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100% Free to become a tutor.

Give private tuition at home and online in complete freedom! No commission, find motivated students and set your own rates (tutor online & at home, offer evening classes, distance learning or live training).

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Hi Randy! I hope you are having a great weekend. My name is Carlos Prato. I have applied to become a police constable. I am looking for guide and preparation for the interview process and general law knowledge. I am available most of morning from 8-10am. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
Hi! I am a first year university student at Western University. I am contacting you as I am taking first year biology and I am struggling to learn some concepts and information in the course. After reading your profile, I feel as though you would be a great fit for helping me! Please let me know when you have an available session. It is pretty urgent as I have the exam on the 18th. Thanks!!
Hola , soy Lavina la Madre, de Anish y Omisha Kapur, nos gustaría que los niños aprendan español, tienen un nivel muy básico, y necesito ayuda para que aprendan ya que en casa practicamos poco, mi marido es de la India y hablamos mas Ingles y hindú. Por favor nos podrías dar un demonstración y decirnos que disponibilidad tienes?- Muchas Gracias!
Hi Kanak! I need help with my academic writing skills. I’m afraid I’m stuck in the 6.5 band In writing (overall 8 band) And I need to score at least 7 in all categories. I need to take the test again but I have yet to book a time and thought it might be best to ask for assistance from a tutor. Thank you for your time. Nina
Hi, We are London, ON based. We came to Canada in 2017 from Middle East. So my kids didn't study French in their early grades. My son Fouzan started here from grade 6 and now he is in grade 9, A B Lucas secondary school. He studied French from grade 6 onwards but still needs improvement. He has French in this semester starting from Nov 17. I am looking for a French tutor who can make his background strong for French, help in assignments to be done at his best and on time. Let me...
Hi I was thinking I would like to get some private classes as one of her Christmas presents for my daughter who is interested in photography. The lessons could be done in the new year sometime. She is 14 and in Grade 9 at Beal as well. Let me know what you think Thanks Jeff
Hello Jenna, Hope, you are doing well. I'm a first year medical science student at Western university, and i have some concerns about biology with all the exams approaching. I do not really understand concepts in genetics, such as DNA replication, non - disjunction mutations and karyotypes. Hope, you can help me out with that. Have a nice day Regards, Varvara
Hi Brady, I'm looking for a Physics tutor for my son, he's retaking grade 11 (currently in grade 12) due to the Covid situation. Are you available at the moment? He attends Medway High School, his name is Donovan. Thank you Laura
My son is 6 years old born in 2014 and is playing indoor this year at BMO centre and is wanting more. He wants to try out for competitive soccer next year which means he has to tryout age group above his current age group. I am ok with this as long as he has the skill set to do so. So I am looking to add extra training in for him as we do the same for his older brother in another sport. Hopefully you would be able to help.
Hi! My name is Avneet Deol and I'm currently a grade 12 student at Bill Hogarth S.S. This semester I have ENG4U and I currently have a 88.9% in the class. I have really been struggling with my grammar and my essay writing skills. For Skype calls, I'm available from 4pm to 8pm during the weekday. On the weekend, I am available from 12 pm to 8pm.
Hi Kathy my name is Brittany. I am looking to learn Vietnamese in the southern dialect as my boyfriends parents are from the south and do not speak much English. My goal is just to be able to interact with them more. Do you speak the southern dialect?
Hi there, I'm looking to start a civ. engineering diploma next fall but need to upgrade my math. I haven't really done it since grade 10 but will need to have my gr. 12 functions to start this course. I'd like to be caught up by April. Perhaps doing an hr/wk so I can write an equivalency exam or whatever to get this pre-req in order. I prefer meeting in person, wear a mask and all that. I can pick you up or I can meet you at your place - whatever you're comfortable with. Evenings mon. thr....
Hi Ellen, My name is Meredith and I am looking for a tutor for 2nd year Sociology Statistics course. I am really struggling and just need someone to explain some concepts to me and prepare me for my exam , which is in about a month.
Hello, I am currently taking an organic chemistry course and have had difficulty with some of the concepts. I would like to gain a better understanding in the subjects of hybridization, resonance mechanisms, acid-base reactions and elimination and substitution reactions. I would like to meet through webcam if that is possible. Best regards, Michael Cubelic
I am a grade 12 student in Squamish, BC, looking for help with English 11 and English 12. Since I am a full-time student, I am only available for lessons after 3:30 on weekdays and all day on weekends. I would like 1 scheduled lesson per week, with emergency lessons if possible. I am looking for a teacher who will understand the material and will be able to help me with writing essays, analyzing text, and whatever else I may have to do for school. Thank you for your consideration, Nick...
Hi, I am a first year student at Western University. I am taking a biology class, as I love biology and want to complete a minor in health science but learning online has been really difficult. I feel that I understand most concepts, however on quizzes and exams it is difficult to apply the knowledge, which has resulted in me failing both my exams in the class so far. I am hoping you could help me understand biology concepts better so that I can apply them to situations and do way better on...
Hi Natalie - I’m a second year history student at Huron College. I’m struggling with academic writing and would really like to work with you. Online learning is awful for me as I like the in class participation and discussion. I have ADHD and dysgraphia so writing is complicated for me. I have tons of ideas and I love history. I have dropped down to two courses and would like to maybe work with you as a kind of third course. Thank you.
Hi, my daughter is in grade 11, this semester she is studying academic French. She has been straggling with French since grade 9 as it was a new language. She studied German before we came to Canada. This semester is very condensed, so she needs help understanding the new concepts as well as the fundamentals that she couldn't learn before.
Hi, I am taking PhD level of microeconomics. I am trying to understand the concepts but it is really difficult to tackle a problem set, and I honestly don't know how to approach to it. I only took the basic micro, and the course required a lot of math. Therefore it would be grateful if you can help me to guide how to solve the problem. I can only take an online class
Chào e. What part of vietnam are you from? I only ask so that i know what accent you speak. Ive been trying to learn vietnamese on my own for about a year but I'm struggling. Im thinking about hiring a tutor. Ive mostly been studying the Hanoi dialect.
I am looking for a math tutor for my son. He is in grade 11 but doing grade 10 academic math. Online has been really hard for him and was wondering if you would be able to do face to face. If not that is okay as well. He really needs the one on one.
Hello! I hope you're doing well and staying safe:) My name is Jules and I am a 3rd student at Western University! I am currently in a social theory class that is killing me and therefore trying to reach out for help. I have a big assignment due on November 15th and that is what im seeking help for. I'd be willing to pay anything so let me know! thanks for your time
Hi My name is Mukesh Sharma, I am living in London Ontario. I am stuck in IELTS score and so far I have appear in IELTS 10 times but I didn't get my even desire band. My desire band CLB 7 this means that in each module I need 6 and above. My last and recent score: READING: - 5.5 LISTENING:- 6.5 Writing:- 6 Speaking: 6.5 Could you please help me to get my desire band as I have booked on next IELT test in 21 Nov 2020.
Hi, my name is Malak, and I am currently in my second mechanical engineering year. I am struggling with programming using visual studio. We have an assignment due on Friday, and I cannot understand the prof as well. I am hoping to. let me know when can we begin our sessions


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