Sofia is in grade 11 and is taking mixed math. Her marks in this course are low. She's currently learning about quadratic equations and algebra. Please let me know if you're available to tutor face to face. Thanks.
Math is becoming a very tough subject for me especially as I try to get the courses I require for university. I am currently taking grade 12 data management, at the moment. I have no confidence in my math abilities and am its getting worse because of the class structure, ie 4-5 week classes, fast pace, high density learning. If you cannot help me I will take any suggestions you may have. Thanks Emily
Hi Samantha! I have a 6 year old daughter who is struggling with reading. Prior to the pandemic, she was at DRA Level 6, and now a few months into grade 1, her reading is at a DRA Level 4. I would really like to have her work with you and get her above where she needs to be. She could really use the confidence boost! Thanks so much.
Hi Lauren, I have a 13 yr old daughter in grade 8 and an 11 yr old daughter in grade 6. We recently moved to Mount Hope and were previously living in the crown point area in Hamilton. Both my daughters have started to express that they feel very behind in French in their new school. I was hoping to get a few weeks (at least) of lessons to help bring them up to par and especially for their self esteem when it comes to French class. I would prefer in my home tutoring if that option is available?...
Hi my daughter loves to sing she has been doing it since she could move and talk. I want her to learn how to sing. She is 7 she loves all music. Especially loves hip hop music. She knows words to songs almost instinctively.
Hi Samantha I’m Wahee. (girl) I’m 11 years old and I have an ok voice, but I want to get better. After my dad died 3 weeks ago I didn't feel like doing anything even singing. Now after my uncle supporting me I want to sing again, but I lost my singing voice a little so I want your help to bring it back even better then it was. It would mean a lot to train my voice. Thank you so much!😊😊
Hi, my name is Nour and I'm a grade 12 student. I'm currently taking a chemistry course in school and I'm having a little bit of difficulty with the organic chemistry portion. If you could help me with this I would like to book a session with you as soon as possible, as this course is only one month long. Please let me know. Thank you!
Hi Alysha, My name is Grace and I'm writing on behalf of my dad. My dad's name is Sung Jin and he would like to focus on improving his listening and everyday conversational English. On the most part his reading comprehension and knowledge of vocabulary are pretty good. His main concerns are that he has difficulty speaking and understanding verbal English.
I want to learn grade 11 dynamics in physics. I didn’t understand this unit and my test is Wednesday (might be moved to Thursday) and I was hoping I could go over it with you. After this unit I want to learn the next units too with a tutor because it’s harder to learn from my teacher.
Hello, I am currently taking an organic chemistry course and have had difficulty with some of the concepts. I would like to gain a better understanding in the subjects of hybridization, resonance mechanisms, acid-base reactions and elimination and substitution reactions. I look forward to meeting and learning from you. Best regards, Michael Cubelic
Hi Bonnie, I am looking for a private esl teacher for my husband. He speaks english very well and can read somewhat but has not ever learned to write in english. Is this something you can help with? He also works during the day so would need evening or weekend classes. Thank you, Angela (concealed information) (concealed information)
Hi kiron my mark I need help with reading comperison and basic math i function around the gade 5 to 6 level in both subjects i have a Small learning disiblltee I love to learn i am willing to pay extrimily Well I wiilling to pay around 60 an hour per session i love to learn but with my learning disiblltee it makes it diffcult for
Hi, my name is Malak, and I am currently in my second mechanical engineering year. I am struggling with programming using visual studio. We have an assignment due on Friday, and I cannot understand the prof as well. I am hoping to. let me know when can we begin our sessions
Hi, my name is henry, I read your profile and findout you are software engineer student. Do you have 2DM3 course that need to use "calccheck", if you are good at calcceck, I would love to hire you as my tutor.
I am completing a Illustration and Media-Digital Illustrations course at Sheridan College - I have an assignment due Monday which uses SketchUp but I have run into a number of obstacles -- it's an online course and the responses from the class /instructor have been slow. Are you available day or evening asap - Wed, Thurs this week to help me?
I want to relearn grade 10 math. I have not been using grade 10 math for at least 10 years and have forgotten. I will need a refresher especially word problems. Face to face or Webcam is fine. Are you able to meet at McMaster University or a library in stoney creek?


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