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100% Free to become a tutor.

Give private tuition at home and online in complete freedom! No commission, find motivated students and set your own rates (tutor online & at home, offer evening classes, distance learning or live training).

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Hi, my name is Asha. I am studying first year biochemistry (includes organic and general chemistry) in university. I would like help understanding various concepts and questions issued by my professors. I’m from Alberta but currently live in Poland for university. Due to the time change I would preferably like to meet on weekends anytime from 8 am to 4pm Alberta time. Please email me instead of calling at: (concealed information)
Hi Saavi, This is Baran, I'm booking this lesson for my son! He is in grade 6 middle schools and he started to learn English from kindergarten. English is our second language. May I ask how you could help him, to improve in reading and withing, he has problems in write essays and spelling! How is your face to face classes in the pandemic situation of Covid? I'm looking forward to if you cant help my son.
Hey man, I need help for a music theory class. The test I will need help in is on rythm. I can send you some examples of what It will probably need a couple of hours of tutoring on the day of the exam.
Hello, I mean sat sari akal, lol. I am interested in learning Punjabi. I am taking other lessons as well, so this will be new language #5. Because of this, I think I can probably do one, maybe two lesson a month. I would need I think evening. Hopefully you have some availability, and online, because - covid. I have a super, super basic vocab in Punjabi. Hello, how are you, I'm okay. She's pretty, you're pretty, that kind of thing. And, big surprise, a couple bad words too. Forgive my...
Hey, I'm in grade 12 and found out recently I need physics 11 for the required program I am applying too. I took physics 11 online and I probably will need help with it. Only accept this and contact me if we can do it in person, not on webcam. If you are familiar with it and if you decide to accept this contact me at (concealed information) to discuss further details.
Hi Raphael I'm Alex! I'm currently in Grade 11, wondering why on Earth I decided to enroll myself into AP Physics. I started off strong but things are going way too fast for me, and I needed a little extra help. I'm really bad with online learning and would prefer face to face, if that's within covid restrictions and your own personal comfort. I have an one day on/ one day off schedule for school which leaves me with a lot of spare time all throughout the day, so I'm pretty open with working...
Hi Amanpreet, Would you like to teach 10 years old girl math and public speaking? Olivia, our 10 years Old daughter like to learn math especially some words problem solving / coding(not sure you would teach this or not?) online lesson with you. We believe current BC math in elementary school to high school existing a big gaps and would like you to start some introductions to her as she is feeling her grade 5 math at school is too easy and boring. Are you teaching in high school now or? When...
Hello Puneet, I'm a 32 year old father whose looking to finally start working in my hobby of drawing. Currently do a lot of pencil work. Portraits, quick sketches, cartoon/anime, animals etc. Enjoy doing a bit of everything. I have been able to scale and copy things since being little and am now really trying to work on all the fundamentals so that I can elevate my art. Would love to see some of your work. I have 2 kids so would be looking for evening time somewhere between 7-10pm of possible
Hi, I'm a first year UBC student taking PHYS 117 Dynamics and Waves. Are you familiar with the material? I'm not looking for lessons, but I would like to pay you to provide step by step solutions for practice finals exam questions. They're not for marks, and I have an answer key. But my instructor did not show how to solve them.
I am just beginning Pre-Calculus 11. I am looking for a tutor to help me get through the course successfully, and understand concepts better. I want to be able to achieve at least a B or A (78-90%) in this course. I have usually passed with a low B in previous math courses.
Hi Noursa, I'd like to book a session for my 7 year old, he's already done block coding and now he'd like to try Python. So he's looking for some online Python lessons, including downloading python, and introdoction to coding games. We prefer Monday or Thursday after 4pm, Thanks, Shabnam
My daughter cherry wants to learn the basics of computers and computer programming. Looking for a tutor. My Canadian mobile phone number is (concealed information) You can send me a message by mobile phone. Or call me.
Hello Alyssa, How are you? I am reaching out as I would love help with my research methods module for m MSc. I've been out of school for awhile so I am struggling to learn simple concepts. Furthermore, lessons are online so it is hard to follow the lectures. Would you be able to help me with general concepts such as standard deviation, z-scores, confidence intervals, t-tests, Chi-square and ANOVA. We are using the software JASP. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Amy
Hi Fatima. My name is Simran and I am currently taking pre-requisites for nursing program and I really need help with my essays. I have one due tomorrow morning which I need help with. I am really hoping to hear back from you today so I can complete it. I know it might be a little late but I really want to try. Please and thank you.
Hi, I am a pharmacy student I really struggling with the clinical pharmacy unit. Could you help me with a clinical problem solving? Topics are menopause, infertility, BPH, incontinence and many more.
Hi Justin, I looking for a tutor who can help my nephew with his maths (Foundations of Mathematics 11). Currently he is studying at Langley Secondary College. His last topic test grade was very low - 36%. I hope that you could help him to boost up the marks. It will be ongoing weekly session (perhaps 2 sessions ). Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Lucie (concealed information) Please get back
Hello, I am taking Instrumentation and Controls program at BCIT. Currently require some help with bread boards, and mathematical concepts. Would prefer to meet in person, ofcourse following the COVID regulations.
Hi Gaurav, This is Prableen from Surrey BC. I am looking for a tutor for my little brother who is in Grade 7 (12 years old) in his subjects which include English, Math, Social Studies and Science. Pretty much a tutor that is well-rounded. I hope you can tutor my brother. I prefer either webcam or face to face. Please email me at (concealed information)
Hello, I’m in my first year of Physics in UBC okanagan. My exam is tomorrow and I’m beyond ready to take it. I was hoping for an emergency tutor. Lesson: Understanding the forces, how they relate to kinetic problems, and circular motion.
Hi Chamika, I need urgent help for my first yr into to microeconomics course. IT IS CH.7/8: Perfect competition and The Costs of Production. I can send you the weekly course outline if you provide me with your email. Hope to hear from you soon!
I need help with the Economics course because our teacher from Mun does not care about how we need to learn all the material by ourselves, and I need help with the quiz on Monday, November 2 at 15:30 (time zone: GTM-3:30).


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