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100% Free to become a tutor.

Give private tuition at home and online in complete freedom! No commission, find motivated students and set your own rates (tutor online & at home, offer evening classes, distance learning or live training).

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Hola , soy Lavina la Madre, de Anish y Omisha Kapur, nos gustaría que los niños aprendan español, tienen un nivel muy básico, y necesito ayuda para que aprendan ya que en casa practicamos poco, mi marido es de la India y hablamos mas Ingles y hindú. Por favor nos podrías dar un demonstración y decirnos que disponibilidad tienes?- Muchas Gracias!
Hi - my son is in his grade 12 year and looking for help with Chemistry this term. We would be interested in having a tutor to help him and were impressed with your profile. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
Hi Clif, My name is Khanh and I am looking for a tutor for my son Ethan. Ethan is in grade 11 and he is currently having a bit of a hard time with Physics. He is having a test coming up on Monday and would like to get some help with understanding the concept. Would you be available to tutor him?
I Vilma, my name is Angela and I'm looking for a violin instructor for my daughter, Rachel. She has been going to a studio in my neighborhood 30 min. per week for the last 6 months. I'm not really happy with their teaching so I am thinking to switch her to another instructor. She will be ok to do lesson online. Can we set up a time to try a lesson?
Hello, We are looking for a tutor for our daughter (first year student at McGill University) - she is quite capable of learning computer sciences, but is currently overwhelmed with her workload on top of getting no support because of Covid restrictions. She really needs someone who will work with her to complete two assignments and help her prepare for her upcoming exams. Would you also be able to help her prepare for her Calculus and Linear Algebra exams? We are looking for someone...
I have 2 kids in grades 2 and 3. We are new immigrants and my kids came from a British curriculum school which I think was more intense. I am not particularly impressed with their present performance in school.
would like to schedule daily classes (Monday - Sunday 5-6pm or 6-7pm) for Nixon (9 years old) studying ESL at J Addison School in Markham. Main focus is to improve his reading comprehension and vocabulary building.
Hi Annie, I am looking for an art tutor for my 6 years old girl. She is sweet and loves drawing but has some difficulty in communication so we prefer an in-person class for her. She can speak both English and Mandarin. We live in Unionville. Seems you also live in the Markham area. We can go to your studio and you can come to our house. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you. Chloe's Mom
Hey I’m currently taking the ILC SCH4UC course and would like a tutor. Would like to have the course done in around three months so if I could have someone help teach and study the material until then that would be ideal.
Hi Renee, I am inquiring about getting some Math help for my son Matthew who is in grade 5. He attends ET Crowle PS in Markham. He is having a hard time understanding how to do long division. Both his teacher and I haven’t had success. He does have ADHD and sometimes finds concentration difficult, so patience is important. If you could kindly get back to me with your availability I’d appreciate it. Please respond to (concealed information) Thanks, Emily
Hi Naveen, I need urgent help for my first yr into to microeconomics course. IT IS CH.7/8: Perfect competition and The Costs of Production. I can send you the weekly course outline if you provide me with your email. Hope to hear from you soon!


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